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  1. PM sent with intention to purchase. Cheers Gn
  2. Aerolam Plinth for Sony DD

    Hey this looks interesting. I think I need to follow this and would be keen to find out what type of speakers you used the aerolam as a cabinet material for, as well. I have a Dual 701 that will need a plinth one day and have harboured thoughts of using the SL6si as donor drivers for an attempt at an SL600 copy. Know chances of success are slim based on the descriptions of Celestions trial and error process with corner details that were found to be critical, but would be fun to try. Best of luck. Cheers Grant
  3. SOLD: FS: Siemens Ecc88 gold pin tube

    Hi If still available I will take the 9/9 and 9.5/9 pair please. Regards Grant
  4. Pm sent with intentions to purchase. Gn
  5. Linn LP12 service in Brisbane

    Wow times have changed. For the past few decades the turntable guru has been kept in the basement in chains and only allowed outside to see the sun on the last Wednesday of the solstice. :-) just saying. Gn
  6. Spectacular Speakers!!

    I think the sp was "plump" rather than "plumb", just like the price.
  7. Maybe Ivor had it wrong all along. If he had put more effort into something better than that silly felt mat the LP12 would have been a real world better! :-)
  8. Hi Muz I feel your pain and resulted in me starting this topic. I still have problems once a month. (Did I really say that?) Anyway when turning on does not result in the "usual" of it working, I find that the key is, even when the sMS appears to see the dac correctly, the "fix" is to make sure the dac is switched off when the sMS is turned back on, make sure that it sees no dac connected, then turn on the dac and then check that it is recognised by the sMS and then everything seems to work. A real pain in the arse, but not as much as making sure the stylus is clean (every 20 to 30 mins, rather than every month) between each record change. :-) Good luck. Grantn
  9. SMS 200 Help Required

    @Bilbo I have two DAC's that work fine, and it is Ben with the musette, that now is working for him, so think that there is now no problems there. Your experience with Soundirok is pretty close to mine, so I just need to develop a longer fuse and improved technique, as you have. May be staying on my medication would help too. It is working fine again now so will concentrate on expanding my library on a regular basis for 2 weeks and setting up an easy way to transfer from computer to HDD, wondered about SSD momentarily and getting back to "enjoying the music". Cheers Grantn
  10. SMS 200 Help Required

    Hi Ben Glad you have it up and running. I understand exactly what you said about: "It still didn't work for many attempts and I am still not sure what I did to get it to work. It may have been starting soundirock and switching musette on during the four secon window that soundirok plays for before it (previously had) switched off." I didn't use it for a week and am now in my second hour of switching things on and off in different sequences, but still cannot get it to work again. I think these devices and software are just too flacky for me at the moment and am starting to understand why $3K is the starting point for shop bought all in one systems. Having paid a very cheap price for Soundirok, because the alternative of Roon plus blah blah starts to add up, get frustrated with a buttonless piece of software "App" what ever it is called that disappears into "loading your music library" that sometimes lasts 20 seconds, sometimes 20 mins..... And then at 1hr 15mins, it starts working again. By that stage have no interest in enjoying the music, or even thinking about what effect a different power supply might have. Will probably just give it all to my Millennial friend and continue with my vinyl based system. Shame really as I was hoping this would connect me to some new music. Cheers Grantn
  11. SMS 200 Help Required

    PS : Try switching things off and doing the connection sequence and power up as per sotm sequence helped me when what worked once stopped working.
  12. SMS 200 Help Required

    Hi Ben Sorry missed this and what I can say is my experience is that it will be frustrating in the same way all things computers have been for me since DOS 3.1 was no longer supported. :-) However, generally problems are simply fixed and once it works the frustration dissipated. If it is the DAC then sotm will resolve eventually. I could post you a little dac that proved plug and play, if not ultimately musically satisfying, that you could at least get it up and running for proof of concept. Cheers Grant
  13. SMS 200 Help Required

    Bilbo is 200% right! If a (digital) technophobe like me can get it up and running anyone can. Cheers Gn
  14. SMS 200 Help Required

    Hi guys Great information all of this and a huge thank you to @Bilbo as have just loaded Soundirok on my work phone and listening to the small sample of files on the USB thumb drive plugged into the back of the sMS-200. Sound quality, will wait till the new DAC arrives and I sort a decent library. But well underway now with no need for the computer, once I have had a crack at operating Eunhasu from the iPhone. Cheers Grant
  15. SMS 200 Help Required

    Soekris portable R2R 1101. My 1541 based tube DAC needs a new 6DJ8, so will enjoy comparing old and new on the same theme. Now powering the 1101. Will use sMS-200 to power it initially and then try adding a REGEN. Not making my first play with computer based digital audio any easier! Cheers Gn