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  1. Finally get to spin this classic new album. Have 10 albums to spin tonight. Don't have as much spare time now with my new job. Away from home often, and miss spinnin records. I also don't get on here as often, so a big metal greeting to you all !!! Hail vinyl and Metal \m/
  2. Now thats a wicked table ! You have some amazing gear mate
  3. Yep some great albums by Mr foxx This in particular is one of my favourite songs And this remix is killer indeed !
  4. Bet that cranks through those massive speakers............lol
  5. Total greatness mate Bet 'with the dead ' has some bottom end tuffness with those bins ! They look amazing ! Fantastic work
  6. Yep Inverloch are ultra heavy ! They are playing Dark Mofo this year.
  7. Just at a mates place for a few beers. His brother said he had some old metal records. Scored this for a ctn of beer ! Good deal i thought, he needed beer he said !! Don't we all ! Sorry about the crappy pic, taken on his phone !
  8. The old metal releases are going up in value all the time. i'd be disappointed if you did sell it Unless it was to me................... lol
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