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  1. Thanks for the suggestion will demo Densen when I get a chance.
  2. Well everyone is different I preferred Naim to Luxman in the same room and setup. Unico wasn't available but secondo was really good sounding. I think secondo sounded little better than Naim because of hybrid design and hint of tube like character. But again this is my own experience.
  3. Hi Tobes, thanks for sharing your experience. Still hunting integrated amps as I have enough time before my new house is finished. Was lucky enough to try Luxman 505ux and Naim Nait XS2 under one roof and preferred the sound of Naim which is less powerful than Luxman.
  4. This certainly gives me some concern however will judge once I have heard with my own ears. I have shortlisted integrated amps for my Harbeths and A-S2100 is part of that list to demo. It's even suggested by Harbeth forum members so definitely this can't be that "bright"...? Let's see
  5. Awesome feedback everyone. I made an attempt to listen to few that were dangling on my mind and feel at ease now that I did as I was able to cross some of them off my list. One important thing I realized after reading reviews and listening with my own ears is that sometimes another person's experience is totally different to one's own. I guess as we mature our ears frequency change as well..haha.. Not good with words but below is what I experienced listening all under one roof. Summary with key words Arcam A39 Nice warm sound, airy top end, Bottom ok crossed off NAD C388 similar to Arcam bottom more controlled crossed off Peachtree Nova150 surprisingly sounds warm but Rega Elex R was better for the price. crossed off Rega Elex R, warm sound, spacious and good bottom end. Rega Elicit R Slightly warm, top end less spacious than Elex R but more clear and has more details, bottom end more controlled. Vocals sounds natural and better. This does not sound lean to me. Demoed with KEF PMC, Elac. Unfortunately cant demo with Harbeths. Next up is Yamaha A-S2100 and Unison Research gear. Have to find nearest dealer with Luxman stuff.
  6. I read some good reviews on Peachtree but didn't see anyone mentioning with Harbeths.
  7. Thanks will look into it. I guess going integrated route with 851n is still a great option.
  8. Please let me know if the 505ux or 507ux comes up in classifieds. I might consider it if the price and condition is good. Thanks
  9. My options are quite flexible at the moment. Was thinking about Cambridge 851N streamer, do you think a separate power amp would be a better choice here if going this route?
  10. Thanks I will PM if I'm interested looking around and trying to demo the available options at the moment.
  11. Hi Folks, I have finally decided to go with 30.1 however confused with amp matching for these speakers. Rega elicit r was on my list but others have suggested that I can get equally better sound for less. Not sure as I can't try all under the same roof. Sudgen A21a Yamaha A-S1100 Arcam FMJ a39 Primare I32 I believe most like to have that tube like sound quality but have power of a SS amp. I guess at this price point choices maybe limited. Thanks
  12. Appreciate all the great feedback and comments so far! Certainly leaning towards Harbeths at the moment. Plus someone asked what about LS50 wife said no as she said they look weird. Cant argue there but no doubt they sound fantastic for their size!
  13. Basically its just one of the smaller bedrooms I'm converting into dedicated listening rig. Interms of placement and playing around with room treatment would not be a big issue. Personally I dig the shape and size of 30.1s on the dedicated stands and in person they look marvellous. I think I can pull it off with low to medium listening levels! I'm now wondering whether this is better than PMC twenty5.22 as I cant remember all the details but clarity and natural voicing comes to mind when I think of Harbeths and big bass with PMCs.
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