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  1. Sony X9400E hdcp question

    New TV installed, no lines............. so far😕
  2. THX Video Calibration Sydney

    PM sent😊
  3. Sony X9400E hdcp question

    Sent this photo (lines to right of doorway) to retailer, followed up today, and they advise Sony is going to replace the TV. What a PITA, having to move heavy av cabinet again, to get this off the wall. 😣
  4. Sony X9400E hdcp question

    Thanks for that, will call Sony tomorrow. After the installers left, I noted that the instructions advised not to lay the tv flat, and they did lay it flat to attach mounting brackets. The tv flexed and twisted when they picked it up. I was squirming, but didn't say anything. Will see what happens tomorrow, thanks again.
  5. Sony X9400E hdcp question

    Ok, the more I view the tv, the more I think there's a fault. I've done a screen grab, and can I say the picture is not great, but it shows the bars that run vertically. I'm pretty sure they are there all the time, but they just stand out during motion. What do y'all think?
  6. Sony X9400E hdcp question

    So, I tried every different motion flow setting, to no avail. I guess the best way I can describe it is that it looks like the screen is dirty (it's not) with vertical lines/shadows that are about 2 inches thick. They don't move so are not noticeable on a fixed shot, but as stated above they are obvious when camera's panning. I have tried different inputs, no change. I honestly don't know if I am being paranoid/overly fussy, or if it is faulty. One option is to organise calibration (it won't take me long to get the hours up), as I've got a projector to be done too, & let the professional have a look.
  7. Sony X9400E hdcp question

    Thanks, I'll give it a go and report back.
  8. Sony X9400E hdcp question

    So I have another question. Anyone with same/similar TV notice vertical lines when camera/shot is panning? I'm not sure whether it is a fault or just a limitation of the tv. One thing I did notice when the unit was being installed (free as part of purchase), was that the guys were twisting the unit as they struggled with the weight of the unit. I offered to help, but they refused. Could twisting have caused these vertical lines? I will try to get a pic.
  9. Sony X9400E hdcp question

    Well I have solved my problem. Bought a new AVR 😉 Might move the old yammy into the cinema room to power the fronts 😁
  10. Sony X9400E hdcp question

    I guess what I am trying to ensure is that I'll get picture and sound from my external components. My options appear to be: 1. plugging them all in direct to the TV, then using optical out to amp to bypass hdcp requirements 2. Moving hd fury integral into chain to allow all components to remain plugged into amp, with one hdmi into TV. Number 1 would be significantly cheaper, only having to purchase a 2mtr optical cable, just wanting to confirm will get picture when connecting components directly to the TV. Anyone with a late model Sony able to comment?
  11. Sony X9400E hdcp question

    Thanks Colin, I think I should be able to get 4k Netflix as I will have ethernet direct to TV, which has Netflix already on board. I'm hoping that 1080p content will go through ok (this is my main worry) P. S. Have hd fury in ht room setup. I guess if in future I want to add 4k player I can use integral, and maybe upgrade to vertex (or a new projector 😁) in the home theatre.
  12. Hi peeps, Looking for some advice. Am about to take possession of 75" Sony X9400E, and am worried about hdcp issues. Current setup is as follows: Foxtel iq3, Beyonwiz T4, Apple TV & Yamaha bluray - - - > all into Yamaha RX A3000 via hdmi - - - > into Pioneer Kuro via hdmi. Gives simplicity of only one cable running to the TV. I always run sound through amp and speakers, never through TV, and will continue to do so. So my question is, will I still be able to run all devices into new tv via hdmi pass through in amp, or will hdcp stuff it up? I'm currently only intending to use inbuilt Netflix for 4k content, all external content will be 1080p max Is it only 4k content that is effected by hdcp? Should I run a second hdmi for possible future 4k player? Optical cable as well? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  13. Well after umming and aahing about upgrading my projector, and not being able to get the one I wanted, I had some money burning a hole in my pocket, so decided to grab a Sony KD75X9400E that was on special to replace my 10 year old Kuro. Lots of thoughts about going Oled, but in the end I wanted something bigger😂
  14. SONY A1 - OLED

    Don't know if this is a good price, but JB HIFI have sale..... https://www.jbhifi.com.au/tv-home-entertainment/hd-televisions/sony/sony-kd65a1-65-4k-hdr-android-smart-oled-tv/453475/
  15. Yep, my gut feeling was to give it a pass, thanks for confirming 😊