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  1. I bought it on bluray but still haven't opened it[emoji51][emoji51][emoji51]
  2. Hi everyone. I'm going crazy trying to find this Italian mafia tv show. Now I've seen season 1 and 2 on netflix, i can watch season 3 also but i can only watch it without the English subtitles. I'm not Italian so i need to watch it with the subtitles. Please does anyone know of a website where i can view it with the subs?
  3. Hi everyone . I just moved into a 1 bedroom place and now need to setup up my gear again. I need help with placement of front mains and subs. The mains are monitor audio book shelf and psa xs30s. In the photos I've provided can you guys suggest where should the location start. Thanks everyone.
  4. I think they say you need a mic , laptop and room eq wizard which you can down load somewhere on the net.
  5. Hey cavx. I can move the sub closer to the corner and move the stand closer to the tv. I just hope the leads hdmi cables etc will reach. But then again maybe i can get a little stand and put the avr on it. I'm not a fan of corner placement either. I find the bass is bigger but the quality and smoothness isn't.
  6. Hey almikel . Thanks for your response. I'm thinking of getting the xhd 50mm. Would that make a good difference to the bass? Also do i need to cover the face of them with some membrane .
  7. Hi cavx. I would move the right speaker closer but i don't know where to put the sub. These xs30s are really heavy. Any ideas?
  8. I think your right. Plus ive got the gold 100s in piano ebony and they are just stunning. They shouldn't be covered. I'm taking the cushions off. Thanks guys.
  9. [emoji14] i was told that if you put cushions on top of speakers it will take care of some reflections. To be honest i don't know. I don't know how to measure to see if there is a difference either.
  10. Hey guys what does it mean when it says r3.1 r3.4 or even r4
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