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  1. For what is worth these are a sweet sweet loudspeaker. Very underrated in the B&O range. I really enjoyed these when I was selling B&O and if you don’t need to play really loud these will impress with warm mids and gentle tops with plenty of detail. not the last word in bass but given its just a couple of 4” drivers what is achieved is quite astounding.
  2. I've been a big fan of Bang & Olufsen for many many years after working with them through the early to late 2000's. And while I could use the products everyday and they continued to surprise me everyday I could never afford to buy them. I've just purchased a pre owned Beosound 5 with 1TB Beomaster 5 and it is every bit as good as i remember... What an astounding bit of engineering and design. Is the most convenient NO Is the quickest NO Is the be most beautiful and almost analog way of searching for music YES. And the sound quality with WMA lossless an
  3. I have a pair of Challenge branded speakers 3 way floor standers with all Morel Drivers. Had them for years and they were 2nd hand when i bought them. Astounding speakers. I've upgraded but these still get used as the mains in my home cinema. This will be a bargain and a surprise for some.. GLWTS
  4. there was a bit of a kink here so i stripped it back to see if it was broken. I'll put some insulation tape around it before i put this back together...
  5. All good and thanks for the advice. I’m back up and running with my RPM5 Carbon. found the problem - was able to nervously fix it myself. I’m pleased because this is supposed to be my end game TT (maybe a 2m bronze cartridge upgrade later). I don’t really want to buy another TT unless I’m spending mega $$$ ie lotto win kinda money. And if I did have to replace the TT then new gold clubs would have had to wait a year or so but all good now. 😅
  6. So a few hissy fits and lots of frustration and a bit of money I’ve fixed it. it turners out to be the green connector pin was a bad / dry joint. as part of the diagnosis I thought it was my phono pre amp so I’ve got a new one of those but I’m happy enough with that. I like it better than the Vincent Pho 8. I bought the project one with the tubes. anyhow. A huge thanks to everyone that chimed in to help me with this. I definitely could not have attempted this without your support and guidance. cheers to you all.
  7. What do you know. The problem was the cable at the cartridge end. Managed to reattach that. Pretty finicky but I managed to get it to stick so now I have sound from both speakers at least. now I need to put my original cartridge back on and re align that and see what the results are like. fingers crossed it’s fixed.
  8. It actually doesn’t look hard but I don’t seem to have the fine motor skills required. that said though, where did you get the replace to wires please?
  9. Got a reading on the red cable (and inside of RCA) exactly nothing on the green. I’ve re soldered a few times now.
  10. You’re very kind but I am useless at this stuff. i melted the solder and the wire stayed in place on the green. Looking at it there is no short but I can’t get any consistent ready on the multi meter. Then I accidentally broke the red wire so had to re connect that. Again pretty sure there is no short but again can’t get a stable reading using the multi meter. im sorry I don’t know what -ve and +ve is?
  11. So I’ve given up on my project RPM 5 Carbon. The channel imbalance and my consequent stuff up to having no right channel has broken my will to have it repaired. What should I be looking at that will match or out perform my RPM 5 Carbon with 2m blue with around $2k to spend. Also what’s my rpm5 with 2m blue (maybe played 150 records) worth given that the tone arm needs re wiring which doesn’t sound like an expensive fix but just a pain for someone living in a country town with no one here who specializes. Regards Jarrod
  12. Ok I’m hopeless. I’ve made it worse. Now there is no sound from the right channel. I give up.
  13. That would be an easy fix. 🤞 thanks for your help so far. You’ve all been so generous and kind.
  14. I do have a soldering iron somewhere. Looks like this is going to be a tomorrow job.
  15. Hard to do with everything so light and small. If I hold it on the dob of solder then I get a reading in the 30’s And if I do it on the RCA again I get 30’s as well. (I put some of that rubbery kitchen draw liner under it so it stopped sliding around. That helped a lot)
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