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  1. denimhunter

    SOLD: Pass labs power amp

    Which model please? Is it 240v model? More details about the particular model will be useful. Thanks
  2. denimhunter

    SOLD: Spendor BC1 with original stands

    I had a pair of BC1 for many years. Very good speakers and they respond to good electronics as well. just a suggestion, have a photo with the grill removed showing the drivers might help with the sale. Good luck
  3. The Uesugi is the low impedence model. What is the step up ratio please. Thanks
  4. denimhunter

    Tokyo Must go record shops.

    Tsutaya wasn’t to look for cd’s. To chill and appreciate the architecture and environment
  5. denimhunter

    Tokyo Must go record shops.

    Audio Union in Shinjuku have about 4 shops in Shinjuku-good for cd’s For a nice environment then Tsutaya bookshop in Daikanyama. They used Avantgarde in the shop
  6. Top of the line Harmonix tuning feet. I think Harmonix is one of the few equipment ‘tuning’ devices that actually works
  7. denimhunter

    Advice from the tube buffs please

    Rolling rectifier tubes do make a lot of difference. I have a Lampi 7 with DHT and I am using 80 tube as rectifier. But I would tend to find the ‘right’ output tube first. Then use the rectifier to tune the sound. Rectifier can change the tone of the system. Some output tubes tend to work with particular type/make of tubes so there’s no absolute best. Have u tried ST or coke bottle 6x5g such as gec if they fit into ur dac? The shape of the valve often makes a difference and because they are from an earlier period.
  8. denimhunter

    Headshell material

    The Orsonic comes in different weight and materials. I used the heavier version with the EMT 997 and the aluminium ones with the Fidelity Research FR64s to work with different cartridges.
  9. denimhunter

    Headshell material

    I have tried timber (ebony and others), carbon fibre, steel alloy, aluminium etc. I suppose one could use the headshell (detachable) to help with compliance of the cartridge and arm. For example to add weight to the cart. But I also treat it as a tuning device. I have tried many combinations. Carbon fibre can sound overdamped unless one uses it with a very lively sounding cart eg like some of the Zyx. Timber body cart doesn’t always go with timber, can sound too warm and music appear slow. The design and configuration of the headshell is important too. My favourite is the Orsonic. They seem totally open with minimum material but they can be heavy with the steel/alloy version which is good with low compliance cart.
  10. Brilliant Voxativ speakers with AC4x, audio nirvana with the right amps esp with DHT. Rarely seen in the used market! GLWTS Are u upgrading with another voxativ?
  11. denimhunter

    Is this knob to big?

    Just change the front profile of the knob! Conical May be more appropriate
  12. Hi Would someone in the forum heard or have experience with Thomas Mayer (vinylsavor) amplifier? In particular the 2A3/45 mono block with separate PSU in 4 boxes chassis? I know Thomas (also the Elrog manufacturer now but most of you probably knew) have been demonstrating in Munich hiend for some years and in Hong Kong Show this year. One of his amps http://vinylsavor.blogspot.com/search?q=45%2F2A3+Mono His amps are usually custom ordered. He also just started distribution in HK to Asia and China market. thank you
  13. denimhunter

    Marantz 7 phono clone?

    Not a Sheer Audio. The manufacturer makes power supply and others for vintage EMT.
  14. denimhunter

    Marantz 7 phono clone?

    I am using a Marantz 7 based phono stage which is made in Korea. The person who made it have carefully selected the parts for their tonal quality. Simply copying the circuit like the Chinese ones may not be ideal. No Chinese parts were used in the Korean Phono. The person have clearly voiced the amp.