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  1. Yes, I promise I made a genuine effort and read this post several times to extract the value. Now I am sort of getting that I should think about the problem that I am trying to solve before jumping to options/solutions. I say exactly the same to my guys at work. Peace
  2. Thanks. I did say that my question was not coming from a specific problem. Experimentation it was
  3. Not at all )) the piano guys know their job extremely well. Grand pianos are transported on a side so they fit pretty much anywhere. This one has seen 5 houses since we bought it...
  4. Thanks Hipper, I did think about experimenting with mobile panels
  5. Aside from your ability to draw conclusions based on limited information, what should I take from your post? Am I right that you suggest that I should not contemplate room treatment, subwoofers and EQ? Sorry, but it is not clear to me in what way your post was helpful
  6. Thank you. Their products do look beautiful
  7. Thanks Michael, By way of experimenting, I think I have found the optimum positioning of my speakers (see the pictures). The sound is transparent/detailed and wide (what I like). I think the soundstage is a bit shifted to the right but this must be due to the asymmetry of the room layout. Any suggestions about how to deal with this? As you can see in the pictures the wall behind the left speaker is curved glass and there is much more space behind the other speaker. The only corner in the room is in front of the left speaker. On the positive side, the curtains that you can see in the pictures can hide some room treatment materials. Also, where would you put a subwoofer in the ranking that you have provided? I guess, together with EQ? What do you think about Vandersteen 2Wq subwoofer? I read that this subwoofer integrates well into stereo systems. Cheers
  8. Thank you guys. Looks like something worth exploring!
  9. Thanks Peter, I never thought about a sub for classical music. For some reason I believed they were more for home theatre. Do many people use sub just to listen to stereo music? It maybe a stupid question. Cheers
  10. Thanks Hydrology, my interest is not coming out of a clear problem. I cannot say that something is definitely wrong with the sound. My intention is more about experimentation in the specific room environment. The gear I am using Raidho Emilie speakers, YBA Passion amplifier and CD, Scheu Analog turntable and Lehmann Audio Silver Cube phono stage.
  11. Hi there, We recently moved to an apartment so I wonder about possible room treatment. The attached picture shows the room that includes the living and dinings spaces + kitchen and hall. Ceiling height is approximately 3m. After trying different speaker positions I found that about 3m space between them gives the best sound. The glass walls have curtains. I have tried both with and without them. The difference is subtle. Without the curtains the sound is a bit more krispy which my wife and I actually liked more. We both listen to mostly classical music and some jazz. There is carpet on the floor and some pictures on the walls. I read that room treatment is one of the biggest contributors to getting the best out of the stereo gear. Given the information about my room, what room treatment would you recommend me to try? Thank you
  12. Yum. I am thinking about upgrading my Frey to Valhalla but v2 is a too pricey for me. Any insights about the difference between v1 and v2? good luck with the sale!
  13. And lastly what's the price of Beethoven complete sonatas by Barenboim? I may take it
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