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  1. Maaaaaaaate that was a great buy!!! I remember that auction Ebay. I got the Sovereigns from that same estate.
  2. Fisher gear is top notch. I have an SA300b and SA400C pre/power combo that I would put up against any vintage MAC piece.
  3. Further information: Price is firm, please no offers. I won't ship this, if you are interstate and interested Pack Send is the only option. Ditch your 70's SS receivers and own a real piece of history in the form of this beautiful US made receiver. Classic vintage valve receiver which has just been serviced/restored by Paul at Falls Audio. Faceplate is very tidy with one brass face on the tuner knob being replaced. As the brass face is new it is shinier than the other knobs but outside of that it is a very close match. Some of the lettering on the chassis ha
  4. Haha I still miss a few things the Princess did. Would like to get another pair to see how accurate my audio memory is.
  5. As sexy as those Audax drivers are I would prefer an original Dunlavy design.
  6. Item: Duntech Crown Prince/ Princess Price Range: Ridiculous amount Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Lemme know.
  7. I don't think I have seen a 60 degree floor laser like you require. 45 and 90 degree no worries. Better yet as mentioned above measure the distance half way between your speakers. Put a bit of string down from the halfway point keep it parallel to the side wall till you reach the listening position, bit of trigonometry later and you'll get your listening angle. I kind of understand what you say about tape measures and strings bending as such. I remember having a heated argument with a Carpenter when he said you could square up the Pyramid of Giza with a piece string...A
  8. Further information: Powerhouse of an amp and heavier than most women. She is in great condition for her age besides a few chips on her front right handle, pictured. Serviced by Trevor at Rage Electronics in 2012 at a cost of $3500. Still got plenty of life left in her and you can be assured she is functioning as she should. Photos:
  9. Further information: Going to be clearing out some heavy hitters over the next month or two and these are first to go. I can't find a mark on them, they present as new and function as such. Included in the sale but not pictured is the tweeter covers and woofer grills. I'm not going to win any awards with my pictures but I'm a straight shooter, these are in fantastic condition and the pictures fail to show that. I have so much Hi-Fi in my room it's a cluttered mess. Need to move some of this gear on so I can get decent bass again, all these large speakers in one room ten
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