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  1. I think the first digit in the price is an error? Even allowing for the distorting bass driver!
  2. You can buy speaker foam from Jaycar or mattress foam from Clark Rubber. I use the Clark Rubber stuff as it looks like acoustic foam with the ripple design
  3. My old Pioneer amp...excellent sound quality & mods by Tom Evans GLWTS
  4. A great CD player, esp with the matching standalone DAC-R Mine’s a keeper... GLWTS
  5. Further information: This is a very high audio quality CD player having undergone a professional upgrade by fitting a valve output stage for high quality sound reproduction All modifications were carried out in the UK This valve output stage is built with top audio grade components The player is in excellent condition with no damage to the panels It is built around the decent quality Philips CDM 12.1 laser pick up but its key technical feature is a DAC section based on quite rare Crystal chip For the Special Edition of this CD player,
  6. Further information: Up for sale is my Cambridge Audio Cd player in perfect working order & excellent cosmetic condition with no damage to the panels. The D500SE was developed as entry level Audiophile CD player incorporating the Sony KSS213 laser drive assembly combined with the high precison Cirrus 24 bit/196kHz DAC chip This player was further modified in the UK with the following: A valve output stage based on Russian made 6N3PiEV output triodes for sound quality & reliability Completely separate digital & an
  7. My first real pair of hifi speakers!! These are like a barn find for classic cars...
  8. Are these the Sudgens that appeared recently in the Commercial Classifieds?
  9. I agree, a great CD player, built in the UK, A big improvement over the 2010
  10. Ian & Lindy are still around! Ive just ordered a Redgum preamp to match my RG120i power amp Fantastic Aussie made amps, I have 3, just can’t part with any of them!
  11. Further information: Aurealis Audio S418 18AWG solid copper cables using Neotech OFC copper 2.9M in length, banana plug connectors at both ends These were a BIG improvement on the CAT5 cables I used previously Perfect condition, I have 2 sets for sale but only 1 Aurealis pouch & cardboard box So first in gets the packaging If you want both sets of cables, they will both fit inside the cardboard box More info on specs can be found on aurealisaudio.com.au/retiredcables/S418 Price is for each set of cables Prefer local pick up but wi
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