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  1. Tron Legacy is a ripper. I've got the soundtrack on black plastic as well, it's just awesome! I wonder why they never got to make Tron Revolutions (or any other suitable name). Me, I've been enjoying the TV show "Community" this last couple of weeks. Slow start on episodes I, II and III, and then it blasts off into an immersion of fun an TV trivia, with Donald Glover and Chevy Chase to boot. Some stuff they did is just hilarious, like the Scorsese-Themed Goodfellas episode about chicken wings or the paint ball Hunger Games/Die Hard/Terminator one. Plus, the Russo Brothers and Justin Lin direct some of the episodes. High quality, recommended. Cheers, Alberto
  2. I haven't heard the new ELO album yet, thought it was out next Friday? I heard the title track on the radio the other day thinking, "This is ELO, but I don't know this song!?" It's so good, it is a beautiful piece, very much classic ELO. Very curious about the rest. Cheers, Alberto
  3. While not an essential Queen album, I think "Piece of my heart" and "You don't fool me" are essential tracks, Queen at what it does best. YMMV of course. Cheers, Alberto
  4. My problem with this is... I have all these already in one format or another! Still.... damn! Cheers, Alberto
  5. As with the previous two albums (although less on their debut, more on their second) I find that it takes a while to get into it. The first "part" for lack of a better name seems a bit all the same, and it takes a while for them to start experimenting, mixing and adopting styles from other bands, as mentioned here Beach Boys, and a vague Queen - ELO sound on album #1. I'll have to give this one more spins, the ending is truly great, it just takes a while to get there! But still thanks for the update, nice to know they came up with new material. Cheers, Alberto
  6. Many thanks for that! I'll look it up. I keep wondering when Transatlantic will release a new album, last was 2014. But they've had longer breaks in between. Cheers, Alberto
  7. I just punt 5.something a few weeks ago and happy with the results. Spotify a bit of a pain to get working properly and still a bit quirky, but still good. Cheers, Alberto
  8. I did the same the other night. Watched Infinity Wars and followed with the first hour of Endgame. Finished Endgame the night after. What can I say, I like them both, the humour, the twists in the plot, the images, the battles, all top notch. Ok, battles maybe a tad over the top, but it's Avengers, it's what you'd expect. The humour and chemistry between characters is what really gets me all the time. Cheers, Alberto
  9. Feel good music y'all... hadn't bought records in a while. Worth the spend. Cheers, Alberto
  10. I like "The Way We Walk Vol. 2". I was a bit sceptic when I bought it back in '93 or so, because I had not been initiated in the longer Genesis numbers, but it didn't disappoint at all! I may have Vol. 1 in cassette somewhere, it even had a cassette booklet. That 20 min medley is solid, however I find "Fading Lights" the weakest one. My personal favourite on that record is "Home By The Sea". YMMV or course. Cheers, Alberto
  11. So, Gazpacho, in terms of Prog music, how would you guys describe it? Cheers, Alberto
  12. I went a step back yesterday, and enjoyed a lot! Chilean style y'all, this is where it all began hundreds of years ago! Cheers, Alberto
  13. And that's brekky in Bavaria. Man, it's difficult to import some customs to Ozzieland! Cheers, Alberto
  14. On Sunday kids pestered me to watch "Night at the Museum" with Ben Stiller. Meh, I thought, ok, why not. I had watched it before, so, yeah it's ok. I quite enjoyed it to be honest. It's a dumb movie of course, but there's the added plus of seeing Rami Malek playing an egyptian pharao and some funny interaction between Owen Wilson and Steve Coogan. As far as kid's movies go, it's real good. And Saturday, the WASO (WA Symphonic Orchestra) plays "Empire Strikes Back" while the movie is showing on the back. A great present for I-Am-Your-Father's Day. Cheers, Alberto
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