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  1. Thanks guys! It's a pretty impressive piece of kit. Not sure if it's the Canberra factor or the Sherwood badge but haven't had a lot of bites yet - dropping the price $50 and open to offers!
  2. Item: Sherwood Newcastle A-965 7-Channel Power Amplifier Location: Canberra, ACT Price: $600 neg. Item Condition: Very good - some marks and scratches (see pics) Reason for selling: No longer being used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Ignore the name, this is an extremely well-built, effortless sounding 7 channel amplifier. The Newcastle range was Sherwood’s premium offering and bears no resemblance to the cheap mid-fi Sherwood stuff that JB sold for years. Retailed for $1,500 USD when new (I believe around $3,000 AUD). This unit weighs in at over 30kg with dual toroidal transformers and discrete mono-block-style amplifiers for each channel. Capable of outputting 100 W at 8 ohms with all channels driven, this amp is perfect for a big home theatre setup or bi-amping (or tri-amping !) some power-hungry stereo speakers. Lots of very positive reviews and forum threads online. The same amp was also sold as the Boston Acoustics A7200. This particular unit has a few marks and scratches (see photographs) but is in excellent working order. Given the weight of this unit, I’d prefer a local sale, but open to sending if anyone can suggest a decent courier. Buyer pays postage. Specs: · All-Channels-Driven Power 20 Hz-20 kHz: 100 Watts per channel (x7) into 8 ohms · All-Channels-Driven Power 20 Hz-20 kHz: 160 Watts per channel (x7) into 4 ohms · Two-Channels-Driven Power 20 Hz-20 kHz: 120 Watts per channel (x2) into 8 ohms · THD for all test conditions above: Less than 0.02% · Signal to noise ratio: 115 dB (18.7 bits digital equivalent) · Dimensions (H x W x D): 7 5/8” x 17 3/8” x18” · Weight: 80 lbs. Photos:
  3. Hi Al, I haven't really been on over Christmas/New Year and somehow completely missed the message you sent me earlier about these. Absolutely fantastic to see your restoration - the end result looks brilliant. Really puts a smile on my face seeing them get the care they deserve.
  4. Item: Acoustic Research AR-2ax Location: Canberra ACT Price: $95 Item Condition: Need some TLC Reason for selling: Not getting any TLC Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Classic early 70s Acoustic Research speakers. Pretty uncommon in Australia as far as I can tell. These are largely in working order, but definitely need some love. Could be a stunning pair of classic speakers with a bit of work. Sold as is. Feel free to ask for extra photos/details. All drivers are original and functioning, although woofers need new surrounds and at least one tweeter appear to have been rewired at some point (see pics) 1 of the ceramic tone pots is half missing and I think has been bypassed. The other three appear to be okay. For some unknown reason, the previous owner cut some pieces out of the back of the cabinets to access the tone controls (see pics) There's at least one crack in one of the grills, can feel it when you take the grills off but can't see it I have a real soft spot for Acoustic Research speakers, but after having these sit around for a couple of years, I think it's time to admit to myself that I'm probably not going to get around to fixing them up any time soon. Would strongly prefer local pickup given the size and weight of these. Photos:
  5. Let's just say he hasn't been borrowing any more speakers 🙄
  6. Item: Yamaha WXAD-10 Network Streamer Location: ACT 2602 Price: $110 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: No longer using Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Used for a couple of months before upgrading. Great affordable way to get into streaming audio. Comes with original box and accessories (apart from RCA cable, which I seem to have misplaced). Happy to post at buyer's expense. Also selling a Yamaha WXC-50 ($225). From the Yamaha website: Simply connect the WXAD-10 to your current audio system and make your whole system smart! Wireless music playback with Bluetooth® and Airplay®, music streaming services and more are yours to enjoy like never before. Add your audio components to the world of MusicCast and infinitely expand your music listening possibilities. Opening up a new world of music MusicCast for audio enjoyment in every room Control app for easy operations (MusicCast CONTROLLER) Connectable to any audio device High-quality sound, compatibility with high-resolution sources High-quality sound in-house-design network module Clavinova, welcome to MusicCast world! Simple and refined design Photos:
  7. Item: Yamaha WXC-50 Network Streamer/Pre-amplifier/DAC Location: ACT, 2602 Price: $225 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Upgraded to a Bluesound Node 2i Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Bought from this forum late last year, used for about 2 months before I got excited and impulsively bought a Node. I was pleasantly surprised by this unit though - heaps of features, great looks and very decent sounding as both a pre-amp and network DAC. Comes with original packaging and accessories. Happy to post at buyer's expense. Also selling a Yamaha WXAD-10 ($110). From the Yamaha website: Make your old Hi-Fi gear new again. The WXC-50 lets you access a wide variety of audio content including music streaming services - bringing your old Hi-Fi System into the modern age. Alternatively, stream audio from your Components across the MusicCast network. Use with non-MusicCast amp or receiver to enjoy streaming music or a true MusicCast system Compatible with all types of music sources and services, such as streaming services MusicCast App for easy operation. The app lets you control other MusicCast-compatible components One push play — Pressing any button turns the unit on and initiates playback of the previously selected source Retro modern and superior quality 48-bit digital volume control is far greater than the input signal bit resolution, achieving high quality control Supports DSD 5.6 MHz and FLAC / WAV / AIFF 192 kHz / 24-bit for high resolution reproduction Compact body only 214 mm (8-3/8") wide fits in any convenient location, can be used horizontally or vertically. Easy installation - Suitable size for 1U rack with a width of 214 mm (8-3/8") and height of 42 mm (1-5/8") (without feet). Low standby power consumption: 1.8 W Seamless linkage to Yamaha amp with MAIN IN and Trigger In terminals for control of system power and volume. Player mode — turn off Pre Amp mode and use the device as a simple network audio player. Photos:
  8. Item: Acoustic Energy Radiance 1 Standmount Speakers Location: Canberra, ACT Price: $250 $220 Item Condition: Generally good - dent in one woofer, priced accordingly. Reason for selling: Upgraded to the Reference 1s. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Bought these ex-demo in 2014 and used them in my main system for about four years. Retail price at the time was more than $1500. They have some serious presence for a small bookshelf speaker and a lovely detailed top-end. They like power and really thrive with some good quality amplification. I'm only selling as I've upgraded to some higher end Acoustic Energy speakers. Condition-wise, there are a couple of chips off the veneer on the top of the speakers and a dent in one of the woofers (due to a transport mishap when lent to a friend) - I think it looks worse in the pictures than in real life. I can't guarantee that this doesn't affect the sound, but I could never detect any issues. I believe I've priced the pair accordingly (honestly I think they're stupendous speakers at the price). I have the original packaging and manual, happy to post at buyer's expense. Photos:
  9. Item: NHT SuperTwo Location: Canberra Price: $300 Item Condition: Excellent. Piano finish looks great. Foam driver surrounds going strong. Small hole in one of the grills Reason for selling: Moving Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Great sounding speakers for the price. Plenty of bass thanks to the downwards firing sub drivers. Would rather not post at the moment as I don't have any boxes for them. May reconsider if anyone can suggest an easy place to get suitable packaging. Pictures:
  10. Pm sent. Will take these if you will post.
  11. Sorry to revive an old thread but thought I'd try before starting a new one. I recently got a Freya and was wondering if anyone could confirm either way - will I get any sound from the balanced outs if I'm in passive/JFET mode and running from an RCA input? Keen to know before I bother investing in XLRs. Thanks in advance!
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