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  1. Hi mate, I'm on Clarence St. I'm happy to pick it up. PM sent.
  2. I read your thread from a few years back last night. You went through a whole testing spree back there. Good to hear you are still enjoying your T90s. I have an ARCAM FMJ A19 amp, I should be able to drive It well, right?
  3. Excellent player, I absolutely love mine. GLWTS
  4. I believe it's a pretty good cd player, but I'm not sure if it is as good as people keeping saying . I haven't tested the first gen to be able to compare them tho. I have two CDP at the moment, the above CD850MKII and a Marantz CD6005. If I do a side by side comparison spinning the same album in both I can tell the Marantz sounds better - cleaner sound, more detailed and bassy. The Phillips can load/read CDs way faster than the Marantz, by 2+ seconds getting the cd stats on screen instantaneously when you see both doing at the same time it's very noticeable.
  5. This is no longer available I'm afraid. I have purchased it about a month ago. OP didn't update his post.
  6. Hi Paul, I just saw your reply. Not sure if you are available tomorrow (Sunday) to take my order. If not I can give you a call on Monday. Pls let me know. Cheers Rod
  7. Hi @Tivoli Hi-Fi @jimsan If still is available, I would take a initium 1.5m. I'm in Sydney. Cheers, Rod
  8. Hi mate, I'll take the USB cable if still is available. Cheers! Rod
  9. The Teskey Brothers - Half Mile Havest
  10. They look amazing! If I could I would buy them right away. Good luck!
  11. +1 I have a Bose QC35 for my daily commuting and I'm staring to look at the entry level "audiophile" HF at Mass Drop to enjoy better sound at home. Not sure if this Sony can give the best of both worlds - daily commuting and connecting to my DAC and CDP at home
  12. Hi mate, I'll take it if still is available. Thanks, Rod
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