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  1. kelossus

    FS: Trigon Advance Phono Amplifier

    Did you buy your Canary from Class A Audio?
  2. The JBL's are worth $3000 if original components are in tact. The Buy It Now price has now disappeared?
  3. I went to a matching Mcintosh Pre/Power setup. Can't comment on the differences as the preamp was not the only change in the system at the time of the sale. I had no issue at all with microphonics but this was an initial concern when purchasing the globes. All for nothing in the end as I had no problem with microphonics.
  4. No speakers outs, a pure pre. Yes it has the headphone out. Can't take anymore pic's as it is in Perth till the middle of February. Never tried 6SN7's.
  5. Pretty sure he has just changed his profile to private. He has posted on the forum 8 days ago.
  6. kelossus

    SOLD: FS: Marten Django XL Speakers

    Such a special speaker. Enjoy yours mate.
  7. Item: Marten Django XL Location: Ipswich QLD Price: $7500 Item Condition: Mint Reason for selling: Change Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Speakers are in great condition, practically faultless. I am terrible at taking pictures but they are pretty much spotless. No need to comment on the sound as Marten make fantastic gear. They don't skimp on part quality either. WBT binding posts, Mundorf Evo Oils in key areas and Jorma internal cabling. The outriggers are fantastic and helped me level the speakers on my floor which is on the piss. Have all original packaging but would strongly prefer a local sale. No low ball offers either, I will flip out. Django XL is a three-way full-range loudspeaker. As in the Coltrane models, Django XL has a level control for the bass of +/-1dB, which enables the listener to tune the speaker to the listening environment. The Django XL cabinet is not only optimised for resonance control and acoustical purposes, but makes the speaker very attractive, with rounded corners on the top and bottom of the cabinet, both front and back. Made with supreme craftsmanship, it has been designed with the same filter technology as the Coltrane 2 and Coltrane Momento. Uniquely combining this technology with a ceramic tweeter, ceramic midrange, and three newly developed bass drivers, Django XL offers a full bodied sonic performance that perfectly embraces any type of music. All the subtle nuance and powerful dynamics of a great live concert are there. Technical Specifications Frequency range / 26-30000 Hz +-3dB Power rating / 250 W Sensitivity / 89 dB / 1 m / 2.83V Impedance / 6 ohm (4 Ohm min) Type / 3-way bass reflex Drive units / 3x8” alumimium, 1x6” ceramic, 1x1” ceramic Crossover frequency / 2nd order, 250 & 3000Hz Terminals /Single-wiring WBT Internal wiring / Jorma Design Cabinet / 25 mm:s MDF Stands / Anodised aluminium with Marten cones Dimensions WxHxD / 27 x 119 x 50 cm (10.6 x 46.9 x 19.7”) Net weight / 47 Kg (104 lbs) Pictures:
  8. kelossus

    Metal Music and Hi-Fi?

    Come listen to my JBL's.
  9. Are you going to be listing more records?