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  1. My Whatmough stands for my 202 leadlines are made from 10mm thick steel, already as heavy as buggery! 20kg! Washed sand does the trick. Never tried any other material. Steel shot would be over the top IMO...
  2. I really wouldn’t go by what “What Hi Fi” said in their review of the Rega spkrs. IMO that magazine was a useful reference source back in the early 90s to early 00s when it concentrated on 2 channel hi fi & then moved into surround sound. The reviewers were even respected Hi Fi people. But not anymore. It focuses on TVs, streaming/portable devices etc, with proper hi fi components pretty much delegated to a secondary status.
  3. I had a pair of Accusound AS308s in the late 90s, along with a pair of Aaron ATS3s. I found the Pioneer A400X more than good enough to drive them, they matched very well. It was a 50W amp, same vintage as the Accusounds. The Accusounds were my very first Aust. built speakers. Easy to drive, no need for anything outlandish to match them with.
  4. Item: Pioneer A300R integrated amplifier Location: Melb Price: $395 Item Condition: 9/10 Reason for selling: Not being used/wifey wants excess hi fi sold off Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Selling off the last of my 1990s Pioneer gear... The Precision range of components were modified with selected components by UK hi fi guru Tom Evans The step up in performance from the standard A300R is considerable, I can recall demo-ing both with the Precision amp winning hands down... My unit is pretty much mint for its age, works perfectly, no damage to the cabinet This amp has a great synergy with the Pioneer PDS stable platter CD players Comes with the original carton box & remote control which is rare to find these days Will post at buyers expense or pick up from Melb CBD on weekdays Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  5. IMO, no floorstanders regardless of the number of drivers, can produce the same depth of bass as an active subbie Maybe you are over-doing it with 2 subs, have you tried just the 1 subbie ? Have you experimented with the frequency crossover between standmounts & subbie? Its all about trial & error in setup when you are talking active subs...
  6. I can't believe the lack of cabinet damping, just a thin layer of acoustic foam around the sides of the cabinet Nothing up against the crossover to better isolate it?
  7. Still living at home, just got my first 'real full time job' after the 92 recession that was paying good $$ Just bought my first hi fi system: Pioneer PDM503 5 disc CD player, Pioneer SX202R receiver & Wharfedale CRS3 speakers cost $1,300 Spending all my $$ on my rapidly growing CD collection Reading What HiFi & HiFi Choice & all those assorted Aust. HiFi magazines, most of them long gone now Regular visitor to my local JB HiFi Hanging out at quite a few local hifi stores, esp Mike Kontor's Leading Edge store on North Road in Ormond
  8. Interesting design for a subbie I've never seen one that slim... Good WAF!
  9. @mwhouston I wonder if this is one of Mark's builds?
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