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  1. Hang in there, gents, it does get better I found I had the same symptoms with my kids growing up Now they are 16 & 13 YO, I’ve found a new sense of freedom when it comes to dedicating more time to my hifi hobby...
  2. @erest were these the ones you previously owned?
  3. I just knew Erest would be all over these... Congrats!
  4. Vintage = early 90s, they look like an early 201 build going by the serial #, but nothing to worry about, these were designed to last for years... I haven’t seen those Whatmough stands before...interesting, I like them! From the look of them in the last photo, they still have the slight incline in common with the usual 4 pillar stand design that used to come with the 201s & 202s GLWTS
  5. Both are sweet sounding players With the Apollo, Rega aimed for a more analogue sounding player The Apollo R in combo with the DAC R the sound is more variable with the filters In use
  6. Further information: This Apollo CD player is in excellent condition No damage to the cabinet, works flawlessly Comes with a pair of Rega Duet2 RCA cables, 1M in length & Rega remote control I’ve also got an Apollo R / DAC R combo so I can’t keep this one as well...orders from the wifey! Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  7. Out of curiosity, how tall are these speakers? Any bass drivers hidden inside?
  8. Great buying! These were the precursor to the KDX bookshelf speakers The indented tweeter domes can be gently prised out with a vacuum cleaner Id love a pair in Krix Mahogany or Jarrah GLWTS
  9. I thought I’d start this thread, given I’ve just bought the Rega pairing recently Feel free to post your thoughts/questions/opinions freely...
  10. Further information: Both these cables came with the Whatmough 202s that I bought a couple of years ago Previous owner bought them direct from Whatmough Have sat unused in a cupboard ever since Happy to post at buyers expense 1M Whatmough RCA interconnect cable High quality ‘Red’ cable from a few years ago The external braid has come undone from 1 RCA plug, see 3rd photo Does not affect performance 3M Whatmough biwireable copper speaker cable Banana plugs at both ends Not sure if these are solid core or multi strand Not branded ‘Whatmough’ but the branding on the cable reads ‘Clarity Spectrum 2.4’ Will separate, please send me a PM for individual prices Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  11. Pls confirm if this is this the D2 digital cable from Aurealis And approx. age if known
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