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  1. Item: Focal Bird 2.1 Location:Teven Nsw Price: $390 Item Condition:Good, few small marks on the speakers hardly noticeable,no remote Reason for selling: Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Can deliver at buyers expense. About the Focal Bird Pack 2.1 Written by Crutchfield's Dave B. This Bird is the word The first time you lay eyes on Focal's stylish and diminutive Bird system, it doesn't seem possible that such a compact three-piece setup could ever sound big. And where the heck is the subwoofer? But as the music swells and fills your listening room with rich, detailed, and powerful sound, there's no denying that this is one amazingly good thing that does come in a small package. But it really shouldn't be too surprising because Focal, the maker of world-class six-figure home speakers, truly knows what they're doing. Bottom view of the Power Bird subwoofer/amplifier (in black) A modern system that fills your room with sound — not components The system's main console, known as the Power Bird, features a unique design — part integrated amplifier, part powered subwoofer. In addition to containing all the connections for your audio sources, the Power Bird drives the system's satellite speakers with 35 watts of power each, and pushes its own built-in 6-1/2" subwoofer with an 80-watt amplifier. This console won't take up much room on a shelf, and you can even mount it vertically on the wall using the provided bracket mounting system. Versatility should be the Bird's middle name. And compact versatility at that. The Power Bird connects to classic audio/video sources like Blu-ray and DVD, making it a perfect companion to your television. Analog inputs include RCA and a mini stereo jack, so music from your CD player or portable player will make itself right at home. And with its built-in Kleer® wireless receiver, this system lets you add an optional Focal USB dongle to enjoy favorites from your computer or an optional Focal iPod dongle for playing music wirelessly from your favorite portable Apple device. Great sound from any perch Bird satellite in white, on included "tulipe" base The Bird satellite speakers make your music stand out clearly while remaining visually inconspicuous. Each two-way speaker delivers rock-steady performance with your favorite tunes and video soundtracks. You get two different types of stands that let you set the speakers on a shelf or even mount them aloft on your wall. Wherever they alight, you'll enjoy the harmony they bring to your listening and your living space. READ LESS Product highlights: three-piece system with two satellite speakers and a stereo amplifier/powered subwoofer wireless audio streaming plays music from your docking iPod, iPhone, or iPad with the optional Focal iPod dongle optional Focal USB dongle for streaming audio from your computer Kleer® wireless technology delivers wide-range, uncompressed stereo sound system frequency response: 42-25,000 Hz(±3 dB) separate amplifier channels for each satellite speaker and subwoofer provide clear, powerful sound remote control warranty: 1 year Our 60-day money-back guarantee Bird satellite speakers: 5-1/2" polyflex cone midbass 3/4" aluminum dome tweeter sealed acoustic suspension design heavy-duty spring clip speaker terminals frequency response 70-25,000 Hz (±3 dB) includes "cocotte" tripod and circular "tulipe" stands for wall or table mounting (wall mounting hardware included) two 8' speaker cables included 6-9/16"W x 11-1/8"H x 8-3/4"D (when used with "tulipe" stand) weight: 4.63 lbs. each Power Bird stereo amplifier/powered subwoofer: 6-1/2" woofer frequency response: 42-120 Hz (±3 dB) can be operated horizontally, vertically, or wall mounted (wall mounting hardware included) weight: 14.99 lbs. 16-5/16"W x 4-1/4"H x 14-7/16"D power output: 35 watts x 2 for satellites, 80 watts for subwoofer 2 digital audio inputs (one optical, one coaxial) 3 stereo analog analog audio inputs (2 RCA, 1 minijack) MFR # JMLBI2.1B What's in the box: Focal Bird Pack 2.1 owner's manual PowerBird (amplifier/subwoofer module) 2 Satellite speakers (with attached circular table-top stands/wall-brackets) 2 Spoke-style table-top stands/wall-brackets Two 8' AC power cord (US/EU) Remote control (Remote 2010) CR2032 3V lithium battery (installed in remote) Two 8' lengths of speaker wire Rear grille 2 Wall-brackets Six 1.375" mounting screws Six 1.5" mounting screws 6 Wall-anchors 6 Self-adhesive rubber bumpers 2 Hex-keys User Manual Front-panel sticker Pictures:
  2. Sorry here is a link there are two types the cheaper ones are exactly the same so go those. http://www.until.com.au/by-brand/art-vinyl?gclid=CjwKCAiA_P3jBRAqEiwAZyWWaNdKllKyBLj09jFMkyMZdvnl-tIJA3EqB76manB0j5tJUOF7IJESqxoCcykQAvD_BwE
  3. Cool little frame little. push button at the top to swap or just play.
  4. I have given them ago and I can say it takes away way more then 20hz it sounds more like an MP3 but on the plus side those woofers don't budge. After I had removed the rumble from the fine adjustments it just sounds amazing. I guess the amp just struggled to much trying to produce all that rumble it took away a great deal of the rest of the frequencys.
  5. The 20hz filter will arrive tomorrow. I will install it out of curiosity to see how it effects the over all sound.
  6. How good is it. What a community of great people. Thanks again
  7. So I just did one more run through the hifi news ep before I was going to add the weight. I went back and forward form different parts till all were perfect from the test lp spent a few hours with a few breaks in between very tedious process. It all seemed fine Then I had a look with the warp of the vinyl and the movement of the woofer and it is exactly the same time. so I think I have solved the problem. Some vinyl I have nothing at all just in the end loop. Obviously did have it set up quite right. I thought it was good but well I was wrong. Thanks everyone for your help. You realy have to go back and forward through every setting cause every one seems to effect the other even so slightly. I have learnt a lot about precision. Sounding really good as well. Glad I took the time before I installed the filter.
  8. How would I go about adding a couple of grams. What do you use to do this. I will give that a go for sure
  9. I have now added thicker sorbothane rubber under the feet. Releveled the turntable went right through the settings on cartridge and tonearm with the hifi analog lp. I seem to have reduced the rumble sum what but not all gone completely. But better for sure. And sounding good. So just waiting on the 20hz filter to try and see how that goes. Hopefully doesn't take away anything from other frequencies. I am getting slight improvements so am happy.
  10. Tried that already didn't change anything.
  11. I live in Teven nsw. Near Byron Bay. That would be awesome to try for sure. Thanks heaps
  12. Good call I will borrow my mates when he gets back and try that one.
  13. I also have spikes with feet on the speakers then onto sorbothane rubber before it hits the floor
  14. Yes I would for sure.if the speakers need to be isolated. I don't feel any vibration through the floor at all though. The floor is a concrete floor with engeniered timber floating floor over it and a 3mm acoustic underlay.
  15. Don't know why it can't be as efficient as my car record player that one even plays the next record automatically.
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