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  1. I love "The Whirlwind", it may be their best IMHO. Although "Bridge Across Forever" is also a strong contender. I could not warm up to "Kaleidoscope" much, but I'm still hoping for a new album in this decade. Cheers, Alberto
  2. It was a hit indeed. They even played it extensively in South America back in the day.
  3. I agree with all you say, and yet I'd rate Sgt. Peppers as an album apart from the rest, due to the different structure and orchestrations in there, a world apart from Revolver, which is in essence a great pop/rock album. I guess, Sgt. Peppers introduces a concept. Still, I also do not think of the Beatles as a prog band in that sense. Cheers, Alberto
  4. I got into Rory Gallagher about 10 years ago, still only own one CD, a compilation. It took me a bit to get used to his music, but now I enjoy it a lot. He was a great musician! Cheers, Alberto
  5. I vaguely remember this being discussed here some years ago.... I could be wrong. "Sgt Peppers", prog or not? I'd tend to say yes, but I'm happy to hear your opinions on that. Cheers, Alberto
  6. Mostly streaming here, say 75% and most of the new stuff. Rest... a bit of vinyl and a bit of CD, no preference really as long as it's good. I tend to for Vinyl on things I really like, Transatlantic being the best example. Cheers, Alberto
  7. I must've bought that CD in '97 or '98. Double, chock full of songs. Most of them good, a few meh from the later era. Still cracking good! Cheers, Alberto
  8. I listened to Phideaux last night, also liked it a lot. I'll give Millenium a go these days, sound interesting. Cheers, Alberto
  9. It may... I have nothing on top of it, but it's about 10 or so mm on top of the processor. I see the hat as long connectors, I reckon you will be ok. Here's how mine looks (the Pi!) Cheers, Alberto
  10. Just as Mark, I posted this on the Moode Pi Thread. Silent as you please, can't hear it 50 cm away, or less, for that matter. https://blog.pimoroni.com/raspberry-pi-4-thermals-and-fan-shim/ Cheers, Alberto
  11. I got a Pi4 running the pimoroni fan (https://blog.pimoroni.com/raspberry-pi-4-thermals-and-fan-shim/). It works a treat. A bit of air and the thing is very manageable. But it's used as a Minecraft server instead! Cheers, Alberto
  12. I may have to eat my words and retract, I must have gotten them confused! I always thought "She's a brick house" and "play that funky music white boy" were Rick James'! Cheers, Alberto
  13. I disagree that Rick James was a One Hit Wonder. He had "Super Freak", "Brick House", and "Play That Funky Music" at the very least! Cheers, Alberto
  14. Hey @hiphile, welcome! I ripped all my CD's (over 300) to FLAC into a NAS a few years back. It was a bit of a pain, but in the end, I just do in now whenever I buy a new CD. It's trickier with records! You have to actually sit and listen and play rec and pause to turn them around. Like, real-time like! A Raspberry Pi 3 running Moode streams all music from the NAS into a USB DAC and then to an amp. It's a sweet setup, very comfortable, and works with Spotify as well. Spotify has the odd glitch here and there, but mostly it works. The music from the NAS is always available and ready to go. You must have still rewinded tapes using the old BIC pen method to avoid wasting the batteries on the walkman 😁 Cheers, Alberto
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