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  1. I think digital is the new graphic equaliser but i guess if you measured it digitally then altered it with an old equaliser it would be then interesting to measure it again.
  2. Just do it here mate . That way we can argue endlessly the value of each item .
  3. My brother got done out on Canterbury road Melbourne, I got asked once in Rathdowne St Carlton once told them go themselves.
  4. You need to post details of each item and put photos up for each item unfortunately otherwise you'll just get inundated from flippers trying to low ball you in search of a quick buck ..
  5. Very generous of you happy new year to you .
  6. I had a Cambridge 840E and I thought the same I think they weight the ratio well with unity gain high on the scale of the volume control . We are too used to getting the volume we need well on the left side of the volume control. I'd still go for the Accuphase though
  7. I would be able to collect them if no one else has put their hand up later in the week.
  8. I have one for free if someone missed out , I'm in Drouin but I can post at actual cost p.m.
  9. I've used that method and it works great but that is at line level the author said he much prefers speaker level which I get wary of due to what ittaku said internally bridged amps and I believe class D amps are a big no no as well.
  10. Hi Merry Christmas and a happy New Year , Recently got back into playing vinyl records after many years of just playing digital . My previous experiences were all semi automatic direct drives anyway a good mate who loves his belt drives suggested I give it a go with a belt instead of the direct drives I own. Sony PS-X4, Sanyo TP-825 DJ a monster 11 kg turntable and a Hitachi Lo-D PS-58 . So I bought a simple Micro Seiki MR-311 as expected a beautiful tonearm manual turntable. The bloody thing was so sensitive I had to resort to trying after market springs with great results now t
  11. There's a forum on how to modify the crossovers and the cabinets can look great with a bit of work
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