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  1. Use paint scrapers at different points get a mate to help you put pressure on it . If it won't pop with reasonable pressure put isocol alcohol in between the joint let it soak try again .
  2. You could help yourself getting advice by putting up a picture from where you listen from. Also how far from the front of the the speaker to the wall behind it , similarly from the centre of the tweeter to the side walls ? Is there anything like say a t.v. in the middle . Any wall hangings , furniture on side walls . But just try it a little bit of a time , or just have them point directly at your head and then back them off a bit at a time.
  3. The 1.5 meter cable is pending . I'm open to reasonable offers on the 3 meter one. The 3 meter cable is now $200 plus postage . I can deliver to the east of Melbourne for $20 petrol ( eastlink fees ).
  4. The 1.5 meter is still available at this stage
  5. The 1.5 meter cable is pending . I'm open to reasonable offers on the 3 meter one.
  6. Item: PANGEA 3 and 1.5 meter power cable Location: Drouin Vic Price: $300/ 120 read description Item Condition: Fair Reason for selling: No Longer Required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: these cables are really heavy duty the wire is 7 AWG they are madly heavy and will require an adapter as they are terminated with an American plug . They will need a wooden chock to support it if put in a wall power point . There is a little fraying of the cloth and a drop of paint so it's condition is fair . I can post it at buyer expense , you can nominate courier or I can use e-go plus a little petrol money to keep the cost down . There also is a 1.5 meter cable available at $120.00 plus postage same model AC9 or you buy both. Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  7. Hi you do know the output dial on the front hidden panel is turned to low
  8. Has he got Lpads and binding posts do you know ?
  9. What do you need overhauled the tweeters woofers , crossovers or the lot . Also I pulled apart one of the tweeters with the view of repairing it . The foam inside wasn't dense looked like the stuff from the outer ring on the replacements. Long story short I thought you could buy a replacement diaphragm with all the bits you needed from speakerbits
  10. Thanks Monster I eventually found the guy I was after after searching through about 100 posts . Lol.
  11. I'd love to use them whilst I rebuild my main fronts , then I'd pay them forward again . But if someone has nothing they are welcome to them of course.
  12. Fisher was imported here and there were 240volts models but with a US plug ? Makes you wonder, that's a stereo model the left on the back the right channel is on the top side ironically on the the right.
  13. It's okay I can't get the same colour as mine I think at this stage anyway . But I did get a beautiful black almost blue.
  14. Could someone give me his contact details too please
  15. Atilla I have a pair of 12 inch Wharfedale woofers that need repairing we have met but I lost your number
  16. I'll measure mine you measure yours and the one with the biggest wins, lol. Now if you give the measurements just with a tape measure will do . I might be and hope I'm wrong I would hate to measure and cut 10 circles with 10 insides and then find out they are the wrong size. I use a heavy cloth with is layered with a viscous kind of glue that doesn't harden . I can get a black with the same kind of pattern . I thought I'd read in their history page that there was two different sizes , I know the magnet on mine is no where as heavy as the the two I sold.
  17. I haven't, I could make some at a modest fee but as I said those superdomes have different diameters and you'd have to accurately measure them . P.m. and I'll give you a phone no and discuss it e.g. method etc
  18. I actually made mine I'll have a look but I do know that it took four to five layers , mine are pictured with the blue surrounds . There are different diameters on those super tweeters so you need to measure the diameter of the tweeter then the whole surface diameter . You won't believe this but I got mine free as long as I did restore them and post a picture to a girl whose grandfather had passed away . He owned them. I wasn't surprised they'd sound good , those woofers are really good . Yes I did mine by feel as well, it's important you put a low voltage input through them to align them . I wouldn't take the dust cover out , to me it would invite trouble replacing it. I'll look tomorrow if I have any surrounds
  19. It is a shame I had a pair of E.V Status 50's with the superdomes where one surround was good the other falling apart , I sold them thinking you couldn't get the correct stuff . Anyway I'm happy with what I came up with they sound good and image well . I also upgraded the caps inside
  20. I wasn't aware you could get the "superdome" lens , I fabricated a five layer one myself . It does image properly and measure pretty well up to 15 kHz. How much do the replica's cost ?
  21. If your just doing the woofers just get the surround foam
  22. It depends on the device , reasonably certain that a quick a , b comparison on any product if the implementation is true balanced it should have less noise and be of course louder. Cables would make a difference but I wouldn't go crazy . Personally I think it's the connectors on cables that make the difference.
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