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  1. Sorry to hear that, although I do have a foot in both camps and have often thought of getting the Tranquillity for my LP12 and figuring out how to adapt another to the G99. Your comments above confirm that my thoughts of adding platter mass, still needs to consider platter balance. Cheers Grantn
  2. Well I can assure you that the Lenco community is far from conservative. 😎
  3. Well I would be keen to know if the effect of the magnet(s), as well as reducing, or in your case removing vertical load on the bearing, does it also reduce load on the lateral bearings? Or does the arrangement actually also provide increased stability laterally, I think commonly referred to as "teeter-totter"? Cheers Grant
  4. Okay, as one who owns these speakers, my overwhelming view (and do a word count if you must on my comments above) is very positive about these speakers and by inference Kef who produce them. My niggle with this software glitch, being polite, is the response I received from Kef was quite simply "You need to spend between 30 and 50% of the purchase price on upgrading your ethernet/wifi system". What I should have been told was exactly what has been said above, that I need to use alternative software, or settled for the functionality provided by appropriate add ons, or bluetooth. The advice/solution provide by Kef, if I had followed it, would have had me out of pocket by the best part of $1K and no better off. Not getting that honesty (and if banks aren't honest, no other commercial enterprise has any responsibility to be honest) is my only disappointment with Kef. If however, on top of that they are impeding use of alternative apps and that has certainly not been my experience, as a complete novice at digital audio and a strong desire to remain so, that would concern me. At no, or negligible cost, I have a perfectly satisfactory solution with Spotify, by using MConnect, or heaven forbid bluetooth. Mconnect is the most effective and I got there thanks to the community support from Audiophile Style. I have had similar community support here with an equally great product, in a much smaller part of the market, with somewhat greater problems (for me). These continue to get resolved and receive helpful support from the manufacturer when required. If the advertisements on Spotify become too much of a pain, for a monthly fee I have a perfectly satisfactory solution by using Spotify. Double that cost I have a perfectly satisfactory solution by using Tidal and ROON. Interestingly Tidal on its own does not appear to work without the Stream App and I would strongly recommend not going there. Actually I think the simple answer to the question, why pick on Kef? might be that they are the only major, at this stage, that have done such a bad job with their software on a product they might hope to sell in the 10's of thousands and not done anything about it. Having said that, do I think they need to do anything? No. Great speaker and electronics, which functions beautifully with alternative software. And that is all I have to say about that. 🙂 Cheers Gn
  5. Cool, I had been keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂 Oh, and yes I enjoy using Roon to listen to my CD's on the LSX's now and my wife continues to enjoy using Spotify. Cheers Gn
  6. Well, if that is your idea of "working", I am a little nervous. Ah, I think you mean "the speaker" works out of the box. Agee with that, however after on two occasions having the volume run wild while using "Stream", that has stayed firmly "In the box" for me. TAS review agrees that the software is not up to it and if Kef is "locking out", as opposed to "ignoring", open source alternatives, I will be disappointed, although may be not disturbed. 🙂 Cheers Grant
  7. Update: I know I have not moved beyond With the patience, very kind assistance and generosity of Snoopy8, having provided me with a functioning sD card, he provided training that has allowed me to burn both my new sD card and the original sD card to current status. Awesome generosity of SNA continues to amaze. I would be happy to hand on the sD card Snoopy8 provided to me to anyone else struggling with this, on the basis that I could successfully burn their original card and that the 4.60 remains current. LOL. Thanks again to the generosity that is SNA. Regards Grant
  8. Hi Snoopy Sage advice there about wasted hours. I don't intend wasting anymore. Have sent May the following request because I now have a 16GB Micro sD card that when re-formatted has a capacity of 6.88GB, when the new .img file is 7.7GB, so more money and time with no certainty on outcome. "Hi May I have a problem with my sMS200. I cannot download the software update to 4.60. I cannot find on your website where I can purchase a new sD card. Please do not point me to the “burn a new image sD” page as having followed the instructions I have spent $60, wasted cumulative 8 hours of my time, have a 16GB micro sD card that when re-formatted only has 6.8GB of capacity and at the following line of the instructions do not know how to proceed: “Download the new micro SD card image(.gz) and unzip. Please be noted the image file is quite big.” Unzipping this file requires a software app. The first app offered is BreeZip. This unzips the file and gives it a “.img.tar” file type. imageUSB does not recognise files with “.tar” on the end, so I deleted this and imageUSB then burnt this .img file to the micro sD card. That card does not work in the sMS200. Light on the ethernet socket flashes intermittently, but no lights on the front and no power to the attached USB DAC. Can you please send me an invoice for a current replacement Micro sD card rapid courier to Melbourne Australia. Kind Regards Grant"
  9. Hi Jon Just wondering if you were able to do this successfully? I am having a crack at the download thing, but have an sD slot on my computer so will not be using a usb drive and not sure if the "run image usb" thing is required, or will work. It is taking ages to download the 6GB file so figure I am a few hours away from finding out if it is required. 🙂 Cheers Grant
  10. PM sent with intention to purchase. Cheers Gn
  11. Well I have a Spectre M7 that connected via wifi and had regular drop outs, to the point where my wife got frustrated with it and said no. That is why I said that I think ROON is most definitely worth it, but that I would not be buying any new hardware until my wife was happy to use it. You are absolutely right it is a great product and can work in many/most situations and set ups, but for my current situation, no divorce is not an option so call me whatever you like, ROON isn't happening at this time. I will take on board your advice when next I have a crack at it. Cheers Grant
  12. Hi Justin Agree completely and were it only me I would be there despite having the proverbial allergy you speak of. My wish list is short, once the dust settles from my second skirmish with my wife, is: on 24/7, or Start with one button or switch. noiseless, no fan and no hard drive. no dac, or other redundant circuitry. Currently my wife happily plays her music selection from Spotify using a tablet to control the stream to the Kef's. I on the other hand use MConnect to play the burned CD's when it is my turn and long for the next opportunity to fiddle with the system. Cheers Grant
  13. I don't think it is. More a case of mind over matter, I think. Sound is pressure waves in the air. When a sound propagates from a line source, the pressure wave passes the ear as a wave front and the ear "listens to" that wave once. It does not find an additional series of "waves" from different angles from different parts of the line source diaphragm, because of the way sound is propagated through the air. That is why the same effect does not occur from an "inferred" point source that happens to be 10 to 600 mm in diameter. The ear is a wonderous device. Sadly the brain is far more manipulative. Cheers Grantn
  14. Good advice Snoopy8. First responces on Roon Forum... "So I suspect an RPi4 is still only good for small libraries. And it will still require Roon Labs to provide a version of Roon Server for arm…" "As advanced as the Pi4 is for its architecture, it is nowhere close to having the power of a Core i3, the recommended minimum. Roon needs fast base core(s) rather than more cores for most operations." I know my M7 was not good enough, although suspect that was more to do with the only able to use wifi. And they are the positive responces. 🤔 Cheers Grantn
  15. I think John Darko agrees with you, it was his question, just my plagiarising. 😎 I will hook onto the Roon forum as you suggest, but will also keep an eye on what AJ gets up to. 😇 Cheers Grantn
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