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  1. byronstreetmike

    SOLD: FS: Spendor A9 Speakers

    Hi Ben, The Spendors look interesting. I have a valve amp, about 35w. Would that be sufficient do you think? Mike
  2. Hi Rick, Is this the bluetooth capable uniti2?
  3. byronstreetmike


    Hi Ben, I'm looking for a second system and this could be ok. Are you open to an offer? Mike
  4. byronstreetmike

    FS: Naim Nait 5i-2 Integrated amp

    Hi Victor, is the amp available? Mike
  5. byronstreetmike

    FS: naim nait 5i

    Hi Batou, I', in SYD, would you post? How much would that be?
  6. byronstreetmike

    FS: Naim 5i

    Hi Gzman, what would be postage to SYD?
  7. byronstreetmike


    Hi All, I am like most of you as obsessed with my HiFi gear as ever. Valves, nothing else. Digital because I gave all my vinyl to my brother, Erk. More to come.
  8. byronstreetmike

    FS: Naim ND5 XS

    Item: Naim ND5 XS BT Location: Sydney Price: $2650 Item Condition: As new Reason for selling: Trying something new Payment Method: Cash, Paypal, Extra Info: I love the sound, up there with my Audionote. The convenience and the software, I may regret this but I have to try something else. The unit is as it came from the showroom. Bought in Sydney from Audiogenesis. I can ship at buyers expense. https://www.naimaudio.com/product/nd5-xs https://www.gramophone.co.uk/editorial/naim-ndx-high-end-network-player-more-than-justifies-its-price https://www.whathifi.com/naim/nd5-xs/review Pictures:
  9. byronstreetmike

    usb cable quality

    hi and thanks for all the ideas. i'm going to get some audio geek friends together and try a comparison. I'll post the result from a blind test. No visuals that is, not drunk
  10. byronstreetmike

    usb cable quality

    Hi and thanks for these. I'm just using a computer-printer cable now so anything will be an improvement
  11. byronstreetmike

    usb cable quality

    I have started a new system streaming from QNAP NAS using Roon. What is a good quality USB cable to use and how would that help?