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  1. This is something I've been putting off for years, even though the idea has been around for a while. I'm tired of super expensive Audio Analyzers that do not offer a universal (say, Mac, Windows, Linux) interface, as well as tired of the cheap ones that only work on Windows and have a crappy interface. Microcontrollers nowadays are so powerful they're able to gather data and send it upstream to a PC using a network interface, and in some cases do some pre-processing if necessary. Python on the other hand offers an open-source interface with an incredible amount of libraries for displaying data as well as calculation. Lucky for me, I do microcontrollers quite well, and Python not all that bad. This is a case I had in the past on another project that's been sitting on the shelf far too long. Power supply: check. +/- 12V: check. ADC: check. DAC: check. On the back far, an STM32H7 (400MHz) Nucleo Board with microcontroller and Ethernet interface. I just need now to wire up the DAC and the ADC to the I2S inputs. This will be a proof of concept. I think the ADC is ok, but not great. However, good enough to give me an idea how we're going. The DAC is actually quite good, but don't quote me on specs. Only problem so far, the first tests will run not at 48 or 96 KHz, but rather the closest frequency I can reach with the internal micro clock. Bummer, but it'll do. They're both TI codecs, PCM18 something or other run of the mill. The little I tried today, ADC and DAC fire up, and the microcontroller board works too. LEDs were blinking! (If anyone is ever interested in starting micro programming, you'll know that an LED blinking is the first breakthrough. The rest then is eeeeeeeeezy!) Cheers, Alberto
  2. The soundrack of my youth! But I was more a Sony Chrome UX-90 person.... Cheers! Alberto
  3. I had some o' this in the morning too...
  4. Does "Back to the Future III" count? Cheers, Alberto
  5. Went for Toy Story 4 Saturday. Lovely movie! And creepy as hell! Those ventriloquist dolls are super freaky! Worse of all, you walk down the aisle of the cinema and there's these posters of proper horror movie dolls (Annabelle, Chuckie's divorced wife and what not), then you're confronted to these Toy Story dolls and think "have I gone into the wrong flick?". Seriously loved it, I can understand some criticism from some other people online, but it's still a cracker. Memorable scenes, and animation as gone A LONG WAY since Toy Story 1995. Kids loved it too... but the dolls freaked them out more than any aliens in MIB International. Like I said, scary stuff. Cheers, Alberto
  6. I think this has been absent from this thread. I think.... Anyway, I seriously like this better than the original. Of course, the original is a ripper, but I love this reinterpretation. Cheers, Alberto
  7. So, good week this has been... Saturday, went with the family to watch MIB International. Cool flick, not great, but Tessa Thompson does a great job. Some very funny moments, and I somehow like Chris Hemsworth more when he's a bit dumb rather than cool. The plot however is a bit scattered everywhere, there's a bit too much of everything, so in that regard it's a bit over the top. Spiderman, Far From Home: Great flick. Loved it. Teenage anxiety at it's best and lighter than the previous Avengers installments (which were good, but a bit grim considering). Lots of humour, a bit cheesy at times. Ties up with Avengers: Endgame nicely. Watch out for both post credit scenes, they are incredible! Not saying more, but first post credits scene introduces an additional character. Say no more. I'm quiet now. Cheers, Alberto
  8. Any good? I find Santana a bit hit and miss sometimes. His previous Album, Santana IV was great though... I still think Supernatural is his zenith, but that's just me. Cheers, Alberto
  9. Watched "Yesterday"... the other day! I loved it! But then I am a big Beatles fan, so any chance to listen to their songs rearranged is a good chance. The story is simple (but I won't tell), the acting is good, characters are likeable (check out Rocky the Roadie, he steals the show!), and there are one or two surprises along the way which are very well placed in my opinion. If you don't like the Beatles, don't even bother. Seriously though, having to pretend you never heard of the Beatles must be difficult! Cheers, Alberto
  10. This. Thanks! I didn't know it existed. A beauty! I like Peter Frampton, a bit hit and miss at times, but delivers most of the time. His cover of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" from "Now" is incredible. Now I listened to this and will have to get a copy. Cheers! Alberto
  11. Be interesting to see. I love me a good headphone amp.
  12. Second in line. Cheers, Alberto
  13. This takes me back to an era when I didn't even exist! Lovely sound!
  14. She does indeed. For my part, she can have any ole car she wants. I'm happy she gives me full say on the stereo and TV choice. Cheers, Alberto
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