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  1. Awesome. I also found this. https://darko.audio/2018/07/letters-to-the-editor-3-ways-to-juice-your-chromecast-audio/
  2. Has anybody compared these subs at all For a large room. Was thinking the s3 sho but then the vandesteen got mentioned in another thread just wondering if anybody has had exoerience with these subs. Thanks
  3. Thats awesome i have an express but it doent have a toslink output. I would very keen for that for sure. Thanks so much
  4. What airplay audio device do i get to hook straight into my cambridge dac.
  5. Item: Aurealis lits 201 Location:Teven Price: $540 includes delivery Item Condition:like new Reason for selling: trying something different Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Aurealis 201 3m pair. https://www.aurealisaudio.com.au/litz-speaker-cables/ Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  6. Yeah will try it for sure just wanted to make sure i wanst going to short anything out first. I will have volume control for both so should be right with the volumes. Thanks
  7. The only reason i am asking because i love the cambridge for its detail. Its great when i want to get excited and start flipping table but can get very fatigued on my abrahamsen after a while where as the marantz has a more laid back warm approach and good for long sessions. So if i can just plug the xlr strainght into the abrahamsen when i want to use that amd rca into the marantz i can have the best of both worlds. I will contact them see what they think
  8. I dont have the cxn but have the stream magic 6. They dont have to be at the same time.
  9. Might be a strange question. I have a cambridge streamer and was wondering if it is possible to run the xlr outs into my main amp with balanced ins And run a seperate output out off the cambridge using the rca into my marantz av. Does it effect the output sound at all or put any more strain or anything on the cambridge. I am guessing no but wanted to ask anyway.
  10. I love focals i have quite a few different types. I have the 30th aniversy in my car 826w limited edition fronts And 700 v series for the rest of my surround And the kids both have a set of focal xs 2.1 that i got for 200 each And previously owned 716 before the 826 When i first purchased focal i found them very bright and fatiqueing but after trying quite a few amps like sony (way to bright no good at all) naim nac202 nain nap100 (amazing detail but just to clinical. Musical fidelity a5 (wow this thing had balls the bottom end was massive but again a little to bright for me) which all seemed to fatiqueing on longer listening sessions which i do almost daily. i came accross marantz which seemed to chill out the highs yet still be detailed (enough). Untill i bought an electrocompaniant that really changed things. way more detail bottom end but still really warm. that died so then i bought an abrahamsen v2.0 up made by the founder of electrocompaniant. More detail again. Beautiful sounding amp on all fronts. Now i do have a qustion about matching speaker cable with focals. What speaker cable is everybody running and is it a good idea to stay away from silver.
  11. I want to set up a home cinama but use my sugden a2se as the main speakers for audio. The sugden doesnt have a ht passthrough.will the 2 pre amps conflict
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