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  1. I've still got mine love it , the USB on mine is toast so I use it with a bridge to its Aes/ ebu and it sounds great .
  2. I'm interested but would need to sell my Ayre Preamp , hmmm.
  3. They would look great at the end of my bed in my second system , dream on . They look great and my dream speakers.
  4. Thanks , they sound alarmingly good .
  5. Yes thanks mate these sound frigging great I put in an aperiodic vent , changed the insulation put on a baffle they aren't sturdy enough on their own . It's a Dynalab four inch full range
  6. Okay long time ago I can't remember his name posted some base Ikea bowl speaker enclosures for free . Was around December and I apologise for not remembering who. Anyway I had been struggling, I had finished looking after my father as his carer he passed away because he couldn't take any more amputations. I had to make the hospital stop treating him on Christmas eve a week after his birthday . The toll was significant you see my father was supposed to live only two years , he had myeloma leukemia, diabetes , and was double amputee. So I took him in and left my job as Senior Fumigator inspector at AQIS in Melbourne. Anyway he survived twelve years, I had exhausted my savings , near broke and had suffered a frigging heart attack . A dear old friend helped me get through it as believe me a bridge was looking good . I wanted to pay her kindness back so she said she wanted some music in her life . I bought her an old amp and tuner JVC off eBay , but she loved the look of the Ikea bowl concept . These are about to be sent to Newcastle for helping me not end my life. Thank you to pay it Forward .
  7. Which ones are 12au7 ?..? Need a matched pair ?
  8. Always liked Parasound that's good to hear.
  9. See someone mentioned they are running the A21's bridged with Maggie's a true 4 ohm resistive load doesn't pose any problems ?
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