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  1. Item: Jean Nantais Reference Lenco Mk2 turntableLocation: Singapore (I will ship worldwide via Fedex, UPS)Price: $5100Item Condition: 9/10Reason for selling: Lack of spacePayment Method: Paypal, Bank TransferExtra Info: For those who know about Lenco the Nantais version is the holy grail. It rarely comes up on the used market. This is the MK2 version which is built into his reference 120 lbs plinth. He has taken utmost care to ensure that any component in the Lenco which detracts from sonic quality either needs to be removed or improved. Check out his website and reviews below: http://www.idler-wheel-drive.com/reviews-2/ http://www.idler-wheel-drive.com/models-pricing/ http://www.high-endaudio.com/RC-Lenco.html https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/jean-nantais-lenco-reference-mk-ii-user-feedback It comes with 2 tonearm boards built with exotic hard wood by Jean Nantais. One of them is already drilled for 12 inch SME tonearms. It comes with its own special height adjustable footers so no need to tweak anything with this turntable. Pictures: https://i.imgsafe.org/071bc5b.jpg https://i.imgsafe.org/041ef2d.jpg
  2. Item: Klyne Audio Arts System 7 preamp with MC/MM phono stageLocation: SingaporePrice: $4100Item Condition: 9/10Reason for selling: Moving to an integrated ampPayment Method: Paypal, Bank TransferExtra Info: Considered to be the best of the best implementation of a solid state design. This comes with its own external power supply, corian base, both metal and acrylic top cover. The acrylic cover has chipped a bit in one corner else everything else is perfect. This unit comes with both single ended and balanced output. This is as good as it gets when it comes to getting out of the way of the music. One of the quietest and most dynamic preamp + phonostage combination around.Pictures:
  3. Please don't forget to check the Classifieds Guidelines before posting this classified ad. You many delete this text from your advertisement. Item: Supratek Cortese DHT preamp with MC/MM phonostage Location: Singapore Price: $4500 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Moving to integrated amplifier Payment Method: Paypal or Bank transfer Extra Info: Supratek is a well known Australian brand. This is a Supratek Cortese DHT preamp. It is a 2 box design. This is the latest model by Supratek where the output tubes are a pair of directly heated tubes (4P1L). This is one of the most holographic and alive sounding preamp around. It has an in-built phonostage which is outstanding in itself. The phonostage handles both low output MC and MM from 0.1mv to 5mv. It is an all active tube phonostage without any step-up transformers with extremely well regulated seperate power supply. This preamp comes with dual outputs, one is transformer coupled and the other is capacitor coupled. User can choose between the 2 outputs through an external switch. The transformer coupled output has lower gain and better drive to handle solid state power amplifier. It also has a true balanced (XLR) output. The capacitor coupled has a higher gain and supports single ended output. In all this is one of the most versatile preamp in the world. It is extremely quiet and dynamic. Here are some reviews, information and pictures: http://www.supratek.com.au/ http://www.supratek.com.au/cortese.php https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/review-supratek-cortese-tube-preamp http://www.audioasylum.com/reviews/Preamplifier-Tube/Supratek-Triode/Cortese/tubes/97339.html http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews2/supratek/1.html Pictures:
  4. Thanks metal beat. Yes it is one of the best I have had in my system.
  5. Item: Naim NAC 52 preamp + Black Burndy Cable Location: Singapore Price: $4000 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Mismatch with my power amp Payment Method: Paypal (Please add 4%) This was the Naim flagship preamp and still is considered to be magical among all the Naim products. Only the 552 beats it but at 3-4 times the price. In my system I preferred the 52 over 252 which sounded more academic compared to 52. However I have now moved on to tube amplification and even though I still tried to squeeze in the 52 there is a gain mismatch with my tube power amp. I am unable to go beyond 9 o clock position. So the 52 is on sale. Condition is fantastic, like mint. This sale also includes a mint Naim Black Burndy cable. This cable alone costs $800 when bought new. It is a huge improvement over the stock Burndy cable.
  6. Apologies for a slight messing of terminology, the screw marks are on the arm pillar, not arm collar.
  7. I am selling my Lyra Skala cartridge which is about 250 hours old. Condition is excellent. Cantilever is straight. Sound is gorgeous. I am shooting for the next higher model, the titan, hence selling this one. I will ship worldwide by Fedex and accept paypal Item Location: Singapore Condition: Used (about 250 hours) Price: USD 1650 Payment: Paypal
  8. Selling an excellent condition Linn Ekos 2 tonearm. This has recently been serviced by Linn and also the arm collar was replaced. I have used it for couple of weeks after that. There are some small screw mark on the arm pillar which is usual due to installation. I am also including the Linn Silver T-Kable with P-clip. It is one of the best phono cable I have heard in my system. I will pack it in the original Linn box and also do a double box packing. I will ship worldwide by Fedex. Location: Singapore Price: USD 1950 Item Condition: used Reason for selling: Don't use it and need the funds Payment Method: Paypal
  9. Hi Peter, I am using a Lyra Skala. I was thinking of an Ortofon Verto SUT, or Lundahl 1941 or one of the Bobs Devices Cinemag 1131 Blue. Have you heard any of these ?
  10. Hi Peter, Nice to see you here. I always thought the Lundahl Amorphous core SUTs are good stuff. What else would you suggest ?
  11. Thanks. Have you compared it to any other phonostages ? Which cartridge do you use with it ?
  12. Well, yes. But then the areas where the Aurieges MM stage fall short is quite glaring and not exactly a matter of SUT matching. The most important of it all is dynamics, where the Aurieges falls way too short, I mean the gap is huge. The RCM is like a 400 bhp sports car where the Aurieges is like a nice 150bhp sedan. If my ears were not so biased towards tube sound, I would have never even imagined selling the RCM sensor prelude.
  13. Not easy to find a Masseto pre-owned, else that would be the ideal way to go for me actually.
  14. No, I havent done that. I have compared it to NOS Tung-Sol 6L6WGB which is my reference till date. It turned out to be equally silent and clean sounding but more dynamic and more engaging
  15. Thanks for pointing it out Luc. I will update the Ad. I am at Singapore.
  16. Selling a matched quad (set of 4) set of very rare and one of the best 6L6GC tubes. It is the Dolam 6P3S tubes, made in Poland. It is NOS and NIB. I have just removed it once out of the box to test it. It is the best 6L6GC tubes I have ever come across. It is ultra quiet and high resolution with superb tonality. If interested please contact me at. Here is a pic: Location: Singapore Price: $230 Item Condition: Excellent (NOS) Reason for selling: I have already have another matched quad in use.
  17. I have for sale a very rare tonearm which has been further upgraded with exotic internal wiring from Kondo, Japan. It sounds mesmerizing and easily bettered my SME V tonearm. It is a unipivot (fast and airy) with the authority and bass of a gimballed tonearm. Condition is excellent. Please see the pictures below: I can ship worldwide via Fedex and will accept Paypal. Location: Singapore Price: $800 Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Too many tonearms and only one turntable
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