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  1. Col. Mustard

    EXPIRED: FS: Linkwitz LX521.4 System

    Incredible! I've been drooling over these all afternoon. They are more "art installation" than audio gear. GLWTS.
  2. Col. Mustard

    PrimaLuna; standard vs HP

    I currently have an amp that runs 4 EL34's and it is not too bad with heat output. I was curious if the PL puts out enough heat to make you think twice about using it in summer without A/C?
  3. Col. Mustard

    PrimaLuna; standard vs HP

    Question for PL owners, how hot does the amp get?
  4. I am trying to organise an AV setup for my parent's new home and since my experience is mainly headfi I am a bit lost. I originally was going to get a Marantz or Yamaha Receiver and use their respective apps to control this very simple AV setup which consists of a TV with 2 floor standers and a rack with 4 components (bluray etc). I spoke to an AV installer and he was quick to tell me how these apps are "junk" and that they don't work very well, so he suggested getting a setup that uses their software. So the question is, is he telling me the truth or am I about to saddle my parent's with a piece of dubious software that is going to cost a couple of hundred to fix every time it breaks down or a component is changed? Thanks for your help.
  5. I feel for you mate! I had to wait for a bhse... An epic headphone amplifier, GLWTS.
  6. Quote The small white dot in the centre of the image below is the pin sized indentation.
  7. Couldn't have come at a worse time! Awesome amp, GLWTS.
  8. Thanks twm, my audio rack is going to look a lot more plain when this goes.
  9. Quote The small white dot in the centre of the image below is the pin sized indentation.
  10. Col. Mustard

    FS: Swan M200MKIII Reference Powered Monitors

    I had a pair, had to reluctantly sell them. They are impressive for desktop speakers. GLWTS.
  11. Interested. May I come and listen to them before purchase? I am in Brisbane (obviously).
  12. Col. Mustard

    wywyres silver series cables

    Interested in the power cable. Pm sent.