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  1. Hi All I've recently upgraded speakers, mono block amps and cables (Aussie made cables!). I only listen two channels and am looking at getting a "cheaper" 4K processor, and better DAC and SCHIIT FREYA + pre Amp to replace it. The problem is I need a surround/video pre-process for Foxtel & Apple TV. The TV is a very old 4K 70" Sharp without all the bells and whistles and standards needed for today. I have to run a bluestream between the processor and the TV to make the TV HDCDP 2.2 compliant). So an 8K TV is probably on the cards in the next 12-24months. The new pre-processor will effectively need to be upgradable or "disposable". I jumped in super early on 4K and don't want to do the same on 8K. To make the upgrade work I need to sell the 8802a to fee up space and money. What is the unit worth these days or do I just hold out for another 12months? Any questions or suggestions welcomed
  2. Yes these are sold. thanks for all the interset. Cheers ak
  3. Further information: Hi all I've had these cables for three years to connect my pre-amp and power amp. I've recently upgraded, s so i'm looking to find them a new home. Chord Site https://chord.co.uk/product/clearway-analogue-xlr/ Happy to answers any questions Cheers Arkin
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