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  1. PM sent with intention to purchase pending questions on freight...
  2. good luck Peter K... I have a quassimodo and i'm done. No need to keep looking for amp. Smooth and detailed. I love mine but i had some upgrades made to make it feel more premium with good quality volume and input selector and feet.
  3. Nice.. They don't look DIY!
  4. Shame you're in brisbane. I'd be all over those Morels.... GLWTS.
  5. I love these products. Amazing build and sound. GLWTS - I'm a big jealous of the new owner
  6. Hi all, I have an old B&O Beovision Avant TV that i love as a piece of furniture that i'm trying desperately to find a use for. Does anyone know if the HDMI to RCA adaptors found on ebay will work with apple TV given apples implementation of the HDCP protection. Thanks in advance. Regards Jarrod
  7. Bargain of the century. I'll go next in line please.
  8. Ok. Last week for this and if not gone by Sunday I'll keep it an use in another room. I'd look at a swap for something of interest too... Maybe a good set of compact bookshelf speakers.. Actually a pair of Beovox CX100's with good surrounds would be perfect... Regards Jarrod
  9. Inspired by this post. I’ve set mine up again. Seriously someone buy these The Swift’s I have are sublime. The kestrels are going to be so much better again. Was thinking about selling mine but no way. Too good.
  10. Wow. I have a pair of Swift’s and I agree with all the comments made by the seller about the Meadowlark qualities. Good luck with your sale. I wish I had the coin to buy these.
  11. I don't think it's significant although someone did promise to buy it "on wednesday" and then backed out. I did a search after this and it seems like he's know to be no good on here. I should have checked first... was really just wondering if it's a sign of the economic times. The forums go through spurts of gear going really cheap and other times prices are up...
  12. Anyone having issues with people messing them about on the classifieds. Up until this item I've had really good buyers (although I've not sold much) and good sellers but i'm starting to get the feeling that there are people just messing about now...
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