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  1. Some DIY Today on the LP12 Plinth. Before & After 👍
  2. Some old and some new PJ to kick the weekend off
  3. 25 years ago, Great band to see live 👍
  4. Im thinking the same now 😁
  5. So you decided to use the Black plinth instead for the upgrade? Ps-I’m not colour blind 🤫
  6. Both lovely decks 👍👍
  7. Tase, what are the differences between the two decks besides the plinths?
  8. Piece by piece - Stack Audio Serene baseplate with adjustable feet for the LP12 Rebuild
  9. Its been getting rave reviews by current owners over seas
  10. The Valhalla was noisey anyway, so going to the Herc was definitely an upgrade, plus having 45rpm 👍
  11. Rolling into the Weekend 🤘
  12. Has anyone here used one of these for connecting Tonearms? Din plug into RCA connectors
  13. Im looking for some solution on getting rid of the Red connector shown below, The tonearm has the original wiring so needs updating. Would just getting the arm rewired and soldered onto new RCAs work or the OPs question in regards to the incognito kit work? Cheers
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