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  1. Ive only played it the once so far but really enjoyed its, worth a listen πŸ‘
  2. First spin of Pearl jams latest-Gigaton
  3. Recieved my copy today with the bonus 7" Will hopefully spin it tonight 🎸
  4. Just going with the Cardas Just saving a bit more before i send it of πŸ‘
  5. Ive been in contact with John from Audio Origami, to get him to re-wire the Mission & the RCA end as wellπŸ‘
  6. Im impressed with it, lots of low bass πŸ‘
  7. The Prince of Darkness latest 🀘
  8. After some alignments & adjustments the LP12 is really starting to sing, Ive been impressed with the Grado Gold2 cart so far and more improvement to come as it burns inπŸ‘
  9. The LP12 Pulling Duty today 😁
  10. Waiting for mine to arrive 😒
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