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  1. I got scolded by a guy in a pub in Heidelberg (1994) because he thought I'd put 2 D-Mark into the video jukebox to play that song. I made it clear that it hadn't been me! I barely had 2 DM to pay for the beer!
  2. I rather liked the fact that they chopped off Thanos' head in the first 20 minutes or so, that was the "so what happens now!? moment for me. I think the "villain" in this movie is more the situation the Avengers are in rather than an actual physical villainous being (Thanos, a secondary role). In this case I'd give more credit to Nebula, who was up until now just a fighting machine, but in this movie you can see how she had evolved from that to a thinking sort of being. Ooooohhhh.... feelings and all. Almost-dead Tony Stark at the beginning, that was pretty awesome too, how they managed that, I don't know, but he did look like a very old Italian mafia boss with oversized glasses in a wheelchair, a la Robert De Niro. Still, after some digestion, you wonder what happens with the people that reappear... they stay same young, but the ones around have grown, as in the case of Scott Lang and Casey Lang. So he's now basically 5 years younger. What about Spidey and his friends? Surely some of them had survived Thanos' snap and grown older, however, in the end, you see him hugging his Mexican wingman as if they had'nt seen each other in ages, and yet they were same old. Artistic licences I guess. Cheers, Alberto
  3. Interesting. I guess I agree with #4. #1 You can add "Avengers: Endgame" to the list of movies Antman and Tony Stark referenced as having bad time plots. I did find the Back to the Future references hilarious. And Bill and Ted. #2 I never really developed any interest for Thanos. He did have his moments on Infinity Stones, but this time I'm happy the focus shifted to the actual Avengers, #3 You mean the mourning as in 5 years ? After 5 years one guesses some sort of normal would sort of have worked its way in. I guess it's one of those "whaddaya think about 5 years then?" arbitrary decisions. #5 Cheeseburgers man, first meal Tony had out of the desert. #6 Fat Thor seriously cracked me up. Cheers, Alberto
  4. Quality ok? Are they new or old? I'm asking because of ignorance, that's all. Cheers, Alberto
  5. That's the one! Listening to that song you really felt sorry for her (and for yourself!). That was a massive whinge! Sorry, I could not make it through all of them! I guess Cannonball would have to be my choice of them all. Cheers, Alberto
  6. No spoiling of relationships here, never you fret! I've gotten my beers for the last 3 or so years from U-Brew-It, they have a cracking selection, at 50 liter batches. About a year ago I was offered the irresistible offer of getting a Kegerator (tap beer fridge) for the kitchen, by none other than my lovely wife, to which I could not say no. That saves us the hassle of bottling, we got a set of 3 kegs which we need to clean after they're used. Now, the problem with that is that after the kegs are empty you're left with an empty kegerator. Our guy is very nice and he always has some single kegs in stock which he's more than happy to "rent" for a reasonable price while the next brew is brewing. That's how I landed a single Asahi keg (between than and VB or Carlton Dry, I mean, what could go wrong?). The trick is to have one or two glasses per evening, and indulge a bit more over the weekend. I find it harder to resist a bag of chips to be honest. And it's a great entertainer when we have a party going on! Cheers, Alberto
  7. Just curious, where do you guys get your tubes? Cheers, Alberto
  8. Ha ha! Funny that! I was thinking about them today after reading Terry Pratchet's Hogfather and a mention of the Verruca Gnome! And then you went and listed all the one hit wonders of the mid 90's in one go. Well, you did miss the one about the girl screaming to her mom that "everything's fiiiiiiiineeeeeeeee" and how much she misses and loves her. Can't recall the name of the band or track. Better so I guess.... Cheers, Alberto
  9. I did notice I needed a bit of a Marvel-detox afterwards, as in not watching anything Marvel related, not even on a worktrip to Germany a few weeks ago on the plane. It needs rest, and then the more enjoyable it will be I hope! Cheers, Alberto
  10. The Cmoy, that's the one in the Altoids can? I have a similar build with 2x NE5534 in parallel and it sounds superb. Cheers, Alberto
  11. Well yes, that's the thing, you have to actually have watched 11 years of Marvel movies to get all the references. Otherwise yeah... nah, you'd miss on a lot. I particularly liked the bit after the battle in New York with Captain America in the elevator, as I was expecting a clone of "The Winter Soldier" and was very surprised. The development of the Hulk and the de-evolution of Thor were also massive surprises, the Internet joke in the hut cracked me up bigtime. A bit meh, Captain Marvel, although I found her standalone movie alright (mainly due to Samuel L. Jackson), and the whole Iron Man ending from the moment he greets Spidey was great. Will have to watch it again in all peace and quiet when the BD is released. Who knows, I might give that one the UHD treatment (if I get a UHD player by then). Cheers, Alberto
  12. Hi all, been a little over two weeks so I guess it's time to have a serious chat about what we liked and what we didn't like about "Avengers: Endgame" (WITH SPOILERS!!!!). I can't stress enough, this thread will contain spoilers for Avengers: Endgame. Last chance to back away! And it will possibly contain spoilers to all 21 previous Marvel movies, so, you've been warned. I'll leave it open for now as I have to go prepare the table, feel free to start without me, I'll catch up later. Very interested in hearing your opinions. Cheers, Alberto
  13. I was messin' with you a bit. In my youth I owned a number of those, good for long trips on the bus or planes. Hadn't seen one in years! I've had Sony, Aiwa, Cheapo, Panasonic I think? They had this acronym for non-jumping players... ESP technology? Cheers, Alberto
  14. A momentous moment this arvo... Cheers, Alberto
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