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  1. Serious question, do you need to leave the door open at the back to connect the speaker cables, or can it be removed?
  2. I had a listen to a set of these last week and for the money, totally surprised. This is a bargain.
  3. Further information: This is a great device, it's a wireless transmitter unit, with a partner wireless receiver unit. Stick a source in one end, using USB, optical, coax, analog RCA, and it will losslessly convert the audio and broadcast to the receiver where you can then send it out via analog RCA or 3.5mm jack. Uses 2.4GHz radio and not WiFi. Specs are here: https://www.sonicelectronix.com/item-73889-FiiO-W1-W1T1-W1R1.html Unreal for sending from one room to the other, or multi room parties, installations, all sorts of things. Pric
  4. Welcome! Mike's enthusiasm is not baseless, as you've heard!
  5. I’ve owned, and still own Acoustic Energy speakers across various ranges. They sound fantastic haven’t heard the new models, but would be surprised if they weren’t anything other than awesome.
  6. That tweeter does some truly exceptional things in the Lenehan ML2 Refs
  7. True, they’ve never referenced F-M curves specifically. I should have been more explicit that there’s some kind of algo that raises the relative LF levels inversely to overall amplification.
  8. You’re correct. However it also ups the lower bass SPLs as the overall amplitude is lowered, which is effectively a loudness correction at lower SPL. It’s particularly evident as you dial up the SAM %
  9. The A700 looks great, though I’m unclear about the amp/speaker driver ratio, unclear how that works. Both packages look impressive for the price, and the hub is a genius idea that the D&D 8c would benefit from immensely. There are some reviews on ASR that talk about the trade off between LF extension and SPL and distortion, which I expect would be mostly negated with the A700. The “money back” offer is appealing, but after consideration, I don’t feel the need to rush/pull the trigger for a $750 saving until the reviews come in. Though I almost did pull the trigger.
  10. Devialet SAM can do exactly that, as well as phase correction amongst other things. It works incredibly well from my own experience.
  11. An update on the above update... got busy on the weekend and moved some furniture to allow better placement of the ML2s. Oh boy. What a night and day difference. I’d obviously been totally lucky with the old speakers (AE Ref 1) and how they worked in the room. I did some measurements with REW and tidied up a bass suck and my messy reflection laden room top end via Roon and almost came to tears a few times with how amazing some music was sounding last night. Seriously outstanding set of speakers the ML2. scarily transparent and detailed with so much poise all the way through the frequ
  12. Found that is really an artefact of my very imperfect room and speaker positioning, as well as source (who would have thunk it?!). Small adjustments make discernible differences in all aspects of the sound. Currently sounding pretty awesome, and the bass levels and quality can be insane with the right recordings and a few extra watts.
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