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  1. to add excitement to my bedroom home cinema.... That's what you mean right? They are actually a very tuneful, tight and fast subwoofer. I'm very impressed. Much much better than my Richter 10".
  2. It’s a berringer truth B2092A. I just got 4 of them for free!!!!
  3. I’ve tried 2 RCA’s and both the same. Maybe it’s the connector. I’ve found an RCA to XLR cable so I’ve ordered that. We will see how that goes. They claim it’s balanced (whatever the hell that means) [emoji16]
  4. The sub does have XLR connectors so I have used an XLR to rca adaptor.
  5. Hi All. I have a subwoofer that hums when I connect the rca cable. I don’t think it’s a noisy amp because when the rca is not connected but the power is still on it’s dead quiet. I am using pretty high quality cables. Also the previous subwoofer didn’t do this. The cable run is pretty long though. Wondering if perhaps a wireless subwoofer kit might help.
  6. Hi all Wondering why to buy a DAP when a phone will do everything? I know there must be a reason but I want ya’ll to enlighten me. Cheers all. Jarrod
  7. Be still my beating heart!!!!
  8. How much can i trade my soul for please..... I'm not really using it
  9. Hi everyone. Does anyone have experience with the Earthquake brand in wall speakers for home theatre. I currently have large floor standing Morel loudspeakers (constructed by Challenge HiFi in Adelaide). Great speakers but as part of home renovations I want to put my speakers in the wall. With lots of $ going into the room renovations the earthquake speakers seem to be good value. Is there a better alternative for not to much money that someone has experience with. Thanks for your thoughts. Jarrod
  10. I have this same machine. Bought it 2nd hand after lusting for one for many years after seeing and hearing one in a hifi shop in the 90's. They seem to be really well built and reliable. GLWTS.
  11. PM sent with intention to purchase pending questions on freight...
  12. good luck Peter K... I have a quassimodo and i'm done. No need to keep looking for amp. Smooth and detailed. I love mine but i had some upgrades made to make it feel more premium with good quality volume and input selector and feet.
  13. Nice.. They don't look DIY!
  14. Shame you're in brisbane. I'd be all over those Morels.... GLWTS.
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