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  1. I wonder if anyone how many here have built their own TT. I vaguely remember some of the linear arms floating around. I would also like to build one, I think getting the motor and speed right is the biggest challenge. Cheers, Alberto
  2. Just because of measurements I made, I prefer the 5532 over the 2134, that being said, if you pointed a gun at my head and asked me which one is "better" I'd probably give you a random answer. But, on all my projects, from headphone amps to phono stages, the 5532 is my choice. I use it on my ESP Phono and I can't complain. Detailed and a nice punchy bass. Cheers, Alberto
  3. And here I was thinking The Whirlwind is Transatlantic's best. Well... there you go... Cheers, Alberto
  4. I watched a few of the new movies Amazon had on offer and were previewed on the "New movies" coming thread. "Bliss" Weird man... I didn't like it. It's a mix of things put together that look cool and yet explains nothing. No point really. Greenland: Yeah, I liked this one a lot, a bit of Armageddon and Deep Impact with good effects without straying too much into the impossible. It's a stretch, for sure, but still, enjoyable. The effect of the smaller asteroids hitting is truly dramatic. I care a lot: It's
  5. I just thought it'd be nice to have the whole shebang in one packet, looks good in the collection. Postage was the killer unfortunately, but I'm happy with the purchase. Artwork looks nice also. Cheers, Alberto
  6. I did find the extended version to be more engaging than the abridged version. But then again, it needs a few more listens. But I think I like it better than Kaleidoscope. Missing their cover songs though! Cheers, Alberto
  7. And thou shalt be known as The Prophet henceforth.... The Missus wants to listen to it with me, so it'll do for the weekend I guess. Looks bloody good though! We'll open our minds and see what this has to say... Cheers, Alberto
  8. The Universal Forevermore Edition is on it's way from Germany to Casa de Betocool I've been informed. Should be a few weeks and it's in my hands, one does hope. Can't wait, even though I still have to. Will resist the temptation from the digital dealers. Cheers, Alberto
  9. @mwhouston Mark, does the T4 have a rectifier on board? I see no diode bridge on your build. Me like. Cheers, Alberto
  10. I have been listening to The Flower King's "Island" from 2020 and "Waiting for Miracles" from 2019, and those records rock my boat early on. I may have to go to Inside Out music and order me some.... Amazing how they got the Elephant to balance on cards.... Cheers, Alberto
  11. I got my copy of "Tenet" from JB hifi yesterday at 30% off. Bargain! And I watched it again, last night. As much as I love the cinema experience, last time I went it was too loud and the music was overpowering the dialogue. And the dialogue is something you must follow because it is a movie that makes your brain hurt, in a good way. Damn it's complex! The BluRay mix is well balanced, you get this "Dark Knight" vibe from the music in a completely different setting. The scenes change between IMAX and 16:9 format whenever Mr. Nolan deemed it necessary, well done. If there'
  12. I updated mo0de to v7 as well. All went smoothly. I still have to get used to the new interface, because it took me a while to find where my music from the NAS was. Once found, it was all good. I need to figure out a way to add more radios, maybe, not high on my priority list. But the best, the Spotify renderer just bloody works out of the box! I use a client from my PC (yes, I'm THAT old) and it detects the "moode player" or whatever it's called. Then it blocks all other streams (MPD and what have you), and it plays gapless! That is awesome! A big improvement from all other versio
  13. Been doing the obligatory Xmas movies: - Home Alone (with the kids), it has aged very well. - Love Actually (I really enjoy that flick every couple of years, so many cliches!) Cheers, Alberto
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