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  1. I have a fair few valve items getting serviced at the moment. Integrated I have: Scott 299c Aranov LS960I Fisher 500c which is also a receiver Nothing has remotes so if that is a must have disregard the post.
  2. The original vinyl wrapped chipboard cabinets were a complete write off so at a significant expense new cabinets were built. I'm a novice at cabinet making so a lot of the work was out sourced. Building cabinets isn't actually that cheap especially if you want them veneered and lacquered. Nonetheless here we have an essentially mint pair of JBL 4410A Monitors for sale. These were pulled from the Brisbane Convention Centre a few years ago. The cabinets are 25mm MDF with a nice Beech veneer. They are a structurally far superior to the originals and obviously look a million times bet
  3. I spoke to him years back and he seemed like a good guy. I don't think you could import those speakers from the main markets, US or Japan for that money. The original L100 are doing nothing but appreciating in value and everyone knows it.
  4. I have a local buyer interested so sold pending payment at this stage.
  5. Had a few interstate PM's but I am hoping someone local will grab this. If not I will post but there is a queue.
  6. Also if you're crazy Lampizator has detailed mods for this tube amp. Even in its stock form he holds it in high regard. 6moons review below https://6moons.com/audioreviews/trueharmonix2/6550.html Lampizator link http://lampizator.eu/amplifiers/china/bewitch 6550/bewitch.html
  7. Further information: Volume pot could do with a deoxit otherwise it sounds perfect. If you have speakers suitable it's hot to trot. Tiny bit of surface rust on transformer covers. Output power: 8wx2(ultra linear connection default) Tubes: 5U4Cx1 / 6N9Px2 / PSVANE EL34Bx2 Frequency response: 20Hz-20KH Output impedance: 4Ω, 8Ω Distortion:≤ 1%(1kHz) Input impedance: 100KΩ Input sensitivity: 1V SNR: 90dB Input power supply: 110V-120V, 220V-240V/50-60Hz (pls mail us for the Voltage you want) Transforme
  8. Further information: Kick arse integrated for the money with decent power on tap. Switchable triode/ultra linear 30w/60w and the stock valves sound great. This amp does not have remote volume so if that is a requirement forget this one. Otherwise it's a great value bit of kit. Pick up only. Won't post under any condition but will drop at Pack Send if you're that keen. Output Power : ULTRA LINEAR 60W x 2 / TRIODE 30W x 2 Output Tube : 6550 x 4 Russian tubes Frequency : 13Hz-60KHz(-1dB) Signal/Noise Ratio : 89dB Input/Driver Tube : 5Z4P x 2, 6N8P x 2, 6N9P x 2
  9. If you're looking for a big multi-channel amp the Halcro's represent great value. The more power the better IMO. The only time flea watts make sense is driving a tweeter, compression driver or some other ultra efficient driver directly. Good luck controlling all 5 drivers in the Paradigms without compromise using 15 watts. You have a decent sized room, get a big amp.
  10. While not a screaming bargain it's some what of a good buy. The original vertically aligned alnico L100. You never see the first iteration for sale and if you're a collector these are the ones to get. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/st-albans/speakers/jbl-l-100-century-speakers/1268555580
  11. Silly me, that is clearly visible in the pictures. My previous Krell had a 20 amp C19 IEC on the back so I made an assumption.
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