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  1. There was a 102 preamp in the classifieds a coupla weeks ago...
  2. Yes, I saw those, but there’s one connector for 2 spkrs??
  3. I’m wondering how you connect the spkrs to the rear of the power amp....
  4. Another equivalent sports car barn find! With original tags too! OMG... GLWTS
  5. The equivalent of a barn find for sports cars Love it!! GLWTS
  6. I own the 2nd pair of 201s built after these Excellent spkrs, cabinets can be easily tidied up with proper timber oil These are the Export model with the timber veneer finish, made esp for the Asian market, improved crossover components compared to the std 201s GLWTS
  7. The drivers look like Focals, the same ones used in the Whatmough 201s & 202s in the 90s
  8. I think the first digit in the price is an error? Even allowing for the distorting bass driver!
  9. You can buy speaker foam from Jaycar or mattress foam from Clark Rubber. I use the Clark Rubber stuff as it looks like acoustic foam with the ripple design
  10. My old Pioneer amp...excellent sound quality & mods by Tom Evans GLWTS
  11. A great CD player, esp with the matching standalone DAC-R Mine’s a keeper... GLWTS
  12. Further information: This is a very high audio quality CD player having undergone a professional upgrade by fitting a valve output stage for high quality sound reproduction All modifications were carried out in the UK This valve output stage is built with top audio grade components The player is in excellent condition with no damage to the panels It is built around the decent quality Philips CDM 12.1 laser pick up but its key technical feature is a DAC section based on quite rare Crystal chip For the Special Edition of this CD player,
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