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  1. Yep I was thinking the same thing. Will give it a go. Will look into the cabling too. I am fairly sure I have run a few different cables with the unit but I will have another squiz. Thanks.
  2. It hasn't blown a Jaycar fuse yet. I haven't really had a Jaycar fuse installed for an extended period of time like the AHP/AMR ones. It may be too early to tell. The first fuse was either DOA or blew as soon as I plugged it in for the first time. The 2nd fuse blew yesterday when unplugging/plugging in the unit. I haven't followed anything up yet. I replaced the fuse this afternoon and the unit powered on but I haven't listened to it yet.
  3. My initial reason for posting was to get some feedback as to why it kept blowing the fuse. I thought maybe these audiophile fuses have tighter tolerances and maybe the occasional spike in voltage to around 243v may be the issue I was somewhat annoyed that A2A didn't replace the broken fuse with the same AHP one. To be fair I didn't mention it to them so I never expressed my concern with the "inferior" replacement. I think from here I will go to Jaycar and get another fuse to ensure the unit is still working. Then I will open a dialogue with A2A and Lehmann to express my concerns and explore some possible solutions. I have 18 months of warranty left and if there is a minor fault with the unit I want it sorted before the warranty lapses or something major happens.
  4. As per the back of the unit I am using the correct Slow Blow variant. Hesitant to take the unit to a tech locally as it may void my warranty. Do these ceramic audiophile fuses have the tendency to fail when compared to the standard glass fuses? I am wondering if they have a tighter tolerance which may cause an issue.
  5. Yeah the unit is a 230v Australian model. It has a switch on the back to switch voltages so they are universal. The fuse is definitely the right one. I bought the exact AHP fuse that was originally blown. In between getting the fuse delivered I used the same rated glass fuse from Jaycar. T 1A 250v. I just have a feeling A2A would just change the fuse send it back and say it's fine. They no longer carry the Lehmann brand so I think getting them to come to the party will be difficult. I am not prepared to drop another $80 on a fuse to have it blow again. Emailing Lehmann and CC'ing in A2A seems like a good idea and worth a try. Ideally I want a replacement unit, ever since the original fault I have been a little put off by the unit. I will add that there is no audible fault when the unit is playing. It sounds great.
  6. In August last year I bought a new Lehmann Silver Cube from Addicted To Audio. When the phono stage arrived it was DOA, they asked me to check the fuse which turned out to be blown. This was a little annoying as it comes with some $80 gold german fuse. Went to Jaycar bought a replace and I only had one channel of audio. After playing around with the cables to see if I had hooked it up wrong suddenly I had no audio at all. Sent the Lehmann back to A2A and they advised the phono stage was working perfectly and there was nothing wrong with it, odd I thought but maybe I had plugged it wrong though I had my doubts. I ended buying another gold fuse to keep it all original and it served me well for the past 6 months. Fast forward to this morning and I was playing around with power cables and I noticed the standby on the phono stage was off. Seems that it has blown another fuse, all I did was unplug it and plug it back in. The phono stage is still under warranty so I should be able to return it A2A. Should I just replace fuse and put this down to an issue with my power or some other error I may have made? Or would you return it A2A again and get them to have a look. I have a feeling all they will do is a put another fuse in it and advise it is working fine. I know it shouldn't be blowing a fuse for no reason and I am hesitant to fork out another $80 for an exotic fuse that is only going to last a few months.
  7. Not trying to white ant the sale but merely point out some key facts to those who aren't up to date with the older JBL systems. I have owned three pairs of these and know them well. The mid-bass driver is quite collectable and the baskets are nearly worth the price of admission alone.
  8. Ok cool, the baskets are 2203a. The cones look like D120 or E120s.
  9. Hmmmmm what are the woofers? They don't appear to be the original 2203s? That is certainly worth noting for any prospective buyers. The original mid-bass and bass drivers are some of the rarest JBL drivers and only used in two systems. The L212 and 4315.
  10. Absolutely, Windows 7 was king. An honorable mention goes to Windows XP. I love me that "classic" start bar.
  11. The drivers are as follows 2215A Woofers 2420 Compression Driver 2309 Horn with 2327 Adapters 2310 Lens 2405 Slot Tweeters Not sure what model the crossover is All drivers alnico
  12. You could move to Brisbane. Time for a change of scenery?
  13. tem: Lenard Audio Sarabandes - Active 4-way Floorstanders Location: Ipswich QLD Price: $1500 FIRM Item Condition: Pretty good Reason for selling: Just not doing it for me Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Final price drop. Absolutely firm on this price so no offers please. If I can't sell them I will repurpose them as retro looking vending machines, a coke can perfectly fits in front port. Bought these to give active speakers a go and a somewhat more sensible sized speaker for my room. In the end these aren't the speakers for me and I feel I am wasting my already acquired amplification using these. From what I understand these are an earlier model Sarabande using Vifa and Peerless drivers along with a custom ribbon tweeter. These are 4-ways with two 12inch cavity loaded bass drivers in each cabinet. Each driver has its own gain control so you can dial them to your tastes. A somewhat tedious but rewarding feature for those who love to tweak. I did have an issue with the internal plate amps buzzing through the tweeter but when I swapped out to one of my Krell preamps the noise disappeared, unsure what was the go but it didn't like my first preamp. These have a slight thump when turning off and on but I have been assured this is normal. Condition wise they have a few minor marks but they hide it pretty well given they are a satin black. One little scuff of note where the black paint has come off which is viewable in pictures. The cabling is a bit chaotic in the photos as I had to move everything around to get my power cables to reach each speaker, apologies for the mess. These are a little bigger than the current model Sarabande's at 121cm x 41cm and weight about 35 kg's. I can post these to NSW or VIC for an extra $200 or $250. I will consider a trade for a Dac of equivalent value. Photos:
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