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  1. Hahahaha not a whole room dedicated but I do have a big sheet of foam from Clarke Rubber.
  2. Did you buy them? I just went to check them out again but the listing is gone.
  3. [NSW] JBL L5 Floor Standing Speakers - $500 https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/hurstville/speakers/jbl-l-5-tower-speakers/1262576107 These are great speakers for the money.
  4. I just can't turn down a pair if they are local. They have a set value so you will always get your money back when sale time comes. I just like to have a pair every 2 or so years.
  5. Just picked up my 4th set of NS1000Ms. What a speaker..... I can't think of another speaker from the early 70's that is as well built. The cabinets are so solid and inert. Even the grilles and grill fabric holds up after 45 years. They put vintage JBL's of that era to shame.
  6. Well built and massively upgraded HDCD player. The Audiotronics mods include upgraded RCA's, coupling capacitors, liberal littering with Oscons, NOS WE tubes and possibly other stuff my uneducated eye can't pick. Can be used a preamp as it has a volume control The original factory remote was DOA. The batteries had leaked and the internal PCB traces were disintegrated. It has an aftermarket remote which honestly looks like it belongs with the spinner. All the functions work as it should including the volume control. For the modest price it's a well built, solid sounding
  7. Further information: Bloody fantastic CD player for the money. If you want a fantastic spinner for your CD's without a big out lay, this is the one. Unfortunately I don't have a remote but have been using a Logitech remote. You can get a Logitech remote for very cheaply but I can't include mine in the sale. Price is firm and strictly local pick up only. Photos:
  8. I did not wish to steer the thread towards measurements, only to provide an answer the above question. At its core this thread was a superbly written and informative subjective listening impression from experienced ears.
  9. @sir sanders zingmore Why did you remove your post above? Anyway for those interested here is a detailed lab report on the Vitus RI-101. https://absolutehiend.com/media/wysiwyg/pdf/AHFVitusAudio.pdf
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