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  1. I'll take the Street Cat named Bob. Thanks
  2. All good mate. The SubM has a friend, another SubM I bought off Minty. And now have a pair of Sparks to finish up my HT!! Good Luck with the sale mate. I know your equipment is always well looked after so any buyer will know that they are getting a well looked after piece. ???
  3. Hey Juddy, I thought you had only recently upgraded to this PJ...what are you replacing the X75 with...
  4. UPDATE - I called them and they were quite happy to send me the IR Remote...now Im wondering if I should programme that in into my Harmony, when it arrives...??
  5. Thanks Gary. What do I tell them? I need an infrared remote? I haven't ever used the Bluetooth one. Instead continued to use my Logitech Harmony one, which was programmed when I had the IQ2!! I'll give the IR remote a shot. Cheers mate
  6. Given up!! I keep pressing buttons. Some days I get a response from the IQ3 other days it's a nightmare. Recordings work sometimes. Some days all looks normal and I sit down to watch a recorded programme and the damn thing doesn't come on. No recordings!! To think I paid for this totuure. If it wasn't for the ability to connect FTA, I would have returned this crap a long time ago.
  7. Cheers ..bought it!! Edit - just liked that emoji...whatever that is!!
  8. Really, Jutts? Well...I will watch it..thanks all..
  9. But that was the point, Rich...you have JB posting it out for you...so no car park etc. And I haven't seen the movie, and not about to, given your feedback...
  10. Oh, really? Font will change colour? Of all the corny indicators....ha ha. And you are right nudge, who watches the start of the next programme, just to get to the end of this one!! Wonder which chump thought of this one!!
  11. This is now fairly old...this "upgrade". I recall waiting a couple of weeks before installing it...and I finally did it on 30th of May...nearly 2 months after, there is no sign of any further updates, whilst the IQ3 continues to perform like a crappy piece of tech (hate using that term for the IQ3)... IF there is any tech purchase I regret it is the IQ3....
  12. Oh..but there is always Healy - who believes nobody else should be playing the game...but thank heavens no Nasser Hussein or Atherton...smug buggers
  13. Im just renovating my home....I have an old motorised 120" screen...it works...and I have used it well...it is an unbranded one..but works and maybe one that can fill in till you get a new one sometime down the line You can have it for $100 ...it does have a few dings on it (transportation caused it and not me..!!) and I wont be uninstalling it till just after the school holidays... Comes with a remote control too. (RF)
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