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  1. The Tortech step down is very transparent but the thing is it actually knocks 10% off the incoming voltage which for a valve amp with a 220volt rating is crucial at protecting the valves from over heating . . I don't think you need to sign up at a TAFE just yet there are plenty of good knowledgeable blokes here to set you on the right path.
  2. Use a wire brush or steel wool no swirl marks with those ! Brad seems to be onto something with the brushes just be careful with tacky domes if you have them !
  3. They have all the photos of the damage and you refused to accept the parcel or was it dropped at your doorstep and run typical rubbish like which a Sendle Courier did to one of my amp deliveries ? In that case I hope you notified the carrier straight away
  4. What type of music are you listening too and volume level ports and passive radiators deliver bass in different ways to ports . It might be that you prefer the rock sound ports deliver at louder volumes .
  5. You need to ask on pay it forward if someone is travelling from Sydney to Melbourne I sent a pair of Dali Ikon 6 from Frankston to Newcastle cost was $166.00 they were excellent I wasn't paying so , anyway they were about the same dimension and weight 22kg .
  6. Your right I was thinking of the other behringer my apologies when your right your right.
  7. No Link but look up Audio Science Review
  8. The Behringer is said to measure phenomenally well.
  9. Sorry didn't see your comment earlier , I have an analogue and a digital set up . My digital combines with a surround sound system. The preamp is an Ayre K-5xemp , amp is an Adcom Grand 555ii 200 watt 8 ohm. Dac is a Nad M51 which I connect via a Gustard U12 using an Aes/ebu balanced 110ohm Dhlab cable . My USB cable is the said mentioned Oyaide and a short Dhlab because I use a Regen USB, all digital devices use Linear Power supplies . That includes all modems , NAS drives etc. I stream Tidal through my l laptop and via my Oppo Bluray player coax to the Dac , controlled via Android tablet . My speakers I made myself 3 way with 7 1/2 inch Scan speak woofers , 2 inch Morel dome midrange , Fountek ribbon tweeter .
  10. What speakers are you using , woofer sizes and what size room ?
  11. Yes but just remember speaker impedance varies quite wildly and the minimums are at the extremes of frequency generally . Check your amp after playing fairly loudly for an hour to see how hot it feels if you can't hold your hand on it for 5 secs change the the selector up to 6 ohms or even 8 ohms . Yes those speaker connections are good.
  12. If no one else sticks their hand up I'll finish it off .
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