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  1. donkeykong

    SOLD: FS: HIFIMAN HE-400I - new.

    Pending payment.
  2. Item: HIFIMAN HE-400I Location: Melbourne east. Price: $333 Item Condition: new in unopened seal box. Reason for selling: I have 2. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Bought this new as spare as it sound incredible. Was going to give this to sister but she prefers noise isolation headphone for train travel. Pictures:
  3. donkeykong

    FS: Nordost Wyrewizard HDMI 3M

    I will take the Isoacoustics Aperta 200. Pm sent.
  4. donkeykong

    FS Dynaudio C2 Speakers

    What is the difference between this and the platinum + signature versions?
  5. donkeykong

    EXPIRED: FS: Accuphase A70 power amp (Aus model)

    Is there an extra zero in the price?
  6. donkeykong

    FS - Sansui 9090 stereo receiver

    Where do you get these restored in Melbourne?
  7. donkeykong

    SOLD: FS: Tag McLaren 60i Amplifier

    I have just got into speakers and amplifier. Can this drive my dynaudio excite x16 to full level (loudness)? http://www.totalhometheatres.com/images/products/speakers/Dynaudio/DYN_Excite_X16.pdf.
  8. donkeykong

    SOLD: F/S Beyerdynamic DT 770 Studio 80 Ohm

    I will buy it if still available.
  9. donkeykong

    FS: Sennheiser HD800 headphones

    I has this paired with my Gustard DAC-X20Pro and Phonitor amp. I ran this with foobar and use DMG equilibrium to tame the lethargically high 6k peak and boost the low frequency. It sounds great. Very comfortable to wear for long listening.
  10. Look like I might have to rescue them from you. When can I come over to inspect?
  11. Man, I am going to report you for abusing all those poor tweeter cap.
  12. I am tempted for my first ever floor standing speakers. Though the price is above that psychological mark of 10000. How heavy are these speakers?
  13. Can this cd player plays dsd and sacd?