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  1. Went on a trip back to a time they called the 90's Friday arvo I just needed to unwind and grabbed "Galaxy Quest". Good Star-Trek fandom spoof with Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver and Alan Rickman. What a great cast! Good fun and dodgy CGI, loved it! Hadn't seen it in close to 15 years if not more. Saturday session with my kids, "Mrs. Doubtfire". Now, that is an emotional laugh out loud movie. Kids loved it, although the youngest was a bit freaked out about the appearance changes. Still, funny as all hell, grinning like a Dumbo all the time in expectation of wh
  2. Who else went to an actual shop (brick and mortar) and bought this from the shelf on release day? Feelin' like the 90's all over again. Wait for release date, go to the shop, get your record, good times! Sounds like AC/DC (or Tesla/Edison as a colleague told me yesterday). Liking it so far. Cheers, Alberto
  3. Queen + Adam Lambert - Live Around the World It's an interesting mix, this one. One of the few Queen Live albums without "Tie Your Mother Down", and missing some other regulars. However, "Somebody To Love" more than makes up for it, plus the Sydney Bushfire concert. Everyone in top form, Adam Lambert does a great job as the new vocalist, I think. Cheers, Alberto
  4. Imagine the problems a chair can cause....
  5. I started watching "Staged" with Michael Sheen and David Tennant the other day on ABC iView after good reviews, and liking their performance in Good Omens. I expected it to be funny, but it's hilarious! Highly recommended if you're into British nonsense. Only 6 episodes and at 20 odd minutes each, it's a good way to finish off the day. Cheers, Alberto
  6. I wouldn't know exactly, but it was put off by the fact that you needed a good metre away from the walls for them to really shine through. That was off-putting because of lack of space in my case. Still, I would not mind building a pair like that. Cheers, Alberto
  7. That looks really interesting. There was an open baffle design I was very keen to try way back in the day, but never got around to it. Looked like this... Cheers, Alberto
  8. The way the picture looks first I thought that was your desktop speakers! Cheers, Alberto
  9. Not my absolute favourite, but I heard it first when I was 13 on a 50's compilations cassette. It blew me away... And then many years passed I didn't hear it, and Jeff Beck starts playing this on his "Rock and Roll" party album. I was again gobsmacked at how nice this song is. Such a peaceful feeling. Cheers, Alberto
  10. Last night I had a binge with "Avengers: Infinity Wars" followed by "Avengers: Endgame". It is great to watch them back to back, but you need to factor in close to 6 hrs, damn! Still, visuals and sound, story and humour, top notch as usual. Sad to see Chadwick Boseman gone, as well as Stan Lee. Cheers, Alberto
  11. If any of you can get your hands on the Harmy Despecialized Editions for IV, V and VI, I strongly recommend it. Empire gains absolutely nothing with the "specials". It has aged beautifully. I watched it just now in full resolution and it's a blast! A quality de-restoration. From tomorrow, can't wait to have one or two sessions with the new trilogy. I'm going to go against the trends, I really enjoy the new trilogy, especially Last Jedi, as it explores unseen facets of the Force, there's great fights, great battles, and great characters. Unfortunately, Rise of Skywalker
  12. I watched "Rogue One" last night with my kids. It is an excellent Star Wars movie! It really has a good mix of new characters, a bit of old, some "history", excellent action sequences and an unexpected ending. Feels like you need to pop in Episode IV just straight after. Ok, fair enough, Grand Moff Tarkin looks a bit stiff, so does Princess Leia, but it's still great to see them on screen, I mean, Grand Moff Tarkin is a mean bastard! Cheers, Alberto
  13. I've read in multiple places that you should have one , and only one, connection from GND to chassis in a system, to avoid ground loops. Other time's I've had great results with a fully floating ground (no connection) or weakly coupled (caps and resistors). But then again, I'm pretty sure PC's and other equipment do have a GND to chassis connection. As long as it's safe (it is) and works (it does), I'm pretty happy. It was a fun project, and makes for good listening! Cheers, Alberto
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