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  1. I've read in multiple places that you should have one , and only one, connection from GND to chassis in a system, to avoid ground loops. Other time's I've had great results with a fully floating ground (no connection) or weakly coupled (caps and resistors). But then again, I'm pretty sure PC's and other equipment do have a GND to chassis connection. As long as it's safe (it is) and works (it does), I'm pretty happy. It was a fun project, and makes for good listening! Cheers, Alberto
  2. Si, I had a play with this stuff the last couple of days and had to tweak things around to get things to work properly. First I built a case out of wood, lined up inside with aluminium foil. As to whether alu is better or worse than copper for shielding, that's a discussion for another day. But I've had always excellent results with alu-foil in guitars and other related projects. To get it flush against the wood, I mixed school glue and water at a 50% ratio for both, applied with a cloth on the wood and spread the foil with a dry rag. I get very consistent results like that. Then I put the electronics in, the front, and took it for another spin. I went for the 7809/7909 linear reg power supply and small transformer I had around. Power and audio are separate, because I figured I don't want any of the transformer or high voltage emissions to get even close to the gain circuit. Even so, the first tests were very disappointing, in the sense that I got a lot of noise going into the amp. The shield is connected to the earth. The first iteration, the circuit GND was connected through a cap (10nf) and a resistor (1M) to shield. You could hear a fair bit of noise at higher volumes. Removing that cap and resistor proved even worse. The chassis connection to the phono stage was always connected. Removing the phono chassis connection was also bad. I stepped back for a sec, took a breather, and decided to connect the signal input GND at the RCA terminals directly to the chassis (ie, earth). And that did it. All noise and buzzes went away, to the point where the noise levels are similar to the amp's internal phono stage. And that's how I decided to leave it. Weekend past I worked on painting and coating the front of the unit, and this weekend I sanded and buffed the front. I did not bother with the enclosure. I could have done a better job, and I should have, but I'm still happy how it turned out. Yeah, ok, it looks a but scuffed, but I can live with that! Yesterday afternoon was spent with Dark Side of the Moon after listening to Hans Zimmer's Dune/Eclipse, some Dire Straits, and some Queen Greatest Hits II, and all of them shine. The "critical" listening quickly turned into "just" listening. Happy with the results! Cheers, Alberto
  3. Welcome back! Audio snobs? I feel that is most of the time a fitting description for most of us! Cheers, Alberto
  4. Happy you sorted it out. It happened to me when I had a copy of Mp3s for my portable player and the FLACs under the same directory tree. It took a while to sort out and regenerate. Now I have an ultra-separate folder for MP3s. Cheers, Alberto
  5. Beer marinated chicken thighs slow on coals. About an hour or so, flipping every 10 minutes. Turned out pretty good! I've got no more images, as I started having a beer or two and got busy chilling out. Cheers, Alberto
  6. I wasn't familiar with the 4562. I shall give it a try sometime in the future. I've built a few CMOY based op-amp headphone amps (in a metal cigar box and other boxes) and somehow I preferred the 5532 over the 2134. Can't tell you exactly what it was, but I just did. Mental bias I guess? Cheers, Alberto
  7. No, just the 5532. I'll try a 7809 and 7909 as power supplies, with massive caps before. We'll see how that turns out. More updates to come. Cheers, Alberto
  8. Ohhhh.... (cue Mike Wasowski suprise eye here). Worth a try I guess. Music still sounds good with the lid on though... I doubt I'll pick up any differences. Ok, on we go then, let's build an enclosure. Cheers, Alberto
  9. Hi all, thanks for your replies. @aussievintage I'm such a numpty! Of course! That thing is full of switching to and fro in a plastic case! Good idea, I will move it closer to the BluRay player. @andyr I will try a linear reg to start with and see what the power looks like, and how it sounds, after fixing the above. @RankStranger Yep, usually play them with the lid open. I couldn't leave it without a lid, as the kids are always around, and it gets more dusty than I should allow it. Anyway, we'll see if I make more progress tomorrow. Still, fun project, and like I said, really nice sounding simple piece of equipment. Cheers, Alberto
  10. I managed to run a test today: Not only do I enjoy the Commitments record, but it's my unofficial test record. First impressions are really really good! However, being outside a shielded case, it is very sensitive to noise. If you get closer or further or move the cables you can hear the noise shaping differently. Of course, that's with the needle lifted and the volume quite high. Still needs to be improved. I'll start working on a case and power supply tomorrow. I'm still undecided between batteries only or linear power supply. I just can't see myself bothered to charge batteries every now and again. We'll see. Cheers, Alberto
  11. Speaking of OpAmps, I just finished the ESP Phono stage with 5532 (my personal favourites). Measurement-wise it works. Now I need to wire it up to the stereo and see if it actually works! Cheers, Alberto
  12. I went to watch "Tenet" the other day. Nice to have the cinema all on my on. The movie was very good, but I'll have to watch it again. If you blink or snooze, you loose with all Nolan movies. Not that I could fall asleep, the problem however, was that the soundtrack, sound effects and overall bass were so high that I barely understood what they were talking about. Plus the characters talked very low and quiet, good spies and mysterious people that they are. A bad combination for understanding. I know Mr. Nolan wants us all to watch the movie in the theatre, but I think I'll enjoy it again in a few months in the quiet of my home. Also watched "Apollo 11", the documentary. The image quality is awesome! It's quite mindblowing what they accomplished back then, and the editing and overall result is amazing. You really feel for these guys. Cheers, Alberto
  13. This item has been found, thanks! Cheers, Alberto
  14. Fun fact, did you know that Weihenstephan, located in Freising, just north of Munich, is the oldest still running brewery in the world? Went to Freising for an interview to Texas Instruments back in 2007, two days with accommodation included. At night, we went to enjoy the beer gardens in the back of the brewery. Cheers, Alberto
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