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  1. Since you asked how to do it, and not whether it was a bad idea: Jumbo/Giant Frame Support on Catalyst Switches Configuration Example WWW.CISCO.COM This document provides a sample configuration for Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) sizes supported across all of the Cisco Catalyst-series switches on Ethernet-based ports. Skip to the: Use the system mtu jumbo command to change the MTU for all Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. This command only affects Gigabit Ethernet Interfaces. Verify Use the show system mtu command to view the MTU sizes after reload. Plug all your audio devices into that switch. Don't change the vlan assignments. Don't plug in the TPLINK unless you can change a specific interface's MTU to match the 2960. Run it and see how it "sounds", and don't listen to those experts who poo poo the idea that unicorns stroke the binary as it flows through an audiophile switch. I'll be surprised if any of your audio kit actually supports a higher MTU than 1500, but I wish you the best of luck on your wonderful journey of learning.
  2. Telstra buys O2 Networks for $60 million WWW.TECHNOLOGYDECISIONS.COM.AU Telstra has acquired network solutions provider O2 Networks in a deal reportedly worth $60 million. His sales technique is fine.
  3. Hi, I was wondering why the JBL s3900's and s4700's appear to get no love in Australia. They were at the hifi show in melb late last year and I rather liked their tone and bass presence. The alternative I'm considering are ATC's. Listened to a pair last weekend and loved their midrange. What are your thoughts? Mark
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