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  1. FYI https://kabusa.com/stantonx.htm This makes very interesting reading. Is it suggesting even a lowly 880E, could use a CS100 (WOS100) replacement stylus? Not sure you would want to, but I am looking for options for a new stylus for my 881s and this throws up some interesting options. Cheers Grant
  2. This somehow makes me feel inadequate as a music enthusiast. But taking every waking minute, for over 2-1/2 years, just to get through a music library once, seems weird. Would expect it to have cost a lot of money in royalties too. Cheers Grant
  3. Don't be embarrassed, you have brightened my day. I will have smile on my face for a few hours yet. As disappointing as you may find the economic values of this, it has nothing on the lunacy of the stamp world where, if you own the last two examples of the rarest stamp in the world, the best way to increase your nett worth, is to burn one of them. Cheers Grant
  4. I am guessing that you would not be interested in this upgraded model then? https://spec-corp.co.jp/audio/RSP-URUSHI/index.html 🤣 Cheers Grant
  5. Hi Andy Just that the LP12 platter thickness does vary in thickness, but the SPEC platter appears to be the same thickness, based on its weight. Not suggesting it is right to support the mat on the perimeter and happy for you to choose not to try it that way. Cheers Grant
  6. Hi Andy Ah ha, so the same is probably true for the guy who wrote the review of this and a selection of other mats on dagogo, using an LP12. I understand your concern, although I wonder if the relative stiffness of the matt doesn't happily span the 295mm, under the max 180g uniform distributed load of the lp, with negligible deflection. It would definitely impart a relatively uniform response to the tracking of the stylus compared to the matt sitting on a platter with varying thickness. Yes a larger response, but still likely to be negligible. I have never been able to bring myself to try the ring mat, for exactly the same reason this option does not feel right to you. So, I do agree with you it does not appear sensible. I would however be very keen, post COVID, to offer RJ a cheeky red, or ale, to bring his mat around to try it out on my LP12 platter, just in the interests of science of course. Cheers Grant
  7. @andyr the original post identifies that someone is using this mat on an LP12 already. Have you been able to find out how they are using it, I assume without machining the mat or the platter. Report says it is working fine for them, so might be worth trying how they are using it. Cheers Grant
  8. Well not sure how long ago, but to quote from the Gieseler website: "All my products run from AC & are supplied with an Australian approved external transformer." This is not a "switch mode power supply" , it is an external transformer supplying AC to the DC PSU's. You might want to revisit the Gieseler option. Cheers Grant
  9. I too have a dead 310MC (was hoping it was repairable to complete my SL10) alas the tragedy is, I have been told they are destroyed by any attempt to open them. Not sure why so many of them developed open circuit faults, seems unlikely to be all down to "bad handling". Wonder what people have found to be the next best thing for the SL10? P100CMk4 sounds like something even better and even harder to find. Cheers Grant
  10. I think that database has been purge of "past crimes of the father". My understanding is the Silver was purportedly Snr's playing with the witches brew of alnico and silver. I think it was 0.6mV output and voiced with Sagano Snr's own transformers and Garrard 401 of course. The Cotters of the same vintage, recommended for Koetsu cartridges, probably targetted the right loading with a 47K phono stage. Cheers Grant
  11. Hi Dubya Tee I think you may be over rating technological progress in this area. I imagine there are contemporary and electrically superior, options available, but they are unlikely to be transformer based. As stated above, in the transformer market, even with the ones below being available, the Cotters are arguably superior sonically, with specific cartridges. https://anamightysound.com/shop/step-up-transformers/consolidated-audio-mc-step-up-transformer/ There are others available at various price points that also work very well with specific cartridges and cartridges developed after the Cotters were made, may be better served by transformers made for those particular cartridges. In the same way there are newer, better cartridges than the Koetsu Silver, however none of them would I be prepared to sacrifice my left ******** for, as I would for that holy grail for me, a Koetsu Silver. Contemporary 'sensibly priced' and 'measuring better' solutions for moving coil step up are usually either head amps (active gain stage) or high gain phono stages. If transformers are your poison (they are mine, I have silver Bent Mu's), bang for buck are the Bob's Devices range and the above Consolidated' s have plenty of competition at the top end of the market. Choose your poison, but don't expect it to be 'better' than what you have. Cheers Grant
  12. Sold pending pick up and payment.
  13. I only have a Gieseler 5/7.5/9V 1.5A that is doing other duties, but if my arm was twisted could include that for an extra $190. Cheers Grantn
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