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  1. Question to all experts out there... I was able to get a pretty good haul of recently cut tree, which is drying as of now, as you can see. Obviously this is all very wet, it's sitting now in the carport, outside but covered from rain. Anyone venture a guess when these might be dry for a pit fire bbq? My uneducated guess is late summer '21, but I'm happy to stand corrected. Cheers, Alberto
  2. I've taken this kitty to some national and international flights, almost hoping to be stopped at security and asked "And what pray is this, Sir?", and yet, I've never been stopped. Of course, that was way back in the day (February 2020) when people could still travel. Cheers, Alberto
  3. Here's another fine example (if I may say so myself) of this with different resistor values, but basically the same. Made the PCB's myself (well, designed them) and put it all in a small cigar box. Excellent for plane travel Cheers, Alberto
  4. Peter Frampton is and underrated guitarist I think, he's really really good, and this album is a joy. Yesterday, listening to this... This sounds like the blues album that Jeff Beck never recorded, it's so good. Cheers, Alberto
  5. I will digress for a while... there's a lot of cool hardware stuff going around here, I want to show a bit of the software side of DIY. I've mentioned this before, I've looking for an Audio Analyser that works on Linux, not USB, and open source. It doesn't exist. Which is why I've been spending time on and off building one. It's far from ready and it's taking me ages and it will take me ages still, but I'd like to show some progress. The basics is an STM32H7 Discovery Board (it's a microcontroller) with a network interface. Add to that an ADC and a DAC over I2S interfaces. Plus the required electronics. I started it off from an old project that was sitting around, in a box, with a power supply. DAC is a PCM1793 and ADC a 1802. On the PC side of things, a Python 3 program to control all. Beauty of it is it's all open source and easy to change without a re-compile. The main graphics library is PyQTGraph, which shows the data in real time pretty much. So, start all, and nothing happens. The DAC is always sending out a "0", or no audio, on the output. The ADC is always receiving the data. But none of that data is being recorded. The sampling rate is 96KHz. At the PC's request, the micro generates a sine pulse, 4096 samples long (about 50ms), which the DAC takes out, and the ADC samples in. Since there's two channels, one is the reference (basically a direct feedback) and the other one is the device under test. While the samples get stored into the microcontroller, as soon as a suitable buffer is filled, it's sent over the network to the PC program. When the pulse and sampling have finished, the micro stops sending data and waits for another request. The sampled data for both channels (the reference and the device under test) is parsed and FFT'd on the python program. Time data gets multiplied with a suitable sampling window to get a good frequency representation. There's a few more quirks to all of that, and some other options, but that's the gist of it. At this stage, the device under test is a wire (output red, input white, ground black): The three main components, discovery board in white, DAC with green LEDs and ADC with red LEDs. Network to the left. Lotsa wires still. The whole enclosure: All that will have to go into a single small board mounted on the discovery board sometime... Finally, below is a video showing how the python program actually looks like. Simple at the moment: - Start data aquisition - Change FFT display to log or decimal - Average 64 FFT captures in time https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BbVrSOrTHrcgvnTrdKwfNLTNqoHMam5_/view?usp=sharing I hope the link works. If not, please let me know as I couldn't updload a video here directly. Bottom is time samples, top is frequency. You can't see the second (red) sample data because the right and left channel are really the same. Well, of course not, you can see that on the top, that there are two. I'll try and check some more exciting DUT's and add a few more commands on the screen. But it's coming along. Cheers, Alberto
  6. I'm going to watch Phantom Menace next time with an open mind. And maybe, just maybe, not be so critical of Anakin Teenager Skywalker. And @betty boop , pod racing rocks! Play it loud, it shakes the house! Sebulba's pod is like having a Harley right there in your living room! As much as I like Ep. V, I think it's a bit overrated, I personally prefer Return of the Jedi. Have any of you watched Harmy's despecialized editions? They're a blast! And the three new movies, they all rank high. Yes, Rise of Skywalker leaves some questions unanswered and some loose ends untied, but hey, after 40 years and 24hrs of film or so someone must've missed something. What can I say, I'm a Star Wars tragic. Cheers, Alberto
  7. I visited my parent's summer house when I was in Chile in February, and stayed there for about a week. Found a '94 USA Soccer World Cup, Beavis and Butthead, and other similarly aged t-shirts. Not only that, I got to show my daughters what cassettes and VHS tapes looked like. Unfortunately, I did not find a Sony Walkman I had, you bet your bum I would have brought it back. They found it hilarious that I travelled with: - a ton of cassettes - a ton of AA batteries inside my bagpack when I was going on longer trips. Nostalgia, yes, but it's so much easier these days. Although... my dad still has an 80's Grundig tape deck... I'll have to bring it back someday. Cheers, Alberto
  8. Forgot about it. It's December, with any luck we'll all have celebrated our Farewell Covid-19 parties. It could have featured a lot more interviews on the band, it felt more like a Phil Collins thing with a Genesis sideline... but please don't get me wrong, never the less greatly appreciated. Cheers, Alberto
  9. Started "Picard" on Amazon. Damn that (Sir) Patrick Stewart is good! Cheers, Alberto
  10. Good Omens on Amazon Prime. I watched it first on a plane trip between Sydney and Santiago. I had time, so, why not? Now I'm rewatching it in HD with good quality sound. It's one of my favourite shows from the last few years, easy. David Tennant as a demon is great, reminiscent of Billy Mack, the rocker played by Bill Nighy on Love Actually, the music overall is superb, Queen pops up here and there (plus their influence on the music as well) and the story is very entertaining. A high quality production, the English at their best. Worth your time. Cheers, Alberto
  11. I'm testing Amazon Prime, Prime Video, whatever you call it, and I'm stumped that I don't get the option in Oz to rent a title. However, if I login to the US site, it shows me the option to pay for a rental. Movie-wise it's meh, there's some hits and misses. Series-wise it looks pretty good, I enjoyed Jack Ryan and Good Omens, still need to give Picard a look, plus some other shows. And I'm re-running Community. Anyone been able to rent a flick using Amazon? I don't mind paying as long as it's available. Cheers, Alberto
  12. My wife got me a copy of that from a Manchester Record Shop back in 2008 and we didn't have a record player then. So much has changed, I think she paid whole two (2) pounds for it. It still rocks! Cheers, Alberto
  13. As implausible as they get, F&F movies are always good fun. I did enjoy their "Hobbs and Shaw" spin-off, also implausible as hell, yet very entertaining. Seriously, if you're about to watch F&F Nr. X you're not expecting much to think about. Cheers, Alberto
  14. I love "The Whirlwind", it may be their best IMHO. Although "Bridge Across Forever" is also a strong contender. I could not warm up to "Kaleidoscope" much, but I'm still hoping for a new album in this decade. Cheers, Alberto
  15. It was a hit indeed. They even played it extensively in South America back in the day.
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