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  1. Chrakker

    Audiophile SL1200?

    Terminal not connected .?
  2. Have a look at https://www.zdigital.com.au/, I am not sure of the size of their library but it looks all Australian. I recently signed up and downloaded Boz Scaggs Latest ”Out of the Blues”. 96/24. Very Happy !!
  3. Chrakker

    Hello Friends

    HI Jeremy, maybe try posting an add in the Wanted To Buy section of the classifieds
  4. Chrakker

    FS: BOSE QC15 noise cancelling headphones

    I could use them Mark, can I have them if not already gone , I mean purchase them
  5. Chrakker

    FS: NAD M51 DAC

    Sold !!
  6. Chrakker

    FS: NAD M51 DAC

    acampbell, looks like the NAD is sold , pending payment thank you anyway
  7. Chrakker

    FS: NAD M51 DAC

    Tassie, No sorry can't do that
  8. Chrakker

    FS: NAD M51 DAC

    Yes, It's a nice feature of the NAD, being a able to name all the inputs
  9. Chrakker

    FS: NAD M51 DAC

    Item: NAD M51 DAC Location: BRISBANE Price: $ 880.00 Item Condition: Excellent- Reason for selling: time for something different Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I purchased this new from authorised dealer in Brisbane. It's worked faultlessly and I cannot find any marks, scratches or blemishes on it, It presents as new. It comes with the remote, and all original packaging. Prefer local sale but if you are keen and happy to pay for freight and insurance, and accept liability then I would be happy to arrange delivery. I will make a $ contribution to stereonet if sold. Thanks all for your interest Pictures: Pictures:
  10. http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/116237-fs-nad-m51-dac/ HI Raiden, it may not be what your after, but I have one for sale if your interested, see link above
  11. HA ha, I can't, so I guess I will just continue to drool , those ML5's must be something . Good luck hope they sell soon
  12. Chrakker

    FS: Klein DAC II & Klein Pre Amp

    If sale does not evetuate please PM me thanks
  13. Chrakker

    FS: Klein DAC II & Klein Pre Amp

    And a great buy.