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  1. I heard Supravox open baffle speakers in the recent Munich high end show and was very impressed. As most of you would know, Supravox is a French speaker driver manufacturer from way back. They make field coil drivers as well. Their open baffle speakers uses alnico drivers and have very wide baffle for the bass. The interesting thing seems that the side panels of the baffle are hinged and the angle can be adjusted to suit the room. I spoke to Supravox recently and they said there is a distributor in Melbourne. Trying to get more info. At the moment.
  2. Good price! I think these are more than $1600 new a pair now.
  3. Hi -what is the step up ratio of the Tamura (TR351?) 1:10 and 1:15? -is the step up hard wired? Can’t see them in the photos -how many inputs, only mc? thanks
  4. Lots of option out there. Get an Idler drive. Lenco 75 maybe. Allow for service and plinth.
  5. Item: AUDIO NOTE-Kondo io phono cartridge Location: Inner Melbourne Price: $3800 Item Condition: excellent (recently retipped) Reason for selling: too many cartridges Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Direct bank deposit only Extra Info: An early example of Audio Note-Kondo io mc phono cartridge. I purchased this from Japan and had the cartridge checked and retipped by ANA Mighty sound in France. Retipped with Van del haul stylus. Damper have been checked and suspension rebuilt. So this is literally a new cartridge. Played for about 10 hours for testing since rebuilt. They are quite rare and hardly come up for sale. The cost of the rebuilt alone is in excess of $2000. I have quite a few cartridges so just have to let go some to better home. Output 0.1 mv with 1 ohm impedance so will work with a minimum of x30 step up ratio and high gain phono stage. ANA mighty sound is highly reputable cartridge repairer and builder in France. Their Sculpture A3 cartridges were used by Thomas Schick, Frank Schroeder in Sibatone (western electric), Vitus and Thrax demo rooms among others in the recent 2019 Munich high end show. Additional info for those interested: http://anamightysound.com/ François from Ana mighty have repaired and rebuilt Koetsu and SPU for me previously. They are always careful to ensure the original sound signature of the cartridge design are retained, especially for the classics like koetsu and AN/Kondo. Photos:
  6. Item: AUDIO TECHNICA AT1503iiia tonearm Location: Inner Melbourne Price: $1050 Item Condition: very good Reason for selling: Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Audio Technica reissue of AT 1500 mk3, 10 inch, broadcast tonearm with removable headshell originally designed for use by Japanese broadcaster NHK. Med-High mass transcription tonearm suitable for low compliance cartridge. Suitable for SPU as well. The arm is selling for over $2,200 on eBay and in the US. Original din to RCA tonearm cable is Included. I am also selling on a separate listing, Aurealis din to rca cable which will work well with this tonearm.  Refer to the following for information: https://www.lpgear.com/product/AT1503IIIA.html Pictures:
  7. Item: AUREALIS r3i copper din to rca cable Location: inner Melbourne Price: $250 Item Condition: excellent Reason for selling: surplus Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Cable is 1.5m, 5pin din to rca and made in Queensland by Aurealis, an Australian cable company with UP-OCC copper litz wire. Shielded to minimise hum. ETI kryo treated silver coated copper rca plugs. Details refer to Aurealis Audio web site below: https://www.aurealisaudio.com.au/r3i-shielded-interconnects/ From the website: The R3i CuL is a tonally warm and fully detailed cable. The Litz wire carries a very broad frequency range which results in more detail, better sound staging and and improved bass end compared to the solid core version of this cable. Features 4 UPOCC copper Litz conductors per channel. These are insulated in PE. Cable damping and insulation in foamed teflon tube Tinned copper braid shield ETI Kryo RCAs (silver plated copper) Finished in a rich red and braid - double thickness Bought a few months ago but hardly been used so in excellent condition. Retail for 1.5meter cable $390 Pictures: 
  8. I never heard one. Butgeometry is one thing but the alloy used by EMT was quite special, not sure if tha5 can be replicated
  9. if ur budget ard 10k, maybe consider a Lampizator with directly heated triode output. Can do dsd as well. The new Atlantic models are good and big 7 and above are even better
  10. I am using a vintage EMT 997, absolutely superb. If u manage to get 2nd hand (not the reissue) prices are reasonable. It’s that bold yet open sound of EMT. U may have to decide if u want timber arm or metal. They sound significantly different from each other.
  11. Rectifiers vary enormously in tone. Their variation in sound are especially pronounced with low powered SET. Perhaps less noticeable in higher power push pull amps or with pentode output valves.
  12. Great classic turntable. i believe Audio Note UK currently uses the same design for their top of the line TT. GLWTS
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