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  1. $400 ! Bang for buck sound - I don't think I have seen better. GLWS
  2. Tom bo li de say de moi ya, yeah, jambo jumbo Way to parti' o we goin' oh, jambali Tom bo li de say de moi ya, yeah, jumbo jumbo
  3. Does anybody really know what time it is? does anybody really care?
  4. Albert Einstein was a ladies man
  5. Be like your brother Bob get a haircut and get a real job
  6. Pop Quiz

    touche and well played sir! The floor is yours
  7. Pop Quiz

    Time to turn the heat up I sang a song about supporting friends not being able to stand up straight my surname is part of a horse - who am I? Hint - I am black Hopefully that will keep it live for a few hours I am off to mow 800m2 of lawns I gotta get a rider mower
  8. Pop Quiz

    I reckon it was the fella that had a hit with Si Si Je Suis un Rock Star
  9. Pop Quiz

    Over to you SETsergio. Put a hard question in to keep the night owls awake! Signing off now
  10. Pop Quiz

    One for tomorrow... While we are on Warren Zevon, Which very talented and attractive girl sang one of his songs with a waring blender?
  11. Pop Quiz

    Charlie sheen
  12. Infinity Kappa 9 PRICE DROP

    I thought these were the ultimate when they were released. If only I had enough power to drive them now! (Wind power will not be enough) Someone in in for a treat when they get these sorted out.
  13. currently drinking

    When batching, I have found cooking with Herb(s) is great. A taste of honey is all you need. I cook better at higher volumes. I am a stir-fry man- tonight prawns and NZ Sav Blanc
  14. 1980's Proton hifi gear

    Dallas Clarke of Clarke audio Melbourne fixed it He did say the volume control on these is complicated, and in the event of a complete failure very hard to fix Give him a call maybe?
  15. A modest new arrival

    just shave a bit off and smoke in a pipe!