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  1. An MC output is with 5cm/s groove modulation. Peak groove modulations, I understand, can be as high as 15 to 20cm/s. So a 1.2mV cart, might put out 3.6 to 4.8mV, leaving only 4dB of headroom for your MC input, which might be a bit small. So the phono 1&2 (MM) inputs would be a safer bet. However, your cartridge should still provide peaks from the 47K MM inputs to the line stage of 200 to 250mV to feed the 18dB line stage. A CD player with 2V output means max power out put from your amp is probably around -24dB +/-6dB. Using your MM input, volume setting might be in the order of 10dB higher compared to CD. So agree with Andy, suck it and see. Cheers Grant
  2. Time for 20 guesses, a Reed, or ET2.5 wouldn't necessarily require any holes in the plinth. Both have been reported to work with Lenco's. Cheers Grant
  3. Hi VV I have and was going to suggest this: https://www.smallgreencomputer.com/collections/audio-server/products/micro-jukebox?variant=14709249348 However it appears to be nearing discontinued status. The more up-to-date machine is this: https://www.smallgreencomputer.com/collections/audio-server/products/sonictransporter-i5-cdr?variant=15408136847394 The mJb is a brilliant over achiever and while it is "not recommended" for ROON, I continue to have acceptable performance using both the internal storage and Tidal, as long as I clear the cache regularly. When I was just using my small CD collection (200ish discs) I didn't even have to do that. I didn't go for the latter option as it looks ugly. If SGCCo. did an updated version, that was "recommended" for ROON, I would upgrade in a heart beat. Cheers Grant
  4. I don't know, I think sometimes analog is just that little bit more intoxicating than digital.
  5. https://www.stereo.net.au/news/new-horizon-audios-203-turntable-coming-soon Sorry, long weekend and a warped sense of humour. Cheers Grant
  6. That is what I thought, but just could not see any additional capability in the Cambridge that you mentioned. I thought something like the NAD M10, much more expensive I think, but skips over a few more mines. Having plugged my turntable into my wife's Kef lsx, I know we spend way more time listening to Spotify, just not as intently. They were not embarrassed by the "separates" originally used in the same room. Anyway, the sizes of boxes required these days that would get Spotify and TV into you existing amp might be as simple as a DVD player with Chrome cast and that plays CD's as well. I am sure there is a one box solution that could range from $299 at JB Hifi to something from Sonore, or SoTM. My venture back into CD's has been something from the Small Green Computer Company called the Microjukebox, that picks up Spotify, or if you want to chase the Dragon, Tidal and Roon. My heart still lay in the analog camp and a rabbit hole with a Koetsu. 😅 Have fun. Grant
  7. Well the joys of TV+1 channels in NZ, mobile phones and early morning flights. How do you attach a cartridge to a G707 headshell, without bolts/screws? Way off topic and enjoying the movie, thanks for the tip. Cheers Grant
  8. Hi Glenda I think the first question you asked regarding the LP12 has been addressed, however the other question regarding the Cambridge amp implies you have issues with your existing amp, which technically should be fine to accept another input or 5, so if amp and speakers are good to go, finding streaming and radio sources and a means of getting sound out of the TV seem almost as interesting/minefield esq. By the way I really appreciated your question about the LP12, as I have one with a G707 arm and Supex cartridge, that I will be looking to restore in the near future. Best of luck Grant
  9. Okay, took me a while I know but have checked out The Age of Adaline and keen to know what the turntable is? Obviously tonearm is a G707, but it was an old TV and could not pause, or rewind. Cheers Grant
  10. Hi Andy I see Rega and Linn, with the Lingo 4, are now also running 24v motors. Do you know if these are Premotecs, the same, or similar to yours? Cheers Grant
  11. I like the idea of a 10Y for main and 6SN7 for bass/sub.
  12. Yes but spoilt for choice over there. Keen to know what is replacing it. 😏
  13. Here you go mate, I think you will find your answer here: https://pinkfishmedia.net/forum/threads/linn-lp12-motor-unit-50-or-60hz.154595/ I really enjoy listening to 33rpm records, but maybe I should just listen to an AM radio. Instead.😏 Cheers Grant
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