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  1. Currently Spinning

    Hadn't spun this one in a while... Damn it's good! 'Twas my birthday present in 1992, double CD, excellent! Still rocking after all these years. Although I find their live catalog at the turn of the decade better (the performances a bit rawer I guess), they do cracking renditions of Kind of Magic, One Vision and Hammer to Fall.
  2. I rather liked Billy Mack's though... but it's not suitable for children!
  3. There is no Kenobi trailer. This is not the Kenobi you're looking for. You may go about your business.
  4. Best budget vinyl cleaning solution

    I do something similar, but apply the soap with a cloth. Need to try the brush method. Amazing how much paper towels get used! They soak up quite a bit. Cheers, Alberto
  5. Great review Al! I watched French Connection about 10 years ago, borrowed it from the Uni library, I was impressed! It's raw and gritty alright, and the Paris bit was heavy, especially all the heroin sequence, jeez! Sometime's they're harder to watch these 70's films, the pace is slower I think, you get to digest some more, and they look a bit dirty. My opinion, of course. Cheers, Alberto
  6. She sang with Dave Gilmour on his Acoustic show and she is (was?) a regular at Jools Holland. I was about to post Ace of Base, but they had like two or three hits if I recall.
  7. These have not been mentioned yet
  8. Perth GTG Sunday 11th Feb 2018 11am

    I'm happy any date. JVC projector? I can take a copy of David Gilmour's Live at Pompeii for a short spin if you want. Plus drinks et al. Cheers, Alberto
  9. Perth GTG Sunday 11th Feb 2018 11am

    Keen to go as well! I'll confirm later, and happy to contribute food and drinks. Cheers, Alberto
  10. Worth a try...I suppose..

    Does it fit in the oven? Might be ok to set the temperature to say 50° and leave them bake there for an hour or so... just a thought. Tiles would help keep the heat as well.
  11. Currently Spinning

    The solo on "We got married" is by a certain David Gilmour, pretty good. "Flowers in the Dirt" spawned the "Tripping the Life Fantastic" world tour and double CD after 10 years or so not having toured. I find that set a great compilation of pre-90's McCartneys music, and he had a cracker of a band back then too. Cheers, Alberto
  12. I watched the whole thing last night (the review). I agree with Kevin Smith on most things, except the end. I was so blown away by Luke's Force appearance, they could not have done it better I think, it was a true WTF!!! moment. It was a good review too. It feels as watching the movie retold bit by bit, pretty cool. I have a few colleagues at work who are Star Wars fanboys as well. At least I could have a chat with one of them on the 15th already, but we had to keep out of earshot. Cheers, Alberto
  13. One and a half hours! And then people complain Last Jedi is long... go figure.
  14. Thanks for that review, @petetherock, I was not hoping much but now you've made me curious. Cheers, Alberto