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  1. Max054

    New member from Northern Melbourne

    Hi Tim. Welcome from another northerner. Sounds like you have the best of both worlds! Enjoy your time with us! Cheers Max.
  2. Max054

    Tinnitus and the Audio Addiction

    I have had about 8 sessions with a chiropractor and 6 with an osteopath. I am having acupuncture regularly as well. I had an upper cervical CT scan which didn’t indicate relevant problems. We are working on it being a Vegas Nerve over stimulated issue.
  3. Max054

    Tinnitus and the Audio Addiction

    Oh maybe that’s my problem!
  4. Max054

    Tinnitus and the Audio Addiction

    I have suffered from multiple hertz tinnitus since a car accident nearly 12 months ago I haven’t listened to my system since apart from GTGs when others tell me how good it is!
  5. Wires crossed I have a Soulines Kubrick made in Serbia with Zero Speed issues.
  6. Max054

    2003. VAF.

    I have some i66s fully assembled if anyone is interested lol dust collectors
  7. Hi AK! Yes anything to do with audio is an endless rabbit hole! I can’t imagine chasing pixel improvements as well! I’m also in the North! Enjoy your time with us! Cheers Max.
  8. I’m done for now could almost stop here but incremental steps are always around. For example I bought some new isolation feet for my turntable.
  9. Max054

    My Peaceful Place

    Welcome enjoy your time with us! Cheers Max
  10. Gentlemen and others it was a pleasure. I bought a particularly nice single malt from the shop next door to the venue and slipped off into the night thanks to having no keys and a partner who’s unwell! I enjoyed the company and feed but had to skip the finer points of revelry! Cheers-friends!
  11. Max054

    Here We Go

  12. Max054

    Belated introduction, from Brisbane

    Welcome down the rabbit hole of endless possibilities! Cheers Max
  13. Max054


    In addition to that do a lot of listening to your own genres of music before you commit!
  14. Seriously I’m devastated by this news mate reach out for support!