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  1. Hey Mate Apologies if you have covered this already but what fabric/material do you have covering the ceiling and walls? also what are the dimensions of your room? With the slanted ceiling your room looks identical to mine.
  2. Do you know what clock it uses? Some pictures of the internals would be useful.
  3. Incredible bargain. Can't remember the exact figures but that is around 10% of RRP
  4. That went straight over the top of my head for the first minute. You had me looking me googling "KGB Power Amplifier".
  5. Surprised by the lack of interest locally. The TDA1541 spinners used to have quite the following.
  6. Weekend bump. Had a few PM's but no one has come up with the cash yet. Would be hard to find a pre/power combo to better the FBI at the price point.
  7. If your a bass fiend then sure, not gonna hurt.
  8. The 2234H's are $300 each, so $600 all up. A bargain as it is.
  9. Very keen prices on all the components. Hopefully someone see's the value in purchasing the lot picking up where Jake left off.
  10. Very nice, some classic JBL drivers in these. Great price for what you get here.
  11. Byron is a little out of the way for me. If he can pick it up that would be preferable.
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