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  1. Further information: Photos: Great amp with plenty of reviews online. I was using this Amp in a Bi-Amp setup with another Nad 275 but have gone back to usinģ just the one due to space constraints
  2. The Top Plate is milled Aluminium & The Sub- Chassis is an Acrylic Polymer
  3. My Mission 774 has the SME Base👍
  4. A few more parts for the LP12 Stack Audio Ultimate top Plate & Stack Audio Sub- Chassis with SME Armboard
  5. Since i dont have this on Vinyl, ive resorted to a Silver disk thing🤔 Skid Row
  6. Now taken thanks
  7. Item:Boxes of Vinyl Price Range:$0 Item Condition: Used Extra Info I have about 7 Boxes of vinyl to give away, mostly 50s & 60s, Country, classic, all in varying degrees of quality. PICK UP ONLY - ADELAIDE
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