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  1. Ok I have made a couple of changes to the system overnight and have fine tuned the actual cable change over process with the assistant. I am going to focus once more upon the Odin and a standard cable, rather than the lorad. I also have been loaned some other cables that will add to the interest level, perhaps??? If we can heed Marc's suggestion and stick to sharing our own opinions on this thread, rather than commenting on issues unrelated, there may be a chance of one of these threads not being closed. Thanks everyone for your input and co-operation.
  2. Thanks Paul, I will give this a go as part of the trial.
  3. Thanks Guru, I agree with what you are saying. And your philosophy has been what has driven me towards a lot of tweaking and fine tuning my system. I have read so many posts about I added "x" and the soundstage went outside the speakers, before they disappeared. Then this part "y" gave me so much extra detail and tightened the bass and so on. I have done these things, wrote these things, heard these things, that I decided to just stop and think if all the improvements I have done have made the sound stage so real and so big, my neighbour should be walking through my sound stage and just feeling blessed. So doing a blind test is very confronting for me and the only volunteers I have had to come and participate under the same rules that i set myself are cable "non-believers." There seems to be a pretty long line up of people who want to say I told you so. But I am a believer, but I thought I would just give it a go. I am going to fine tune a few things to hopefully help make any changes more evident to me. And I don't mean better back lighting of the rack.
  4. hmmm, I'm not having any fun yet. But I do intend to do a bit more testing. Blind tasting wine is a lot more fun that testing cables.
  5. Well, the results. And let me say, I am trying as hard as I can to be at least objective, if not scientific. And I found it bloody hard work. But first, I learnt a bit from this first foray of only 2 cables and have a question about the process and it has to do with settling time of the cable. The assistant chose to leave the cable in place for one change, but removed it from the CD player and then put it back in. So it was the same cable, but pulled out and pushed back in. Which is a hint for the results. Change 1 was the lorad cable and probably should be noted had the longest time in the setup. Change 2 was the lorad, it was pulled out and put back in again. Change 3 was the Odin. I actually wrote more notes about Change 2, than the other 2. I said it seemed a little coagulated or congested and not as resolved as Change 1, even though it was the same cable. And Change 3 with the Odin, I didn't like initially but after 30 minutes, was noting the speed and attack and that it seemed as though the volume had actually increased. But I scored it lower than Change 1, which was the most settled of all the cables. I am going to hone the testing procedure a bit and try some other cables. So far I have found out this is a time consuming, tough test and my notes about the same cable change dramatically if compared at the 3 minute and 33 minute marks.
  6. To expand a little on the other cabling, there is a Qrt QX2 line conditioner, going to a Nordost QB8 pin power board. The pre, amp and CD player are all fed by this 8 pin board. The idea of the multiple cable test will be the different cables will be lines up in the QB8 and then swapped in and out of the CD player. The review period for each cable will be approximately 40 minutes. The CD player was chosen because of ease of access for the assistant and the long start time of the valve pre, but mainly ease of access.
  7. I originally was going to try and evaluate 4-5 cables. The feedback and suggestions from the start of the thread, primarily ZB was to trial "best" cable against "entry level" cable, this was basically decided on price. If I could hear any difference continue on. The assistant was asked to start with any cable and make changes after 30-40 minutes of playing. I sat there and made notes that only I would probably understand. This was done mainly because I thought it would be difficult to have an objective reference point and that is the problem with this kind of test. My ears are going to focus on things that I might have an issue with. My abbreviated results were 1 and 3 were the same cable and 2 was the other cable. This took about 2 hours of focused listening and for me, wasn't easy. I wasn't drinking, I was tired and was taking notes.
  8. The cable was changed in and out of the CD player. Less down time and easier for lab assistant to reach.
  9. Some results. Cables that were tested in a side by side comparison were. RK Cable lorad $175- new price Nordost Odin series 1 $12000- second hand price. How I evaluated was I took notes and scored cables out of 10 on these listening features. Resolution, Clarity, Glare, Distortion, Attack, Decay, Sound stage, or a total score out of 70. A CD was played for each trial, test time approx. 40 minutes per cable. There were 3 changes that took place. And I scored them as Change 1 -cable scored well, good resolution, large stage, 53/70 Change 2 -not as good as the first one less resolved, bit more glare, smaller stage 43/70 Change 3 -a little harsh at first, but after 30 minutes attack and decay was improved, almost seemed to be playing louder than other cables, soundstage large 51/70 My guess was that it was Nordost Odin first and third change, lorad cable was the second change. The actual reveal by faithful lab assistant was... Damn, I have to go on a job, back a bit later.....
  10. Our Friday night line up. The Gamay was superb.
  11. Thanks Dave for the options and the thought you have put in to this. I'm hoping that I might be able to hear a difference in the cables, not pick which is which. I am going to write notes after each "possible" cable change and see if the results are repeatable, the idea of starting with only two cables to do this is a good idea. After that, if the results prove that there is an audible difference, I hope to then bring in the other cables and see if I can hear some audible similarity. This will be the part that would be the hardest to replicate results. Looking forward to your opinions and thoughts, I wouldn't think you would intend anything ever to be nitpicking.
  12. Hey Paul, thanks and I have added a little bit of room treatment since you last visited. And the cross overs are well and truly run in now.
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