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  1. Yum. I am thinking about upgrading my Frey to Valhalla but v2 is a too pricey for me. Any insights about the difference between v1 and v2? good luck with the sale!
  2. Pipezzo

    SOLD: FS: Classical Piano CDs

    And lastly what's the price of Beethoven complete sonatas by Barenboim? I may take it
  3. Pipezzo

    SOLD: FS: Classical Piano CDs

    How much is Uchida plays Schubert? I may take it
  4. Pipezzo

    SOLD: FS: Classical Piano CDs

    Hello, I will take all CD's in the series Great Pianists of the Twentieth Century Thanks
  5. Pipezzo

    SOLD: FS: YBA CD400 CD player, Made in France

    Another happy owner here
  6. Pipezzo

    To buy or not to buy

    YBA Passion amp and CD player, Raidho speakers. I was thinking about buying YBA Passion 550 pre-amp as a DAC. Any recommendations on other DAC's? My concern about Tidal is the limited choice of music. It kind of forces you to listen to what is available rather than to artists I prefer
  7. Pipezzo

    To buy or not to buy

    Great, thanks for this! I have just subscribed to Tidal for a free trial period. Let's see what they have Now could you answer my first question replacing Apple Music with Tidal?
  8. Hi All, I recently got hooked to Apple Music due to access to pretty much any music just for $12 a month. Being in a car - this offer cannot be beaten. At home it's a different story where I have a high end stereo and hundreds of CD's that I enjoy very much. This brought me to a question - do I need to buy a high end DAC? The though of streaming any music from Apple Music of something similar for a reasonable subscription price is really seducing me. My main concern is the quality of the end result. So the questions that I am hoping to get answers to: 1. Is streaming from Apple Music to a high end DAC going to be comparable with playing CD on a high end CD player? 2. If the source of music (Apple Music or similar) has low quality, do I need to be bothered with a high end DAC at all? 3. Are there any other subscription services with a wide range of music that offer high quality digital music to stream? I am not considering purchasing separate digital tracks nor would I convert my CD's into digital. I just do not see a point in doing so given that I can achieve the same result simply listening to CD's. Cheers
  9. * Item full name and model etc. Koetsu Rosewood Signature * Location Sydney * Item condition description used, no original box (will be packed properly when sending interstate) * Price and price conditions $1,500 + postal costs * Reason for selling I have a Benz-Micro Ebony L which is my preferable option plus I need to raise funds for something outside of stereo world * Payment Methods: Paypal, Cash - Pickup, Bank Transfer. * Extra Info: The cart was re-tipped by Garrott Brothers in May 2013. Diamond - Garrott Microscanner II. Not sure about hours since May 2013 but this cart has been a back-up option as I prefer my Benz. Price $1,500 (around 30% of new retail price) reflects that the cart is re-tipped, has no original box and probably in mid hours before next retip. * Pictures uploading just one picture available now but can take more tomorrow during day light Koetsu Rosewood Signature Technical Data Body: Rosewood Type: moving coil Coil wiring: copper Magnet: Samarium cobalt Cantilever: boron Output: .4mV Frequency range: 20Hz-100kHz Channel separation: 25dB/1kHz Inner impedance: 5 ohms Channel balance: .5dB/1kHz Recommended impedance: 30 ohms Weight: 9g Compliance: 5x10-6cm/dyne at 100Hz For reviews pls google
  10. Awesome cable, I've got the same and would move only to Valhalla
  11. could you please add to my initial post Great Pianists Maria Yudina
  12. Hi Rotur, Could you please PM the price for these: Mussorgsky Boris Godunov Prokofiev The Fiery Angel Gergiev Bach Johannes Passion Herreweghe Balakirev & Rimsky-Korsakov Piano Concertos Balakirev Symphonies and Symphonic Poems Schubert Symphonies 5,8,9 Solti Glazunov Piano Concertos Glazunov Symphonies 4-5 Polyansky Schumann Sviatoslav Richter Mahler Symphony 6 Boulez Haendel Giulio Cesare Jacobs Moussorgsky Khovanchina Gergiev cheers
  13. Lot 1 is gone pending payment
  14. Lot 2 is gone pending payment
  15. Adele , Radiohead, Lana Del rey and JVC are in the queue too