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  1. I have had it in three different houses and I haven't heard a peep out of it . Sorry for the slow response had internet issues all sorted now. I had over voltage issues due to a bad transformer outside of my house it worked brilliantly.
  2. She is so gorgeous have you shared it on Facebook?
  3. What do the different letters mean on the Denon's I've seen M , R, Oct, etc I mean what ? If you know please fill me in .
  4. You sure on the Alpine era ? Vintage knob says made before Alpine got it's mitts on them , just .
  5. Further information: These are great for using with 220v hi fi gear they are essential for valve gear where you suspect over voltage is happening . Being 11 amp 2400 watt you can use it with a power strip to quiet down digital gear from feedback issues . It can be posted at actual cost to the buyer which is preferred method Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  6. Kim Wilde, INXS, Men at Work , The Cars Cany O posted to 3818 ?
  7. Solid RCA jumpers , needed to connect the preamp to power amp section of the amp . Obviously can be taken out when only the preamp section is required or power amp for that matter . Use Y connectors to bi amp with another power amp .
  8. No it would be the RCA album back from 70's not that one
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