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  1. Hey guys it's a bit late but I was wondering if I can hook up the charger while it's on? The charger puts out a bit more than 12v I think its 13 or something and I want some clarification before I try it a mess something up,
  2. yeah its quite heavy it can't really come to school but i sounds really nice and its really loud and i'm quite happy with it.
  3. Pretty much done Just need to put some car carpet on it,
  4. Hey guys its been a while since i've posted but I pretty much have bought everything i need and i'm going to finish it tommorow, Ill post the final product here
  5. Yeah I connected the Red and Yellow to the positive on the battery and the Black to negative. I just used the wires that come straight out of the harness, They didn't look very thick though they were just the standard ones.
  6. I can't take a picture right now ill send one tommorow, It's a JVC KD-G245, It's a spare one that I decided to use because I had it lying around and its a pretty decent stereo.
  7. Hey guys I tried to use the battery and stereo and hooked up one tweeter to test with, All was good until I smelt burning and turned it off, then when I looked at the wires the Power Ground and remote wire were all melted and burnt. After making sure everything was okay I tried to plug it in again but the second I plugged the wiring harness in the stereo, The fuse blew. What could be the problem here?
  8. Would this do the job? http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/sumner/other-parts-accessories/-arlec-12v-car-battery-charger-/1030997699
  9. Hey guys I picked up a Sealed Lead Acid battery at Jaycar today, Just wondering how I would go about charging it? Do you need a special charger or anything? Can you just hook it up to a wall plug that does 12v?
  10. Found some Genesis 100w car speakers under my bed and it sounds pretty good right now hooked up to my reciever so i've put it into a piece of wood for the time being and when i get my other speaker i'll get more wood and turn it into a box. Just wondering will the 20w lepai amp even power the speakers to decent volume?, I was considering getting this Amp as it does 75w RMS and is only 20 bucks more? http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/New-PowerVox-1400-Watt-2-Channel-Car-Amplifier-Silver-/350810289806?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item51adec368e&_uhb=1 Just wondering will the 20w lepai amp even power the speakers to decent volume?, I was considering gett
  11. Yeah i will be posting pics when I build it, Is this amp actually 100 watts as it claims?, http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/TDA7498-A1-TL082-100W-100W-Class-D-amplifier-board-YJ-/330921120077?pt=AU_Car_Parts_Accessories&hash=item4d0c6f914d&_uhb=1 It mentions nothing about its RMS.
  12. My friend says he's gonna give me some 6 inch car speakers from his dads car since he got new speakers (Theyre from a 2004 VZ Commodore). He doesen't know specs or anything, Will that amp be able to power them?, Also, Would a head unit be able to be used as an amp because i've got a spare head unit from our old car its a sony xplod cdx-gt570, It outputs 50w per channel and it has four channels?
  13. What do you mean by lithium?, Do you mean like the normal brand batteries you see in the shops?, Because buying them gets really expensive and they drain too fast. Lead Acid battteries last longer and are easily rechargeble, I was thinking something like this, Not even heavy, Under 3kg? http://www.jaycar.com.au/productView.asp?ID=SB2486
  14. Hey guys, I don't know if this is the right category for my question but if it isnt please move it, Everyday on my way to school I like to listen to my music out loud with my friends, I used to do it with my phone but it ends up hard to hear especially with traffic and such, I made a pair of logitech ls11 speakers portable by powering them off batteries and putting them in a cardboard box, They were alright volume(About as loud as my phone) and had a bit more quality than my phone, But they ran out of batteries within an hour of use and that was getting inefficient and expensive. So i've decided I want to undertake a project where i'm going to use a 12v sealed lead acid battery and use it to power some speakers and a sub. So heres what I need. *Speaker, Preferably a full range car speaker of some sort *Subwoofer, Needs to provide good bass at loud volumes *LOUD, Most important bit, Needs to be quite loud that can be heard easily over traffice with good quality and bass *Portable, Needs to last for atleast 2-3 hours a day and be light. * Size, Needs to fit in my schoolbag with a bit of room to spare. *Rechargeble *Enclosure for all the speakers This is my schoolbag, It's a Nike one its not too small but its not very big eitherhttp://sportitemsstore.com/product/nike-backpack-bag-sand-blue-athletic-school-gym-travel-laptop-bags-ba4378-414/ I can build my own enclosure. So does anyone have any tips or anything? I was thinking 4 inch car speakers and a 6 inch sub? It needs to be around $100-120 And available in Australia Cheers
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