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  1. Rectifiers vary enormously in tone. Their variation in sound are especially pronounced with low powered SET. Perhaps less noticeable in higher power push pull amps or with pentode output valves.
  2. Great classic turntable. i believe Audio Note UK currently uses the same design for their top of the line TT. GLWTS
  3. Thank you Pulinap! It’s a phono pre (not made any more) in two parts by Oswald Mills Audio. They only made the phono stage PD1. The Left is the power supply for the phono pre with 6x5 rectifier
  4. Escher x Nendo exhibition NGV in Melbourne. Taken with Leica q
  5. Thanks Marc I am doing my bucket list and going to both Axpona and Munich! hope to see u in Munich.
  6. Hi anyone from SNA heading to either or both of the US or Munich hiend shows?
  7. Item: Tortech Step Down transformer, 240-110v Location: Melbourne Price: $500 Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: too big for my need Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Tortech step down transformer, 240-110v. Aus plug to outlet and 2 US plu inputs. 2400va! so plenty big enough for large power amps. Bought new. Used for a few hours only so excellent condition. Too big for my flea power amp. Retail for about $800...the unit weighs about 20kg so prefer pick up or can arrange for delivery within reasonable distance from cbd. Pictures:
  8. I believe they work by enable better impedence match between speakers and amplifier. Heard them in a few systems and they do work very well especially for speakers with complex crossovers. very good value improvement!
  9. Item: Aurealis r3i copper din to rca phono cable, 1.5m Location: Melbourne Price: $275 Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Cable is 1.5m, 5pin din to rca and made in Queensland by Aurealis, an Australian cable company with UP-OCC copper litz wire. Shielded to minimise hum. ETI kryo treated silver coated copper rca plugs. Details refer to Aurealis Audio web site below: https://www.aurealisaudio.com.au/r3i-shielded-interconnects/ From the website: The R3i CuL is a tonally warm and fully detailed cable. The Litz wire carries a very broad frequency range which results in more detail, better sound staging and and improved bass end compared to the solid core version of this cable. Features 4 UPOCC copper Litz conductors per channel. These are insulated in PE. Cable damping and insulation in foamed teflon tube Tinned copper braid shield ETI Kryo RCAs (silver plated copper) Finished in a rich red and braid - double thickness Bought a few months but hardly been used so in excellent condition. Retail for 1.5meter cable $390 Pictures:  Pictures:
  10. Would u know what timber is the headshell made of?
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