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  1. betocool

    Solo: A Star Wars Story

    I find Lando really shines on that movie, incredibly well played.
  2. betocool

    The AC/DC Appreciation Thread.

    That's great news! Even though I'm not a massive AC/DC fan I like them enough that I got a kind of meh feeling the way it seems they ended after the Axl Rose swap. Sort of nice to know they still get along and work together. Cool! Cheers, Alberto
  3. betocool

    DIY audio: what are you building?

    Inside back. Inside front. Left. Right. I tend to do the same things! Cheers, Alberto
  4. betocool

    Paul McCartney Live stream from NYC

    I don't know if anyone watched this, but it was pretty damn good! Not just the musicianship, but I was really impressed by the sound and image quality. I guess I was expecting some '80s looking TV stream, but I was really surprised about the crisp and clean image. There should be more events like these advertised. Oh, and no commercials or breaks in between, pretty good all in all. Cheers, Alberto
  5. betocool

    Is there a cassette tape resurgence?

    It'd take a while to rewind using your pinky.... But I guess in that situation time is all you have.
  6. Anyone going? I heard he hasn't been around this neck of the woods in about 20 odd years. My sister went in Chile a few months ago and said it was a cracker, even though he doesn't drum anymore, "In The Air Tonight" is still spectacular. I already got my tickets, so... yay! Still... could've had standing area in the front... Cheers, Alberto
  7. I thought I'd pass on this information. Sir Paul is presenting his new album in NYC tomorrow morning AUS time, and streaming it live on Youtube. Will it work? I don't know, but well worth a try. It's a banner at the moment, but I guess it will start sometime later. Me, I cleaned the house tonight so I have free reign tomorrow morning. Cheers, Alberto
  8. This... is actually not that bad (having seen the rest). It's still pretty bad though, a well deserved place on this thread.
  9. betocool

    DIY audio: what are you building?

    DC power supply Mark? Cheers, Alberto
  10. I was reading Stephen King today, but this is the stuff of nightmares!
  11. betocool

    Anyone else into BBQ?

    I can relate! Last night, two pizzas on the barbie, full blast closed, only bottom heat, crunchy thin dough and nice and hot toppings without being burnt. Yum! My girls are only 6 and 8... I'll have a proper pizza factory by the time they're teenagers and invite their friends along... damn! No leftovers for today's lunch. Cheers Alberto
  12. betocool

    Currently Spinning

    My daughter started breakfast with this today... Very nice.
  13. betocool

    Currently Spinning

    The Complete Sessions? What is that? Obviously I'll now go and search the web for such information but a comment from the horse's mouth would be appreciated. That one really flew under the radar. Cheers, Alberto
  14. I'm lucky to own all four LP releases of Transatlantic records. Bought the "Bridge Across Forever" back in 2010 or so, after reading a bit on Wikipedia and because the description of the music appealed to me. I got them all in the end for the ridiculous price of 33 Euro each at the local shop in Bremen. And the guy had a little stash, I remember him handing me the copy I grabbed off the shelf and he says "No, don't take this... this one's cover is scuffed... here, take this one in better condition". That guy would also have the latest from Flying Colors and all that jazz (which ain't jazz, prog). If you ever go to Bremen, go visit Hot Shot Records, very well worth your time. Now, back to the original questions, I love this record! I'm not too fussed about the outtakes, and it shows Neal Morse's thing with religion a bit too much, but the covers are bloody awesome! The whole album theme is great, a bit lighter than their previous but well presented. And not to spoil too much, just let it spin all the way to the end (no doubt you would). Cheers, Alberto
  15. betocool

    Currently Spinning

    Saves me looking for the image! We had this also for breakfast. I was tired of having to sing Mr. Mustard / Polythene Pam / She came in through the bathroom window and Her Majesty to my kids in the morning before school, so I thought why not? It was a blast. Followed by This is my favourite RW record. I think. The first half or three quarters is awesome, I'd even say, Beatles inspired in part (or something like that), right up until Me and My Monkey which is an epic 7 minute adventure about himself and a trip to Vegas... with a dopey monkey. The rest is less impressive, but great sound. And of course, right at the end, the last track with 15 minutes has a 12 minute pause or so in between to finish off with a pi$$ take. A very good morning indeed. Cheers, Alberto