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  1. Marantz is bringing along something new. Its going to accompany the new pm8006 when released. It's basically a cdxxx and a naxxxx in one. It will play cd's and stream as well as usb dac. And it w have HEOS. Making it a very versatile digital device. No info as on price nor availability but im loving this idea, i only found a German link, google translate should help http://raumklangbonn.de/marantz-nd-8006-cd-netzwerkspieler/
  2. Item: laptop Location: East Melbourne Price: 1100 Item Condition: good Reason for selling: planning overseas trip need spending money Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD. Extra Info: the full specs are easy to find on google. it's in good condition but can clearly see some cosmetic marks. It runs smoothly with fresh install if windows 7. One hard drive is replaced with a brand new 125gb Ssd drive for better performance. It also comes with a brand new battery. Pictures:
  3. I once ordered a €250 item from a dutch site, but only caused they removed the gst at the checkout, was a good 20% Discount. And when I went back a few days later they changed it. Now gst is included in all sales. It used to be a good incentive to get international orders going, but with online shopping being a normal thing now, I'm guessing sites taking off gst is getting less and less..
  4. I will. Already got an email saying it's shipped. Can't wait.
  5. How did you get that price? £59.99 is aud$104 converted. I couldn't get a clear answer on shipping costs either, and im not going to assume they charge same price as they do for cd/dvd. I did put item in basket but shows no info on shipping,even if i check out it goes straight to payment.
  6. Rammstein just released their live show recorded in Paris from 2012. They are releasing a double cd, a blu-ray and A set of 4 blue vinyls. I couldn't resist so i bought the box set containing all 3 Also the only way to buy the vinyl, as they are not selling the vinyl separately. $130 delivered from the rammstein shop.
  7. Item: Technics SL 1210 M3D Location: Melbourne eastern suburbs Price: $950 Item Condition: good Reason for selling: my mkII is enough, need funds for overseas trip to visit parents Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD. Extra Info: It's in perfect working condition. Has some cosmetic marks, but other than that it's in a really good condition. It does not come with lid nor a needle. Price is negotiable. Pictures:
  8. Item: technics sl1210m5g Location: Mooroolbark (east Melbourne) Price: 0 Item Condition: good Reason for selling: happy with mkII, need funds for overseas trip and visit parents Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD. Extra Info: This doesn't need any introduction. I'll just add this, it's the 30th anniversary edition, aka grandmaster. 16%pitch control and metallic black finish. It's in a good condition. It's not perfect as there are some wear and tear marks, but they are only cosmetic. It is in very good working condition. All lights works, and pitch works fine. Comes with needle as pictured, no lid unfortunately. Any questions, feel free to ask. Pictures:
  9. Here is an interesting turn. Rosberg leaves F1!! Looks like one silver arrow will get a different driver.. New talent or stealing one from another team?
  10. Although I'm not actually spinning it, and i may never do, i recently bought this limited edition thunderdome die hard picture disc vinyl. By far the the most money i paid for one vinyl. This vinyl is only available as part of a box set with other items, and was made in a small amount of numbers.
  11. And we are back. Lots of action.
  12. On the top it reads : knobs avail. Maybe the seller has the knobs available? Could be worth while contacting the auction site.
  13. I thought switch was to select usb / rca.Looks like you are right.
  14. Looks like an 'all in one' tt for easy playback. Its a nice desktop solution as you can use it with powered speakers for a smaller footprint. But the build in phono can't be bypassed so no flexibility of using you own pre amp. I'm also missing a ground cable, i assume it's internally grounded, but if you do come across a grounding issue then there is no way of fixing tgat. Although i like that they added a cheaper budget friendly option, i still prefer the 1000
  15. P. S. What do you use to access netflix? A fixed connection is always better. Maybe choose a different device that uses cable?
  16. It doesn't hurt to try this out first. It may be just fine, nothing to loose.
  17. I do have the same optus router and thought it was average . So i bought a tp link archer c2 router for around $75 and noticed improvement. I don't think you need to spend +200 to get good results, but it all depends what you want to achieve from your router. The optus router is not horrible and it does the trick, but putting it in bridged mode with a different router will bring advantages.
  18. Im a fan of android but not yet used an android tv gadget. I am using other media streamers and it depends on what you want to watch. In general there is free stuff available but usually no good. The better stuff wil come with an subscription, think netflix / stan as an example. Sports is harder to watch as the is a lot of money involved with licensing. Then there is overseas stuff, in addition to the above it can get more complicated as most won't allow viewing from overseas, making subscribing also difficult. And you need a strong international internet connection. So, what are you trying to get out of it?
  19. This is pretty cool. I'm tempted to get one but probably only use it once or twice so im might not buy it. It does have my favourite game ; ghost'n'goblins
  20. Still, good results for both bulls. 3 and 4, closing the gap to Ferrari to 4 points Lovely overtaking from Verstappen on rosberg
  21. Yes silly but so are the radio rules. Rosberg might receive a penalty because of this.
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