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  1. Hi is this unit 220v or 240v? is it mm and mc? thanks
  2. I just bought some from Parts Connection in Canada
  3. I am using a 401 for a number of years now. A restored Garrard idler have pace, rhythm and beat that very few modern belt drive (at any price) can match. I have also heard highly tuned LP12, it can be pleasant but it’s idler for me any day. At this price, compare to silly prices of many new TT, there’s change for future upgrade in cartridge etc. And plenty of records. Unfortunately I don’t have room otherwise I would have jumped at it. GLWTS!
  4. PSC pristine R70 silver power cable. PMed.
  5. Maybe this post is better in the Vinyl Classified Section
  6. Amazing drivers...one of the best! same driver used in the article I believe: https://jeffsplace.positive-feedback.com/meditations-on-high-fidelity-andy-moore-shares-his-audio-insights-from-the-land-down-under/?fbclid=IwAR2CHD8Z3GiiZHPO0EFSn2tQEnCeaOX__zrx-CsE7lj27X1UgwcneaKYFUA
  7. What speakers are u using? If sensitivity of the speaker is reasonably high, consider push pull valve amp. Lavardin is a very musical ss amp
  8. Would be helpful if u specify max. Va and conversion 240v to 100 or 110? You are interested in
  9. Would be good to know your genre of interest? Belafonte Returns to Carnegie Hall, K2 HD Mastering, Sony 2014, made in Japan if u are interested. Played once or twice only. Please PM cheers
  10. Try Phasemation PP1000 or PP2000. Superb. Very balanced and natural sounding cartridge. I had the PP1000 and now PP2000. At ur budget, may want to consider MY Sonic Lab cartridges. They are also maker of Air Tight, and may other cartridges. Extremely low impedance but with reasonable output. Very refined, transparent and detail. Expensive in Australia. Koetsu is stunning tonally but IMHO need to pair with exceptional sut, valve phono and pre to realise their potential. With ur budget u may even be able to have 2 good carts, with different tonality and
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