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  1. guess im out of the running !
  2. Dacman

    SOLD: SOLD: FS: Curious USB Cable

    ill take the 0.8 cheers
  3. Dacman

    FS: Clearaudio Concept Turntable

    still available
  4. Item: Clearaudio Concept Turntable Location: Melbourne Price: Pick up price includes custom made cover $1600 Shipping price $1500 cannot ship cover. OBO + Shipping. Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Upgraded, No longer required, Need the moula for other bits. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: In perfect condition and comes with Denon DL103 cart. virtually new with only around 40 hours on it. Cover shown backwards to show cut out for cables. Auditions available if required. Shipping is ok as it will packed in original box. Pictures:
  5. Dacman

    SOLD: BNIB Tannoy Legacy Arden

    thats what my missus said and now im in a new house with my speakers
  6. Dacman

    SOLD: FS: Speakers Usher BE10 Diamond

    sold pending payment/pick up
  7. Dacman

    For Sale Digibit Aria Music servos

    i see ok im in caroline springs are you close by?
  8. Dacman

    SOLD: FS: Speakers Usher BE10 Diamond

    these words you speak are true! those arrows are really nice as i said if you keep them and upgrade your other gear (get a nice dac and streamer) you will be very happy cheers mate.
  9. Dacman

    SOLD: FS: Speakers Usher BE10 Diamond

    well spotted....i hope you are right. the ushers do punch up there with the wilsons though...just different. they do have a quality that i like that the puppys dont.. but yeah the puppys are really nice...for now!
  10. Dacman

    SOLD: FS: Speakers Usher BE10 Diamond

    i hear ya! kharma or wamms lol maybe i will end up keeping them... i hope the guy i bought them from doesnt see this ad!!! also these are the reason i am now single not sure if thats good or bad but theres one thing for sure i can crank my system anytime i want! "whenever i listen to pink floyd (or led zeppelin) so do my neighbours"
  11. Dacman

    SOLD: FS: Speakers Usher BE10 Diamond

    how you goin buddy? yes as soon as i listed them the demons started...but i cant listen to two sets of speakers so one has to go ...wish i could keep them and i know once theyre gone ill regret it these are the only diamond be10's ive seen for sale in oz....