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  1. Try a step down from Tortech 240v to 220v these effectively knock off 10 to 12 percent of the voltages . I had the same problem when I lived directly beside a Transformer in the street , even though everyone in the street complained wasn't until they changed the meters the guy noted 264 volts . I sold my big Sherbourn 7/2100 amp for my surround sound cause it couldn't handle it . Best of luck
  2. Actually I like the computer gear from Harvey Norman so I see no problem in them selling Denon AVR Stuff or stereo , the less snobbery of who sells gear the better. I have a number of friends who love great sound and their biggest reason for not buying , Dacs or SACD players good speakers or hi end gear was due to a bad experience in a hi fi dealer show room because they got treated like a fool . I had similar at a dealer near Camberwell Junction vowed I would never go back
  3. Spot on Nin think they backed the wrong horse there hate Marantz with a passion ( story for another day ).
  4. So searching to expand from the usual suspects has anyone else tried using Erse capacitors? Seemed to be very cheap with 5% tolerance so I ordered a few . Just looking to see how they sound in anticipation
  5. Did similar with a pair of Maggie 1.7r crossed over each ear was best .
  6. To whomever gets it check Tapatalk forums for potential fixes
  7. Bloody Marantz hdmi board again everywhere else in the world they recall them except here ! There is a fix involves resoldering the chip again, then they are prone to overheating again .
  8. 16 ohm rating would mean a very light load on the rear channels though oddly a lot of modern amps don't like that . It would be better to keep them but it doesn't mean you can't try an 8 ohm pair or even 6 ohm . Keep an eye how hot the amp gets checking it every so often whilst trying the 8 or 6 ohms . Most amps should be able to handle it
  9. Let me know I'm in Drouin about 60 minutes away but if you can't get anyone closer . I could pack them for you if needed
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