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  1. What do you need overhauled the tweeters woofers , crossovers or the lot . Also I pulled apart one of the tweeters with the view of repairing it . The foam inside wasn't dense looked like the stuff from the outer ring on the replacements. Long story short I thought you could buy a replacement diaphragm with all the bits you needed from speakerbits
  2. Thanks Monster I eventually found the guy I was after after searching through about 100 posts . Lol.
  3. I'd love to use them whilst I rebuild my main fronts , then I'd pay them forward again . But if someone has nothing they are welcome to them of course.
  4. Fisher was imported here and there were 240volts models but with a US plug ? Makes you wonder, that's a stereo model the left on the back the right channel is on the top side ironically on the the right.
  5. It's okay I can't get the same colour as mine I think at this stage anyway . But I did get a beautiful black almost blue.
  6. Could someone give me his contact details too please
  7. Atilla I have a pair of 12 inch Wharfedale woofers that need repairing we have met but I lost your number
  8. I'll measure mine you measure yours and the one with the biggest wins, lol. Now if you give the measurements just with a tape measure will do . I might be and hope I'm wrong I would hate to measure and cut 10 circles with 10 insides and then find out they are the wrong size. I use a heavy cloth with is layered with a viscous kind of glue that doesn't harden . I can get a black with the same kind of pattern . I thought I'd read in their history page that there was two different sizes , I know the magnet on mine is no where as heavy as the the two I sold.
  9. I haven't, I could make some at a modest fee but as I said those superdomes have different diameters and you'd have to accurately measure them . P.m. and I'll give you a phone no and discuss it e.g. method etc
  10. I actually made mine I'll have a look but I do know that it took four to five layers , mine are pictured with the blue surrounds . There are different diameters on those super tweeters so you need to measure the diameter of the tweeter then the whole surface diameter . You won't believe this but I got mine free as long as I did restore them and post a picture to a girl whose grandfather had passed away . He owned them. I wasn't surprised they'd sound good , those woofers are really good . Yes I did mine by feel as well, it's important you put a low voltage input through them to align them . I wouldn't take the dust cover out , to me it would invite trouble replacing it. I'll look tomorrow if I have any surrounds
  11. It is a shame I had a pair of E.V Status 50's with the superdomes where one surround was good the other falling apart , I sold them thinking you couldn't get the correct stuff . Anyway I'm happy with what I came up with they sound good and image well . I also upgraded the caps inside
  12. I wasn't aware you could get the "superdome" lens , I fabricated a five layer one myself . It does image properly and measure pretty well up to 15 kHz. How much do the replica's cost ?
  13. If your just doing the woofers just get the surround foam
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