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  1. A few times I've accepted the price and then all of a sudden another offer pop's out of the blue! So a mate and I played one guy , after me telling him he sucked and had no honour. Then there's the guy's who say first to pay and collect it , well no thanks I'm not racing anywhere
  2. Look at the 3rd photo , Make an offer guy is holding a quasi auction which is happening more and more on face book.
  3. I'll take it if it isn't spoken for
  4. Get it upgraded by its maker he might be able to get rid of the rust with a dremmel and sand paper.
  5. Thank you , I had the Wyred 4 Sound SX1000's and found this out pretty quickly . I also I use noise stoppers , which are high frequency noise filters . They are really quite effective.
  6. Hold onto it , I'll see if any of my Facebook friends want it rather than putting it into landfill.
  7. That's why libraries or just good old plain swap n sell come into being .
  8. I was right into Netflix and heaven forbid Foxtel for years because it was a break whilst looking after my Dad, I can remember when Blockbuster shut the local video store boomed. I've always preferred that movies be special and for me that is a disc ! The rubbish and drivel Netflex throw up ( literally ) making it harder to watch . Not unlike home brand at the supermarket their own productions are mostly bland homogeneous garbage.
  9. Yeah watch your wallet , lol. Good luck.
  10. Stick at it mate I know how you feel and your far from alone. Hope you sell this beautiful amp if I had the money I'd jump at it.
  11. That way your broker can earn his commission and argue the claim for you !
  12. I fear we need Inspector Closseau on zee case.
  13. There are two or three Jamo bookshelfs on Facebook if you want a direct replacement the Ushers are great in a small room.
  14. Not for me but you didn't say where the pick up zone is ?
  15. I didn't mean unoccupied for that long I meant insurers that ask in their due diligence questions, a) is there someone home at all times, are there window locks on all window's c) deadlocks on the doors . I didn't mean where you have to declare unoccupancy for 30 days or more clause.
  16. I was a broker and if I had to specify all my preamps power amps etc Dacs linear power supplies I would be up for heaps
  17. I reckon it targeted those speakers are a 2 or 3 person job to move .
  18. Years ago I worked as a liaison with the Police on identifying stolen goods , seriously inept at it. Your better off putting alerts on Gumtree , eBay and Facebook yourself.
  19. Cheaper Insurance doesn't necessarily mean worse cover use an insurance broker and be wary of companies that asks a bucket load of questions . Things like, is there someone home at all times ? Because if you answer yes and you get burgled whilst there wasn't someone there you probably won't be covered .
  20. Just be aware that more than likely it's someone you have invited into your home either when you've sold something or a friend of a friend who got impressed with what you have , e.g. you demoed your gear . Further in 3 months they'll be back , I lived in Carlton had bars on the window's and they ripped those out of the wall. Our insurance got declined after 4 burglaries the place was like Fort Knox bars on the window's and doors , alarm we moved . Camera's are great after the event personally I favour two big barking dogs to deter them . Certainly will keep an eye out .
  21. I've already read how they need fixing I'll have another look later , apparently the dampening foam turns to goo over time . Love to get them functioning again
  22. Grills don't come off for a photo ?
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