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  1. When I was looking for an endgame speaker, I came very close to buying a pair of Monuments after auditioning them twice. Once with family and once without. While the Epitome Reference was a good speaker, the sound performance gap between the Monument Reference and Epitome Reference was surprisingly large despite being only slightly different in price, after hearing the Monument I don't think I can call the Epitome Reference an endgame speaker anymore.
  2. I have one of these and also the same Amperex PW. Sounds amazing and you'd have to spend 3-4x to get the same SQ so the original $6K RRP is justified. The only issue with this DAC is nobody knows how good they are.
  3. Nice, thanks for your response Still a sick optical illusion though.
  4. The speakers don't look aligned to me, is that a new audiophile fad?
  5. Be sure to post pictures when you get them, yours would look even better with the magnetic grilles. You're right about room size, according to this at least (https://www.audioholics.com/loudspeaker-design/subwoofer-room-size) 60 m3 is considered medium. It does feel small with the big Dukes though.
  6. Being front ported makes them easier to place, they are not boomy and are actually almost ruler flat on my measurements. I haven't had any guests nitpick about the bass, although they have nitpicked about my small room For the Duke model, Nick recommends a minimum of 2.4m between the speakers and 0.6m from the walls. In my room they are 2.5m apart, 0.75m from the side wall and 1.1m from the front wall. Couch is placed at 1/3rd of the room with a listening distance of 2.68m. His black fronts are definitely more popular, but both my wife and I thought the white fronts s
  7. Hulgich Audio by @HA_Nick and Göran Niréus, based in Adelaide. They are currently not that well known but are highly regarded on SNA and within small audiophile circles. So I am creating this thread to call on all Hulgich fans to share their love with the wider community. If I could describe them in one sentence it would be a speaker that is bang on neutral with nothing out of place. I know of a few audiophiles who spent years listening and owning different speakers, only to settle on Hulgich as their endgame. Please share your photos and own thoughts about Hulgich spea
  8. Between the top 3 that I've heard, it's a tough call between the Focal and the JBL. However the best times I've heard Focals they were on McIntosh so that may tip them in their favour.
  9. Every night, when I listen to my Hulgich Dukes, I am repeatedly surprised how sub-$20k can sound this good. When I auditioned some 6-figure TOTL speakers from Focal, MBL, Raidho, sure I liked the sound but they were in the realm of unaffordable for me. But now the Duke is making me want to spend the same amount of money on a larger room. I've been quoted north of $200k for a 6x10 home theatre as an extension to the rear of my house. If I have spare change left over I might buy a new DAC, pre or power amp, but the Hulgichs are here to stay.
  10. The best "wire with gain" headphone amp I've ever used, and makes a bloody good pre-amp too (replaced my PrimaLuna DL Premium).
  11. That's the one, similar process to Swiss Water but not exactly the same.
  12. Give this Mountain Water decaf a go, I find it to be closer to the original bean than the average Swiss Water decaf (I just haven't found a good Swiss Water). https://ministrygrounds.com.au/product/mexican-mountain-water-rfa-organic-de-caf-roast/
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