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  1. Some great advise. I'd like to get the PS audio stuff but just a bit much for me. Maybe i should just save up and wait.. I think my system is deserving.... Sonus Faber Liuto Project RPM5 Carbon Quasimodo amp Pioneer stable platter CD Ipad (Deezer) with cambridge audio DAC
  2. Hi all. just wondering if anyone has tried one of these in their system? AU $80.36 | 2019 NEW model 2 road switch 3000W 15A AC power outlet Advanced filter Audio protect filter https://a.aliexpress.com/_Bf86454T
  3. do not underestimate these headphones.. Truly balanced and natural sound. Lovely build quality and comfortable.
  4. I did buy the hat. Yes Betty Davis is killer!!! it was actually quite loud in the shop but no so that you had raise your voice to talk but all the music was communicated clearly. Totally sucked in by Gruen Transfer. I'm the easiest customer ever
  5. I was in a shop the other day and they were playing some great music (Betty Davis) and the audio system was set up totally "wrong" There were speakers behind the counter on the ground and speakers behind clothes and speakers pointing out the shop down the stairs.... Everything was wrong but the music was very captivating. I didn't feel like i was missing out on anything and found myself quite engaged... They were old speakers, like those old marantz or philips style boxes. The speakers pointing down the stairs were old beovox S45's i think but the dust caps were all pushed in and there was no grills. I didn't see the electronics. Why did it sound so enjoyable? FYI the shop was Eclectico in St Kilda. I went to buy a hat that and it turns out they have a nicely curated record section that was fun to rummage through and i walked out with 6 records!!! http://eclectico.com.au/
  6. I've bought some and they are excellent. The seal is good with 3 different types of silicone tips. Assume someone will come up with a memory foam tip too at some point. They are comfortable and secure. Surprisingly so... Active noise cancelling is very good for an earphone and would be better with memory foam when and if it comes to beare. Sound quality is even and balanced. These are NOT for bass heads. Perhaps they don't have the pseudo excitement of some competitors but i enjoy the evenness ad maturity of the sound. If i was to compare the sound to a typical loudspeaker signature i'd think the Sonus Faber sound or Kef Reference type of qualities or dare I say it Bang & Olufsen. A presentation that isn't in your face or offensive. Timbre and tone is excellent. Bass notes have a strong musicality to them. The lowest notes of a double bass retain the woody quality and the bottom E string on an electric bass has the vibration and musicality to know that it is in fact a bass and not a sequencer. Mids are reserved but communicative and never over powered and the tops are gentle and not at all sibilant. All of this is true to my ears on the type of music i listen to which typically consists of acoustic instrument or electric instruments played by "real" musicians and bands opposed to sequenced and programmed music. The "tails" aren't as long as normal earpods and don't look as ridiculous. Touch has been replaced with a squeeze for control. I think i prefered the touch but my wife likes the squeeze so i guess each to their own. No volume control on the earpods but "hey Siri - change volume to 70%" works or simply "Hey Siri turn up / down the volume". Sorry if you don't have apple phone - this probably won't work.. BTW did you know that "hey siri" followed by "OK GOOGLE" activates google assistant !!! The transparency mode sounds a bit weird but it is effective if a little artificial sounding. I've not checked to see if this works in stereo so you know what direction a sound is coming from which could be useful to know which way traffic is coming from. Case is a little bigger than previously but still nicely finished and pocket friendly AND it has wireless charging. Battery life will do everything I want it to but not as good as others at a claimed 4.5 hours. All in all i am thrilled with them. I purchased from officeworks on zip pay and delivery happened in less than 24 hours to a rural town. Amazing service from them.
  7. I agree. I'm very happy with what i listen to at home. I'd have to spend a lot more to get significant improvements... It's great to seen new and innovative products though and wonder what the future for audio will look like.
  8. I really enjoyed the show but maybe consider the following for future years... To the exhibitors - perhaps try to take some control of your demonstrations. Linn did this quite well. They talked about what they were going to play. Then let it play for a few minutes then faded it out rather than just turning it off (much nicer) and then discussed their equipment. They took questions and made the room feel comfortable. If you're going to have 2 or more rows of chairs make the 2nd row stools so as to sit higher than those in front. One of the exhibitors did this and it was much better. Take control of the setting and keep the room quite of discussion while running a demonstration. THEN when the track stops let people have a quick chat ask questions etc then go again with a quiet room. Maybe have someone on the door to advise people to be quiet on entering.. oh and if you have a squeaky door then oil it. Be mindful of your neighbours. YAMAHA you were obnoxious... Best in show for a few reasons was Kii Audio. Not cheap at circa $50,000 but they played appropriate music at appropriate levels. They were genuinely enthusiastic but not pompous about their product. Interesting and i think well considered industrial design. Not exactly beautiful but certainly interesting to look at and a relatively small footprint would make them easy to place in a home. Maybe the best tweeter i've ever heard (but again great material chosen). 2nd place for me was WING audio. Those little speakers were really quite impressive and i can't wait to see where they go in the market. They have headphones coming next year too. 3rd Those acoustic energy 2 way bookshelf speakers. What an entertaining little instrument. Very detailed and not doing more than they should. Just a fun lively and transparent speaker.
  9. I have 3 google home hubs. Sound quality is dreadful but I love everything else. The screen, clock, photos, videos and a door camera that I’m yet to buy. The broadcast feature is also great. I don’t use it for critical listening. Only ever back ground music. Hopefully in future I’ll be able to have calendar on there all the time instead of having to ask what’s next. I have one in our kitchen, bedroom and on my desk at work. I have a sonos one in the living room for casual listening while doing other things. Damn thing annoys me because it simply has no right to sound as good as it does for its size and price. Sonos one now supports google assistant which is great.
  10. Back up of the back up of the back up right here....
  11. Thats what i thought. Turns out the issue is 3 phase power in the house.... Looks like i'm going to have to run a long extension cable to another power point.. Bugger.
  12. i have a pair of SF Liuto's. I adore them and have always lusted after SF loudspeakers since selling them at Challenge HiFi in Adelaide. At the time i was enamoured with the Grand Piano's and the Concertinos. These Liutos came along 2nd hand and i grabbed them. I drive them with a quassimodo amplifier and mostly a project RPM5 Carbon with a 2m Blue Cartridge and Vincent Phono Stage. It all seems to work pretty well.
  13. Is a cable balanced if it starts off with RCA? I've got an electrician coming to check out the power point next week.
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