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  1. gnnett

    Magneplanar Speaker Owners Thread

    You can rule this out as bass transients will never destroy a ribbon, believe me I've tried it, what normally happens there is that the ribbon will travel to its limitation and force you to turn down the volume Actually, I thought that the mechanism was that the bass transients put the amplifier into clipping, which produces alot of high frequency energy. That is why andyr said the cause was " an under powered amplifier". cheers gn
  2. gnnett

    DC Power Source

    Hi Just wondering if this is a potential clean DC source for pre-amp and other low power components? https://www.dicksmith.com.au/da/anker/c/back-school-anker-power-banks/shop/phones/power-banks/?order_by=featured&view=list&utm_source=MailList&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20190112_EDM_1_DS_AU_POWX_POWX_Anker cheers grantn
  3. gnnett

    Vinyl Enlightenment and Celebration

    +1 for the lounge (phono) 🙂 A little device that does something with music that I suspect those with an interest in what different types of timber strategically placed on a guitar body can do for tone would appreciate. Enjoy. Grantn
  4. gnnett

    New desktop monitors KEF LSX

    Thinking about these, but equally applicable to all the single driver Kef's I suppose, can they be turned on their side without too much ill effect? cheers Grantn
  5. gnnett

    Vinyl Enlightenment and Celebration

    I trust that you carried out extensive trials to confirm that the hint of hazelnut was superior to either of these alternatives? 😎
  6. gnnett

    Vinyl Enlightenment and Celebration

    Hi AC I am Interested that you are trying the Carlin type controller on your Lenco. Will it have the tachometer/feedback system incorporated, or manual adjustment for speed correction? I have a couple of the boards for the Sanders/Nigel speed controllers from Lenco Heaven, but have not gotten around to assembling the parts, let alone building one. Jealous and keen to hear how yours go. Cheers Grantn
  7. Hi Steve Do you need to send him the whole cartridge, or just the stylus/cantilever assembly? Cheers Gn
  8. gnnett

    Show us your Turntables!!!

    You are so right I remember how awful music sounded on the radio and how it now sounds so much better now as technology and the advances in the recording process have enhanced all our musical lives. You might like to read this article. https://www.cnet.com/news/compression-is-killing-your-music/ Now where is my iPod, that replaced my LP12. LOL Gn
  9. gnnett

    Lenco G99 Help Required

    Rough and ready set up and it is singing now.
  10. gnnett

    Dear Apple... I think I had enough

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 well, my Windows Phone doesn't seem to have any problems with updates. Although rather embarrassingly, it doesn't have the ability to see "devices available" in Spotify.😩😩😩😩 Orphan operating systems have their benefits some times.
  11. I'll take another PM coming .:-)
  12. gnnett

    Single Ended amplifiers

    For the OP, this is probably the most interesting thing I have read about amps for the ESL57: http://www.audio-nirvana.com/pag_eng/amp4quad.htm Please note the huge variety of type, size and topology of amplifiers that "worked" with the ESL57, despite rather than because of the rules. An interesting tid-bit that is missing, that I have long since lost from early days of internet: Harvey Gizmo Rozenberg recommended using Atmasphere M60's with the ESL57. Idiot, didn't realise that this amp isn't class A, has a huge output impedance and well valves god forbid. Then the clown recommended removing 1/2 of the output tubes, reducing current drive and increasing the already horrendously high output impedance. I have Harvey to thank for saving me from the "if it measures bad it is bad" crowd and 5 years of bliss listening to the hissing spitting distortion generating combination of M60 Atmas and Acoustat 1+1 speakers. Yes I have cloth ears and clearly no interest in listening to "accurate" "electronic" reproduction of music. I then have Thomas Schick for helping me survive the last 2 years with a just as unlikely combination, that again means I am listening to the equivalent of an AM broadcast over a bedside alarm clock radio. http://thomas-schick.com/en/blog/celestion-sl-600 Declaration, I love distortion and have no interest in hearing the accurate reproduction of pure perfect sound forever through 10-6 % distortion solid state push pull amplifiers that sound perfect because they measure perfect. In the ESL57 we are talking about a speaker that most who covert their talents (which owning 2 pairs I suspect you do) put up with some bandwidth and maximum output limiting, for that clear and present mid-range that I have never heard from anything else on the planet. Of course it is all distortion and we know from others that no panel speaker can really produce music anyway (proven incontrovertible facts of course). Back to listening to my AM bedside clock radio equivalent with my cloth ears. Cheers Gn
  13. gnnett

    Show us your Turntables!!!

    Nice one, when you apply a bit of rocket science. 🤤
  14. gnnett

    Show us your Turntables!!!

    count backwards? What do you think I am, a rocket scientist?🚀
  15. gnnett

    Show us your Turntables!!!

    Warning Moron Alert. I have been around here awhile and thought I knew how to get around the site, BUT I cannot for the life of me figure out where posts are numbered and how you would navigate to a particular numbered post in a thread. I am using MS Edge as a browser and know it has the functionality of a turd so this could be the problem. Although sadly I suspect it is more likely to be my first guess and I am a moron. Cheers Gn