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  1. I had some recent interest in my JBL 4350's by a gentleman down in Melbourne who intends to open a Japanese themed Jazz bar/cafe. Couldn't seal the deal unfortunately but it was an interesting concept.
  2. As above the fact that the Upscale version allows for more LP's to be cleaned is the primary motivator. Otherwise yes I would prefer to buy locally.
  3. I am close to pulling the trigger on a Kirmuss Audio RC-1 hence the question. Upscale Audio in the US sell a special model that removes the 10" slot and gives you another LP slot. Therefore you can clean 3 records at once. That added functionality has me considering buying their model. Price wise it works out to $1400 AUD so with shipping it will workout roughly the same as buying unit locally. I have plenty of step downs here to run it including a 2000 watt model.
  4. Those Yammies look the goods. I think its time I bought a pair to rekindle my love.
  5. 90db? That must be for background listening. Your not rocking until your hitting peaks of 110.
  6. I would bet the compression drivers are 375's which are worth thousands. If not that price is quite excessive.
  7. This is good buying if you happen to be close: https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/portland/speakers/jbl-sva1800-speakers/1228107117
  8. Been multiple threads about Earle doing this over the last few years. They always seem to get cleaned up and closed. Wouldn't hold my breath until I had the amp in my hands. I am sure you have heard "Yeah I will send it this week" numerous times. Beating a dead horse now so like Darren this will be my last post on the matter.
  9. Most reputable manufacturers under rate their amps. On paper they can then claim they are high current as they double down as the impedance halves. 3000VA as it is Class A.
  10. https://www.avmentor.net/reviews/2015/vitus_audio_ri_100_2.shtml I remember another UK based magazine reviewing and measuring the Vitus too. I can't find the link but I didn't look too hard. Before I bought my Vitus I spent hours scouring the internet for reviews. Even using Auto-Translate to view the Euro magazines reviews. Not saying the Vitus isn't a good sounding amp. With the right speakers it would pair wonderfully but in my experience it in't capable of handling a difficult to drive speaker. Sure it will work but when pushed it will crumble. Still a good integrated.
  11. I am skeptical on those measurements. I have seen two other reviews when it was bench tested at around 430 watts into 4 ohms. Never did they give a 2 ohm or 1 ohm measurement either. Maybe the later run cut corners but the model I had was a wimp. Definitely not a powerhouse, far from it. I had it plugged into a pair of 84db Marten speakers which dipped down to 3 ohms. The Vitus had no control over those speakers at loud levels. Yes I do listen loud for most standards so I need to know I have an amp capable of delivering the goods. At louder levels the Vitus loses all control over the bass. Unless you have presented the Vitus RI100 to a difficult pair of speakers and pushed it hard you wouldn't know its limitations. I replaced my Vitus with a Krell FBI, another 300 watt integrated. Now that is a power house.......It sounds 10 times more powerful than the Vitus and is stable to 1 ohm. True high current.
  12. The Vitus RI100 is not a high current amp by any means. Not saying its not a good sounding amp but its not a power house.
  13. I am partially enraged going over this scenario. I was in a similar situation around 18 months ago. I have no sympathy for any potential health issues as this has been going on for years now. As mentioned all it takes is communication but the grub doesn't even have the decency to do that. Would never go down that road again with him. It was ridiculous.
  14. Get Pack Send to freight then through Cope and insure it. Safest way. Cope charge a minimum $700 for non account holders so Pack Send is your best bet. Did you buy the Sonus Faber Amati's?
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