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  1. Sorry mate, I forgot you were the original poster. Only the L version pull decent money in my experience. Those models on Ebay have been for sale for years and will never ever sell. They will be buried with them. Unless you have the L version your only going to sell it for $1500-$2000. If you have the L version you may get $3000+ but it's going to be a long sell. I would just keep it, I don't think your going definitively better it for $1500. SUT are old technology, I don't see any innovation that indicates modern varieties are better. If anything most prefer the old transformers as they used materials which were superior but are either too costly in the modern day or are considered dangerous to manufacture with.
  2. You could make that statement about vintage gear in general. I bought my Cotter in a LP12/Supex Combo, it was my first turntable and I had no idea what the little blue box was at the time. Do you still have your Cotter?
  3. Cotters are considered by some to be the holy grail of SUT. The Mark 2 L version sells for a small fortune. I read somewhere they use silver wound transformers. Not going to better it for any reasonable amount.
  4. The esplanade is not a wide road. Adding the bike lanes would be a good solution but is there enough real estate to do so? Closing portions of the Esplanade at any time to motor vehicles is out of the question. Most people who aren't cyclists dislike cyclists whether they admit it or not. If I were driving a wide car down the esplanade and there were cyclists riding two a breast it would frustrate me. For someone who isn't a confident driver and can't gauge distance I think it would terrify them. Option 3 is the most likely solution but just as certain motorists do the wrong thing there would be a portion of cyclists who would disregard the rules also. I'm not a cyclist but I would be terrified riding down the esplanade. How they could ride two a breast and feel safe baffles me.
  5. A concern of mine is I told the shipping company they were 125kg. They are going to have four blokes there to lift them so I don't think they will notice the extra weight until they palletise and weigh them for freight. Will be a slight increase in freight cost obviously. Hard part is conning 3 other people to give me a lift once arrived. Sad that even after they arrive I have to wait 24 hours till I refoam the woofers to play them. Who knows, I may even break the Deqx out and try biamping them. Does anyone know the driver breakdown for the Sovereign? I am pretty sure I have seen it somewhere but am struggling to find the models. Scanspeak D2008/8511 Tweeter Dynaudio D54 Mid Range ?????????? Mid Bass Dynaudio 30w/100 woofers.
  6. Well given the choice you are going to get my personal preference. No one can definitively say which amp is better than the other. They are both world class reference amps. Given the choice I would choose the Krell. Why? Because I like Krell and haven't owned a Gryphon.
  7. I would upgrade the speakers before I spent 15k+ on amplification,
  8. Gotta try the S1. If it's sitting there idle I don't know how I could avoid the temptation.
  9. Further information: PRICE IS ONO A recent hifi purchase has me scrounging to recover funds. After a brief love affair with my Dad's Guarneri Memento's I pursued any Sonus Faber lead I could find. I ended up with these and have enjoyed them thoroughly but with all that is going on in the world and the aforementioned recent purchase I am letting go of some non-essentials. I don't have the room or the financials to hold onto these hence the reluctant sale. These are in brand new condition and are faultless. Everything is supplied from the manuals, boxes and accessories. What else to say about these. They are Sonus Fabers at the mid/top tier level, the finish is immaculate and for a bookshelf they do it all. I will say the bass on these is certainly an improvement from the original Guarneri models. Whatever they have done with the aperiodic vent it works, reading the nitty gritty about the vent it sounds very similar to the older TOTL Duntech's. The mid/treble will be a 50/50 split, some may prefer the older sweeter presentation of original Guarneri's and some the slightly more detailed but still somewhat warm presentation of the newer Olympica range. These completely disappear like only a bookshelf can, the sound is so disconnected from the speaker it amazes me. I have only seen one other pair of Olympica I's for sale and they were substantially damaged. These are in great condition and retail for $10,295 with the stands. I have them here for 50% RRP. Strongly prefer a local sale but as the original packaging is all there I can freight them insured at your cost. As they are unassembled I have included one stock photo of them assembled. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  10. @Ray H I have a mint pair of Sonus Faber Olympica 1's I am going to list soon.
  11. As the title suggests is this a bad idea? I have a dedicated hifi room with nothing in it but my stereo gear and LP/CD Collection. The room is 4m x 7m with a raked ceiling going from 2.4m to 3.3m. Acoustic Treatment is not the goal here. I have 1.8m runs of Vicoustic Wavewoods (3x600m panels stacked up) in both the first and second reflection points. I also have 2x large sheets of polymax which I place on the side walls near the listening position. I have near floor to ceiling bass traps on the front wall and a 4x 1200mm round diffusers that are currently unused as I don't know where to put them. I bought some cheap Faux Velvet curtains off Ebay to temporarily corden off my room until I put in a cavity slider. I was surprised by the apparent quality of the curtains, they look and felt like real velvet and were quite thick, they were also cheap. I could do nearly my whole room with 50% pleats for around $250. Is this a bad idea? Most say curtains do nothing for room treatment so I hope it's a non-issue.
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