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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, but it is really the speakers I need, for my motorhome. I use a simple bluetooth dongle on the old system, and that works fine, sounds great. The house system is a Devialet with Ambience speakers and that also sounds fine with a simple bluetooth dongle. The LSX's need tweaking to sound good in the motorhome but I can't access their controls because of the lousy app. Frustrating - especially as no-one wants to buy them, despite retail price now being close to two grand. Ebay next!
  2. Thanks for the comment - I am not up with the digital world. All I wanted to do was to play spotify from my phone onto these speakers in our motorhome. Some equalisation is needed and apparently there are a lot of things that can be tweaked in the app - but only if it works, and if I can follow their non-existent instructions. Direct connection would be more trouble than it is worth, and even then I wouldn't be able to tweak the response to suit the environment. After fiddling for a few hours I made the final mistake - I played the same music via a bluetooth adaptor on my 65 year old ste
  3. Further information: These arrived yesterday. I unpacked and followed all instructions, downloaded updates etc. After trying for ages, finally got them working on bluetooth, and as the reviews say, they sound great. But as the reviews also say, the operating system is a nightmare and I simply can't be bothered farting around with products that have been on the market for years but the manufacturers still haven't fixed the operating system to be user friendly. I wanted to use these in our motorhome - but I don't have wi-fi in the motorhome and these things keep telling me to log into a wi-fi n
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