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  1. Got this on the mail Friday... Enjoyed it very much on the first listen. Some hints of ELO and the Beatles in places... but that might be me... Cheers, Alberto
  2. Thanks for that... no COAX is a bit of a deal breaker for me, as I listen to my CD's through the DAC. Having said that, if the stereo out is good enough, the DAC would still do optical and COAX. I only ever listen to stereo anyway. Are you using the stereo out or the 7.1? Optical I already have busy for the telly streamers and USB for the audio streamer. Cheers, Alberto
  3. Thanks for that review, I've been looking to replace my AZUR BD player for a 4K player, and stopped short a year or even two ago... Does the Panasonic have coax output? I'd like to feed it into the DAC. Cheers, Alberto
  4. I have: Camel - The Snow Goose (CD), actually, my Missus is the big Camel fan Transatlantic - The Whirlwind Flying Colors Cheers, Alberto
  5. Yeah, look... I'm going to need your address.... when my wife finds out about why the extra expense on my credit card I want to point her in your direction. Still.... at least she does like Pink Floyd, we might not yet be in trouble... Damn this thread became dangerous this week! Cheers, Alberto
  6. Unfortunately none, but I own IQ's "Road of Bones".... Cheers, Alberto
  7. Listening to this.... vinyl bought ca. 2010 - 2011... I love this album, and the covers on the extras are top notch! Cheers, Alberto
  8. Definitively adding them to my "I have to listen to them more" list.... Cheers, Alberto
  9. I think PC was an excellent drummer, he's just the guy everyone loves to hate (not me). Too bad he can't drum anymore, but his son does a pretty good job too. The Genesis live lineup this year should be interesting. Cheers, Alberto
  10. Been listening to these lately on the Spotifies... enjoying them all... right up my alley. Trying to make up my mind which I like more or if they are equal but different... And then there's this... http://www.hackettsongs.com/images/album/AtTheEdgeOfLightAlbumCover.jpg So tomorrow I will give this other one a listen... http://www.hackettsongs.com/images/news/2016/NightSirenAlbumCover.jpg Damn! I just thought... "I'll check the prices of all this together at Inside Out Music, they're not terribly expensive, comparative
  11. Pink Floyd - Delicate Sound of Thunder, newest edition. Love the title. It sounds bloody good, I wasn't too sure, but after listening to it it's awesome! The additional tracks and minutes are very well worth it! Back in my teenage years, this was THE de facto Pink Floyd album, head to head with "A Collection of Great Dance Songs". It came in a fancy double cassette booklet. Now I need to get some time to watch the BD. Cheers, Alberto
  12. As usual @mwhouston Mark, your builds are spotless! Cheers, Alberto
  13. I finished season 2 of Mandalorian with my kids. It was EPIC! I don't know who was more excited in the end... me or them. Cheers, Alberto
  14. What a waste of time and talent. It really went nowhere. I'm still missing what was the point. Flashy, but no substance. This one I did enjoy, even though some reviews were a bit meh. Scenery well done! Lots of talent together, acting, well... I can't complain, however, Mr. Poirot's fake Belgian accent did get on my nerves a bit. If anything, there's too much Poirot and too little of the rest. Other than that, very interesting story. Love Michelle Pfeiffer. She can do no wrong in my book. Cheers, Alberto
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