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  1. On a printed sticker on the base. It has model No, voltage, serial No, date of manufacture (to the day), and country of origin.
  2. There are refillable, reusable pods out there you can pack with your favourite fresh ground beans As to the Gaggia’s reliability and quality, I concur: I have #000627 It’s 20yrs old , all original and still running strong every single day.
  3. “Endgame” is a mythical self-delusion 😆 It’s the excitement of the journey that counts. That Breitling is a lovely piece that I’m sure you’ll fawn over and will give you tingles of pride for a long time to come. I’m excited for you 🙂 I remember that feeling of my first good watch purchase too.
  4. Hi Carl, that Rickie Lee Jones album is superbly produced and mastered, and excellent fodder for the Eos (or testing any speaker’s handling of those complex upper registers), but I’m sorry to say the reference to the triangle was actually from elsewhere. It’s a fast-rate rolling triangle throughout a song called Magalehna, on Doug DeVries’ Brazilian album “Borboleta”. But I do also know the triangle on Flying Cowboys. Such a sublime instrument! It’s simplicity belies the complex texture that people wouldn’t usually stop to appreciate. You’re right, it is a good indicator of whether a speaker/system can resolve all that detail and timing (especially when a triangle is probably overlooked as a useful instrument). Dave.
  5. My favourite amp. It’s sublime and gorgeous and definitely belies its 18watts. GLWTS Dave
  6. Offer sent to purchase.
  7. Dammit. That blue one is gorgeous! Someone is very lucky.
  8. Dave_R

    SOLD: FS: ETI 1.5 mtr IC's. Non directional

    Sending PM with interest to purchase.
  9. Love over gold please. one second too slow. Backup for dire straits pls.
  10. Dave_R

    FS: Denon PMA 500AE and matching tuner

    *Tuner $250, comes with free bonus amplifier*
  11. Dave_R

    FS: IFI Ipower Supply 15V

    Yes please, this should play nicely with my Aries Mini. PM on its way. Dave
  12. Yep, sorry Tom, im still in for these.
  13. And these ones please. cheers, Dave.
  14. Hi Willco, I'd like: Raising Sand, Robert Plant & Alison Krauss $30 Mark Knopfler and EmmyLou Harris, All the RoadRunning $100 Jennifer Warnes, The Well $100 Sarah McLachlan, Solace $30 Cheers, Dave.