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  1. I couldn't resist the Deluxe Edition. Elton John: Diamonds - Deluxe Edition from Amazon US.
  2. Men at Work: Business As Usual #1982 #Jap Pressing
  3. Eagles - Hotel California Jap Pressing #1976
  4. No worries mate, thanks. BTW its that a 200mm or 280mm? Cheers, Rod
  5. HI mate, is it still available? Thanks! Rod
  6. Item: Rotel RCD-02 (Silver) Location: Bexley (NSW) Price: Sold (elsewhere) Item Condition: Used Reason for selling: Surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info Up for sale a Rotel RCD-02 (Silver) I have purchased a new CD player and I no longer need my Rotel. The CD player is in excellent condition, working perfectly. Sorry no remote control but the power cord is included. Pick from Bexley, may consider shipping if I can't find a local buyer. Thanks, Rodrigo I love the HDCD blue light Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  7. That's awesome! I wish I could find more HDCD like this one around.
  8. Welcome mate, you will find a ton of info around here. Have fun!!!
  9. Thanks OP! That sounds interesting. I feel like giving it a shot. I have recently setup a Mac Mini to host my audio files in conjunction with iTunes, Plex and Audirvana - I'm not happy with the mix but I was too lazy to try something else. I'd like to ditch iTunes all together so the cd ripping and metadata editing bit is very important to me. what other commercial music server platform have you tried recently for comparison? Thanks, Rod
  10. That's the challenge with some live concert this days. I don't think they do a proper sound test prior the gig or if they do, it's a last minute rushed setup. Even if the band has their own sound man around, every venue will sound completely different, especially open stadiums. If they don't have the time to fine tune and balance things around, it will fail. We went to the last Guns N' Roses concert in Sydney a year or so ago, geez the sound was horrible. They managed to fix it up a bit throughout the concert but at the start I felt like leaving the venue, or just sticking by the bar to at least enjoy my beer. Rod
  11. I grabbed this Neil Young album from JB HiFi (Pitt St - Sydney CBD) a couple of days ago, but I just managed to spin it. It was $14,99 or even $9,99. It sounds amazing .... I noticed my Rotel has its HDCD light on, but I'm sure this is just a standard CD, if not I highly recommended grabbing a copy at your local store.
  12. Aretha Franklin - Let me in your life - Japanese Pressing #1974
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