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  1. I like the idea of a 10Y for main and 6SN7 for bass/sub.
  2. Yes but spoilt for choice over there. Keen to know what is replacing it. 😏
  3. Here you go mate, I think you will find your answer here: https://pinkfishmedia.net/forum/threads/linn-lp12-motor-unit-50-or-60hz.154595/ I really enjoy listening to 33rpm records, but maybe I should just listen to an AM radio. Instead.😏 Cheers Grant
  4. Mate. The advice provided by others is correct. Wharfedale do not refer to the analog inputs as "phono". A quote from their website: Analog Input - RCA x 2 Bluetooth Input. - aptX (Priority), SBC Input sensitivity. - 350mV They do stupidly put the sensitivity for the analog inputs after providing information on the Bluetooth input. The analog input requires 350mV for full output from the speakers. Your cartridge has an output of 0.2mV and with the internal MC pre amp has in the order of 3.5mV output. You need 40dB of additional gain and more importantly you need the standard RIAA equalisation to hear your turntable through these speakers. You have 3 choices, find a turntable with a "line level output", find new speakers that have a "built in phono stage", or follow the excellent advice already provided and get a separate phono stage like this: https://www.vinylrevival.com.au/products/project-phono-box-e Cheers Grantn
  5. Is it possible there is a decimal point missing in the cable price, or may be they could have gone even cheaper on the speakers and still had best in show sound?😊
  6. A few others thoughts are here: Including my own 🤔 I even gave them a work out with my record player. Cheers Grantn
  7. If you are looking for culinary delights:
  8. Hi It would be useful it your tech could narrow down the problem a little. A few questions: Are mechanical parts worn? Are electronic parts showing distress, resistors burnt, or capacitors leaking, or swollen? Is circuit board showing corroded tracks, or dry joints? Is there evidence of poorly execute past attempts to repair, or out right butchery by previous techs/diyers? The issues raised in the first two questions could be addressed by parts replacement, but the last two are probably terminal issues. Regards Grantn
  9. Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere, but does loosing the arm cable from the sub-chassis eliminate the issue of the arm cable pull, rather than optimising the cable alignment to get the right amount of cable restraint to the suspension? Cheers Grant
  10. Sorry to hear that, although I do have a foot in both camps and have often thought of getting the Tranquillity for my LP12 and figuring out how to adapt another to the G99. Your comments above confirm that my thoughts of adding platter mass, still needs to consider platter balance. Cheers Grantn
  11. Well I can assure you that the Lenco community is far from conservative. 😎
  12. Well I would be keen to know if the effect of the magnet(s), as well as reducing, or in your case removing vertical load on the bearing, does it also reduce load on the lateral bearings? Or does the arrangement actually also provide increased stability laterally, I think commonly referred to as "teeter-totter"? Cheers Grant
  13. Okay, as one who owns these speakers, my overwhelming view (and do a word count if you must on my comments above) is very positive about these speakers and by inference Kef who produce them. My niggle with this software glitch, being polite, is the response I received from Kef was quite simply "You need to spend between 30 and 50% of the purchase price on upgrading your ethernet/wifi system". What I should have been told was exactly what has been said above, that I need to use alternative software, or settled for the functionality provided by appropriate add ons, or bluetooth. The advice/solution provide by Kef, if I had followed it, would have had me out of pocket by the best part of $1K and no better off. Not getting that honesty (and if banks aren't honest, no other commercial enterprise has any responsibility to be honest) is my only disappointment with Kef. If however, on top of that they are impeding use of alternative apps and that has certainly not been my experience, as a complete novice at digital audio and a strong desire to remain so, that would concern me. At no, or negligible cost, I have a perfectly satisfactory solution with Spotify, by using MConnect, or heaven forbid bluetooth. Mconnect is the most effective and I got there thanks to the community support from Audiophile Style. I have had similar community support here with an equally great product, in a much smaller part of the market, with somewhat greater problems (for me). These continue to get resolved and receive helpful support from the manufacturer when required. If the advertisements on Spotify become too much of a pain, for a monthly fee I have a perfectly satisfactory solution by using Spotify. Double that cost I have a perfectly satisfactory solution by using Tidal and ROON. Interestingly Tidal on its own does not appear to work without the Stream App and I would strongly recommend not going there. Actually I think the simple answer to the question, why pick on Kef? might be that they are the only major, at this stage, that have done such a bad job with their software on a product they might hope to sell in the 10's of thousands and not done anything about it. Having said that, do I think they need to do anything? No. Great speaker and electronics, which functions beautifully with alternative software. And that is all I have to say about that. 🙂 Cheers Gn
  14. Cool, I had been keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂 Oh, and yes I enjoy using Roon to listen to my CD's on the LSX's now and my wife continues to enjoy using Spotify. Cheers Gn
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