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  1. The Hulgich Dukes are here - got here mid-week actually. There were some miscommunication that caused some delays, but @HA_Nick worked very hard - sleeping 4 hours a day! - to get these done before Christmas! It took a long time to put these into position, I was completed drenched at the end got managed to get their distance to the walls to +/- 1mm and toed in at 5.6 degrees: I still need to sort out all my cables, but one thing at a time... More pictures: These sound wonderful in my room, I was initially worried these would produce too much bass in my small-ish room, but it's just right actually. There have been a few upgrades to them since I last heard them, including an adjustment to the bass cabinet padding, improving bass integration. Upgraded capacitors, back plate and speaker terminals. I have no doubt the next Duke will be even better than mine. Have been burning in the past few days and still ways to go. If I could describe how the Hulgich Duke sound, is they have no sound at all! They don't add the slightest colour to the original recording. They are the very definition of high fidelity, losing nothing to colouration. It takes some time to get used to the sound, especially coming from my old smooth PMC's, and possibly every other speaker in existence. They remind me of my acoustic impression of the MBL 101E mk2's, but with a better integrated bass, I could be very well be wrong though as my impression is very dated.
  2. Item: PMC Twenty.21 speakers (gloss) /w Dynaudio 3X stands Location: Melbourne SE Price: Speakers $1,500 for speakers ($3,400 new), $200 for stands ($450 new) Item Condition: Speakers are perfect, stands missing a screw see description Reason for selling: Wife forced me to upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash (preferred), Paypal (+ fees), Direct Deposit Extra Info: Transmission line bookshelf speaker with a bass that rivals some floorstanders. People who heard this in the past have commented: "Where is the bass coming from?" "This is the biggest sound I've heard from a speaker of this size." "It not only has bass, it's fast and there is zero bloat." "Very neutral and big soundstage" Here's a video playing Dire Straits and Kings of Leon without a sub: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gy0zjy3lp0w7g4m/PMCTwenty21Demo1.mkv?dl=0 Easy to drive and works great with small tube amps, with the volume on 50% it easily fills my 4x5.5 room. When I bought this, my quest was to find the best bookshelf under $5k, and I chose this speaker as it was the fastest speaker I've heard in this price range, the fastest and most open of the PMC Twenty range. The presentation is very neutral and transparent, it took me a long search to find something categorically better and ended up with the legendary Hulgich Duke speakers. You're welcome to listen to my Dukes if picking up. In the discontinued piano gloss which carried an extra $400 RRP compared to standard finishes. I'm the first owner, smoke and pet free home. Reviews: https://www.whathifi.com/pmc/twenty-21/review https://www.avforums.com/review/pmc-twenty-21-speaker-review.11858 The stand is a Dynaudio 3X stand, solid steel construction with feet spikes. Matches aesthetically with the PMC with its tiled profile: https://www.lifestylestore.com.au/dynaudio-stand-3x-speaker-stands.html Missing one screw which can be bought from Bunnings, and another screw doesn't go in fully, it doesn't bother me and is fully functional. Have original box for the speakers but not for the stands, prefer pickup. Can separate but prefer speakers to sell first. Photos:
  3. If this was a pair of <insert any high-end brand>, it would be snatched up already. Problem is hardly anyone has heard of Hulgich Audio nor any of their speakers. Give it a more few years and people will be beating themselves up for having missed this deal.
  4. For me, the end game is a process of self discovery and learning. It can't be quantified by the money you spend, nor the number of setups you own / owned. Will I ever reach end-game? Probably not, but I will only get closer to my end-game as I get older and my ears start to fail.
  5. His Impedance Correct Circuit makes his speakers work better with tubes, but still not as good as solid state. It's the reason I sold my PrimaLuna DL and replaced it with a SS amp, so I can take full advantage of the Duke with or without ICC.
  6. Item: PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium Integrated KT88 (+ bonus stand for pickup) Location: Melbourne SE Price: $2,700 (RRP $4,595) Item Condition: Flawless Reason for selling: Too many cardboard boxes Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal (+ fees) Extra Info: Once rated by Stereophile as the best tube amp at any price. Built like a tank, big power reserves and sounds great with everything. Also supports EL34, KT120, KT150 tubes. Works in triode or ultralinear mode at the press of a button on the remote, auto-biasing circuit and bad tube indicators. Can also work as a power amp with HT bypass, the unique circuit allows the input signal to completely ignore the pre-amp stage. Comes with premium remote, stock tubes (6x12AU7, 4xKT88), and 4x12BH7 (can't remember the brand, either Raytheon or Sylvannia), I have the 12BH7 as follower tubes as I found it sounds best this way, stock power cord and tube rings. Smoke and pet free home. And if you're picking up you can also have the isolation platform I built for it: Isolation platform for pick up only: 16mm MDF sandwich, filled with 34mm high of mallet compressed sand and four chrome spikes as feet. I originally planned to add veneer to the sides, but then I got lazy and don't feel like moving it again. The stand supports the PrimaLuna with ease and sounds so much better than the wooden unit I had before. The soundstage is much larger and airier, the transients are sharper, and the imaging is more focused than before. Have original packaging so can ship, but prefer the buyer to organise shipping & insurance. It's about 35kg. Priority to local buyers who can do cash pick up, I'll have it in a box for you. I do not wish to demo the amp as the tubes take time to cool properly for transport, however I can record it in action for your favourite song prior to pick up and upload it to Dropbox. Photos:
  7. It'd be an insult if I had to drop the price on this DAC any further, so instead I am withdrawing this item for sale. I'm sure I'll find a better use for this DAC in the future.
  8. Cheers for your recommendation. I priced this for a quick sale, it's unfortunate the PDX isn't well known. If this is a Schiit Yggy it'd be gone overnight at this price, and the PDX sounds way better.
  9. Price drop! Just to be clear, for people who never heard of this DAC before, this is an end-game DAC, there's nothing quite like it at this price even second hand in all that I saw on SNA classifieds! FYI my new DAC is only an improvement after spending over $8000 on it.
  10. Item: PDX Konvertor USB DAC Location: Melbourne SE Price: $1,200 $1,100 Item Condition: Average, see notes. Reason for selling: Going to solid state Payment Method: Pickup only as I have no box, so cash preferred, direct deposit or PayPal (+fees) is fine if it clears before pickup. Extra Info: Just to be clear, for people who haven't heard this DAC, this is an end-game DAC, there's nothing quite like it at this price even second hand! FYI my new DAC is only an improvement after spending over $8000 on it. This is an one-of-a-kind PDX DAC that was supposed to be either PDX Level 3 or the original Konverter tube DAC, with an original intended price of over $5k+ RRP. I've never owned the original PDX but I've been told the Konverter upgrade on this DAC has made it much faster and transparent, while retaining the original tonality of the PDX. It features: PCM1704U-K chips Duelund caps Bybees on output Single tube output AMR Gold fuse USB and Coax inputs are driven by batteries (although Coax has never worked since I bought it) It comes with the stock tube Gold Aero 6DJ8 Holland, but I'm also giving away any 1 of my 6DJ8/6922/7308 tube collection which contains the legendary Amperex 6922 PQ D-Getter Pinched Waist (this is about $300-400 USD per tube on ebay), as pictured below, if that doesn't tickle your fancy the other tubes in my collection are: Ei 6DJ8 A-frame Yugoslovakia Sylvania/Amperex 7308 Holland RCA 6922 Great Britain And 5 others which I have no idea, the labels are too far gone. I know one of them is a Voshkod Rocket silver screen, at least one Amperex 6922 PQ (non PW) and at least one Amperex 6DJ8 A-frame O-getter Holland. I've also since upgraded the USB board to a HiFace 2 which sounds much better than the original board, and also gives it UAC2 support (exclusive mode in Win 10 or Mac - although I've never tested it on Mac). Inc stock power supply and can demo on pickup. Buy it for one of the best sounding DACs with PCM at any price, or salvage it for parts and get back $2k+. Photos:
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