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  1. I have two Miller & Kreisler subs, they are superb! Buy with confidence at this bargain price...
  2. That’s what I thought! There needs to be more clarification at the start of the post, with individual prices listed, not at the bottom
  3. Castle used to also have downward firing bass drivers hidden inside the cabinets They were also big on transmission line designs, just like (now defunct) TDL...
  4. Interesting design with the upward firing drivers, would love to have a listen...
  5. I’ve seen these advertised elsewhere online, cant believe they haven’t sold...
  6. I’ll go back up if the sale falls through...
  7. I’d like to hear a pair...I love their old school looks & dimensions
  8. I’d like to have those tweeters as spares for my 202 Leadlines...
  9. Absolutely screaming bargain.......GLWTS from a Whatmough fanatic!
  10. I'll open up my 201s to see if my crossover is the same re paralleled metal films Also, I can't recall Whatmough ever using black acoustic foam in the spkrs that I've previously owned/seen inside of
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