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  1. Cheers guys. I thought this was a good price, but the market doesn't agree at the moment. I'm in no rush, so should I leave it at its current price and see what happens, or is this a touch too steep? Maybe I'll keep it after all... Cheers, James
  2. Further information: This tuner is in excellent condition. It's in perfect working order and has no marks on the case. I've owned this since new in 2010, and it worked superbly for me when I had it up and running. A move to a new house has seen a need for a rethink on the hifi set-up and I no longer have a use for this (or the amp in my other listing). I don't have the original box so local pick-up would be best, but I'd consider shipping if required. Further info available here: https://techsupport.cambridgeaudio.com/hc/en-us/articles/2005719
  3. Further information: Selling this amp as it has literally never been out of its box since purchased new. I suspect the retailer opened it to check all was there, but until I opened the box today to take photos it has sat untouched. This is a large piece of kit, and as much as I wanted to make it work it (and the associated hifi gear I've been trying to slip in) simply doesn't fit the layout of our home and rather than battle over making it work I figure it's about time to let this go to a good home where it can be put to good use. The amp is in perfect cond
  4. That looks like a great buy. Thanks @Snoopy8. I'm OS right now and I suspect others will have already jumped on it, but I'll see how I go.
  5. In addition to the ML1 and the PMC twenty5.21, how would the Usher Diamond Dancer Mini-X fare, assuming it's still available? That's previously been recommended to me, albeit for a slightly different set-up. And any thoughts on the other two I mentioned (Harbeth and Spendor)? Maybe I just need to bite the bullet, buy the Naim, and go test these out. The only one on that list I can't access readily would be the Usher.
  6. Thanks Snoopy8. I've heard those before (although away from home and therefore only with what I was told would closely resemble my amp), and really liked them. At the time I'd settled on those as the ones to get. As it's unlikely I'll be able to place my speakers properly they'll need to be able to handle being close to walls behind and beside them. Possibly even inside an actual bookcase of sorts. I'll look at these again once I determine which way I'm going. Others that have caught my eye (not yet ear), are the Harbeth P3ESR or maybe the Spendor Classic 4/5.
  7. I've looked at previous iterations of those before. Thank you, as I'd kind of dismissed them for no reason I can think of.
  8. I'd not thought about that at all. I guess that opens quite a few more options.
  9. Hello all, I'm just about ready to take the plunge into this world and could use some advice, please. Although I have an amp (Yamaha A-S1000), I have no speakers and no source other than a Cambridge Audio tuner (Azur 650T - which I will likely sell). It's a long story to explain how this came to be, but basically several house moves, new addition to the family, job insecurity, house renos, etc., have led to my old speakers being let go and the amp languishing in a box. I currently listen using Sonos and streaming Spotify only. I'm keen to get into digital
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