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  1. I love my PMCs, but I believe you would benefit from trying speakers specifically designed for near wall optimum performance. The best option imo is Audio Note. https://www.audionote.co.uk/an-e-speakers
  2. @rock416 could you please confirm the terminations on both cords? AU plugs? (I see AS marked on one of the photos). They look like C15 on the other end, but again, the label in the photo suggests C19... Finally, would you consider discounting the price for someone purchasing both cords?
  3. Just to be clear, this is the JCAT product I am using: https://jcat.eu/product/usb-lan-ground-conditioner/
  4. I have now replaced all the metal RJ45 terminated ethernet cables with plastic ones on the A-side. I also went back to the original power supply to compare to the iFi iPower. Finally, i have ordered a SC to LC optical cable and SFP module to try as well. So far the changes have not proved to be useful. I do suspect a lot of the audible benefits of ethernet tweaks result from eliminating ground noise. To that end, i wonder if the JCAT ground conditioner attached to the Antipodes EX, acting on the final ethernet point in the chain, is precluding anything from providing audible benefit further upstream? I havent yet tried without it, but it was a huge benefit when i added it 6 months ago.
  5. I’ve attached a photo of the User Guide that came with my ER. It seems to contradict what you are saying.
  6. I knew you would have more question @dbastin, but I have so far kept the setup simple so as to directly compare the basic Netgear switch with the ER. Also, my media converters are Ethernet to SC duplex, so not the input SFP required by ER. So I have not been able to yet eliminate the downstream optical converter. In answer to your other queries: Yes, I have retained the Antipodes Ethernet cable direct from CX to EX. Better Ethernet cables are not on my radar for now, but you may be right about my current ones hiding ER improvements. I’ll look into a new MC device and cable to allow a few different setup options.
  7. Thanks for the analysis @Snoopy8, very useful information imo.
  8. I mentioned the Ethernet optimisations (optical converters, JCAT Ethernet ground conditioner, iFi power supplies). I don’t use “uber” Ethernet cables. The most expensive ones are the AQ cinnamon into and out of the switch, but I don’t believe these make any difference compared to my standard cables. The link from CX to EX is free from antipodes. I also look forward to hearing the PP switch in comparison.
  9. I’ll add my early impressions as a new owner now. My EtherRegen arrived on Monday. I set it up that evening. 5 days in now. In my existing setup I have TPlink optical to Ethernet converters, each powered by iFi low noise power supplies; into a basic netgear switch also powered by an iFi low noise power supply; this is connected to several Apple TV’s, and the Antipodes CX. The CX has a JCAT Ethernet+USB ground conditioner, and a short, Antipodes Ethernet link into the Antipodes EX. All of the equipment in the chain has made some improvement in the SQ to my ears, with exception of the netgear switch. Enter the EtherRegen. To make the comparison fair, I have left the chain unchanged. The CX is connected to the B-side of EtherRegen. On the A-side is the link from the optical converter and the Apple TVs. I’ve listened continuously for long periods, and also done short AB swaps. All sighted because blinding doesn’t work for me. My impression so far has been zero difference in sound quality between the Netgear switch and the EtherRegen in my setup. My suspicion is that my other equipment has already fully optimised my Ethernet chain, such that the EtherRegen can’t improve on things further. I say this because the other Ethernet ”tweaks” have made significant positive differences, clearly audible to me at least.
  10. Firstly, not sure if you saw, but I started a thread on the optical Ethernet converters a while back... The iFi iPowers make a difference on the converters. Second, I have just today installed my EtherRegen! I am using it with the fibre converters upstream currently. Early days. Finally, if you use your Innuos server as the Roon core, and the DSJ as a Roon Ready endpoint (renderer) with a bridged Ethernet link between core and endpoint, this will give best SQ. Better than USB and optical from the Innuos to the DSJ. However, the bridging Ethernet cable is the critical link and changes in this cable will be audible. I use an Antipodes CX + EX combo in a similar configuration.
  11. Mine is scheduled for delivery Monday. I have an iFi iPower for initial use. Might upgrade to a Gieseler LPSU. Has anyone compared optional PSU upgrades?
  12. No. No. No... It is completely unacceptable to have to endure two separate questionable audiophile phenomena from the one device! 😏
  13. I have an EtherRegen on order, due for shipping in late Feb. Let me know if you have any Sundays free in March @Assisi and we can compare the PP and Uptone switches.
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