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  1. I went a step back yesterday, and enjoyed a lot! Chilean style y'all, this is where it all began hundreds of years ago! Cheers, Alberto
  2. And that's brekky in Bavaria. Man, it's difficult to import some customs to Ozzieland! Cheers, Alberto
  3. On Sunday kids pestered me to watch "Night at the Museum" with Ben Stiller. Meh, I thought, ok, why not. I had watched it before, so, yeah it's ok. I quite enjoyed it to be honest. It's a dumb movie of course, but there's the added plus of seeing Rami Malek playing an egyptian pharao and some funny interaction between Owen Wilson and Steve Coogan. As far as kid's movies go, it's real good. And Saturday, the WASO (WA Symphonic Orchestra) plays "Empire Strikes Back" while the movie is showing on the back. A great present for I-Am-Your-Father's Day. Cheers, Alberto
  4. I need to remember to bring to Oz my cassette collection from Chile when I go there in February. Some jewels include: - The Way We Walk, vol 1 - Genesis - The Works - Queen - We Can't Dance - Genesis - Some South American Beatles compilation, 20 Greatest or so - The Beach Boys 20 Greatest for that matter All Genuine Chilean Limited Editions y'all.... Man... I should have a serious look! Might pay for a few month's mortage, or just be worth the trip! 😁 Then again.... I might find them among my 1997 vintage MIB and 1994 USA World Cup T-shirts... Oh, hang on, sorry, this is my stop... Memory Lane. Cheers, Alberto
  5. The Boys looks interesting though I haven't watched it yet. Saw the trailer today before "Hobbs and Shaw". Massive over the top entertainment, great action sequences, about 12 minutes all in all of non action be my guess, great interaction between both protagonists. A few funny cameos, and a MASSIVE Game of Thrones spoiler at the end. Good that I'm not a GOT fan! Excellent popcorn movie. Don't ask for more, and you'll not be disappointed. Cheers, Alberto
  6. Going on with the Audio Analyser thingo... Small recap: STM32H7 nucleo microcontroller board with Ethernet interface, a DAC and an ADC, and software in Python to see audio data over the Ethernet interface. All open source. Work is ongoing, no easy task, however, some major successes that encourage to go on: - Was able to find a configuration that allows me to sample at 96KHz smack on. - Was able to send out a waveform through the DAC (PCM1793) - Was able to get data in on the ADC (PCM1802) - Was able to send commands (stop, start, read, etc) to the microcontroller using the Ethernet interface and Protocol Buffers (Google: "protobufs"). - Able to read in data from the ADC and send it over the network interface to the PC. And this is where we're at. I still have some issues to look at, synchronisation, operation, GUI, and many more, but, the basic stepping stone is there. First image is the device itself: at the far end, in white, the controller board and just in front the ADC and DAC. Both are bridged together, basically the DAC output feeds into the ADC input. A tangle of cables, but it works. That should be replaced in some future by just one board. And here, the data capture displayed on the PC: I haven't scaled anything, the format is still 32 bit signed integer and you can see I have some spikes that are due to some memory overlap on the data transferring. I need to sort that out, like I said, among other things. Cheers, Alberto
  7. Watched "Avengers: Endgame" on Bluray. And I'll probably watch it... again. And again... There's so many unexpected things and details about it, it's a joy. Oh... if you don't like superhero movies, avoid it! But I'll give it a rest now for a while. Cheers, Alberto
  8. Went to see "The Pink Floyd Experience" (NZ) play the wall the other day in Perth. Damn, they were good! They even build the wall and all that! Every time I see The Wall performed live (which is very very seldom really) I realise what a great dark piece it is. In a good way, but still, very intense! Cheers, Alberto
  9. Damn! This should be good! Al Pacino, Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro! talk about old school! I've missed Joe Pesci.
  10. This is something I've been putting off for years, even though the idea has been around for a while. I'm tired of super expensive Audio Analyzers that do not offer a universal (say, Mac, Windows, Linux) interface, as well as tired of the cheap ones that only work on Windows and have a crappy interface. Microcontrollers nowadays are so powerful they're able to gather data and send it upstream to a PC using a network interface, and in some cases do some pre-processing if necessary. Python on the other hand offers an open-source interface with an incredible amount of libraries for displaying data as well as calculation. Lucky for me, I do microcontrollers quite well, and Python not all that bad. This is a case I had in the past on another project that's been sitting on the shelf far too long. Power supply: check. +/- 12V: check. ADC: check. DAC: check. On the back far, an STM32H7 (400MHz) Nucleo Board with microcontroller and Ethernet interface. I just need now to wire up the DAC and the ADC to the I2S inputs. This will be a proof of concept. I think the ADC is ok, but not great. However, good enough to give me an idea how we're going. The DAC is actually quite good, but don't quote me on specs. Only problem so far, the first tests will run not at 48 or 96 KHz, but rather the closest frequency I can reach with the internal micro clock. Bummer, but it'll do. They're both TI codecs, PCM18 something or other run of the mill. The little I tried today, ADC and DAC fire up, and the microcontroller board works too. LEDs were blinking! (If anyone is ever interested in starting micro programming, you'll know that an LED blinking is the first breakthrough. The rest then is eeeeeeeeezy!) Cheers, Alberto
  11. The soundrack of my youth! But I was more a Sony Chrome UX-90 person.... Cheers! Alberto
  12. I had some o' this in the morning too...
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