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  1. Incredible! I've been drooling over these all afternoon. They are more "art installation" than audio gear. GLWTS.
  2. I currently have an amp that runs 4 EL34's and it is not too bad with heat output. I was curious if the PL puts out enough heat to make you think twice about using it in summer without A/C?
  3. I am trying to organise an AV setup for my parent's new home and since my experience is mainly headfi I am a bit lost. I originally was going to get a Marantz or Yamaha Receiver and use their respective apps to control this very simple AV setup which consists of a TV with 2 floor standers and a rack with 4 components (bluray etc). I spoke to an AV installer and he was quick to tell me how these apps are "junk" and that they don't work very well, so he suggested getting a setup that uses their software. So the question is, is he telling me the truth or am I about to saddle my parent's with a piece of dubious software that is going to cost a couple of hundred to fix every time it breaks down or a component is changed? Thanks for your help.
  4. I feel for you mate! I had to wait for a bhse... An epic headphone amplifier, GLWTS.
  5. Quote The small white dot in the centre of the image below is the pin sized indentation.
  6. Thanks twm, my audio rack is going to look a lot more plain when this goes.
  7. Quote The small white dot in the centre of the image below is the pin sized indentation.
  8. I had a pair, had to reluctantly sell them. They are impressive for desktop speakers. GLWTS.
  9. Interested. May I come and listen to them before purchase? I am in Brisbane (obviously).
  10. Interested in the power cable. Pm sent.
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