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  1. Most NAD amps have the small plastic blocking caps inserted into the plastic binding posts My spare NAD316BEE is a prime example. The little buggers can be difficult to prise out, so care is needed not the damage the posts
  2. Imagine these babies with the added Cyrus power supplies... Bargain alert!!
  3. These spkrs caused a feeding frenzy last time they were sold Im sure they will sell A lack of bass = need for a powered stubbie...
  4. Whoa! Ive never seen floorstanders placed like that on a hifi cabinet...
  5. @misternavi just think of these as the pinnacle of your Made in Melbourne collection...
  6. Wish I had the cashola... $2K for a pair of Aussie monoblocks like these = dirt cheap
  7. These were the prelude to the Solo/Duo/Trio range of Whatmough speakers in the early/mid 90's Followed by the Classic series of the late 90's Then the Opus series in the early 00's If you can live with the condition of the cabinets, a great buy!
  8. @Cable Guy, any update on the status of this sale?
  9. I also sent you a PM yesterday... What’s the new price of the damaged unit?
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