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  1. Well my email was quite strongly worded, and I said I want the disc reader replaced, end of story. So if they refuse, I'll get the retailer involved.
  2. I've dealt directly with Interdyn the whole time, as I've been sending files for discs that won't play for months now. The retailer doesn't even know at this stage.
  3. Well I've just received an email saying that the problem is likely to be the disc, and all the disc issues experienced are due to the manufacturing process & can only be fixed with a firmware update. In fact they are "99% it's not the disc reader"!! Well, I politely disagreed, and pointed out that if it is the disc, why does it play fine in other players? And if I have to rely on a firmware update every time I buy a new disc, how long until my player is nothing but a paperweight? I then pointed out that the only fix, both here and overseas, has been to replace the optical reader. I really want to punch someone right now.
  4. Well they said they did test it, but probably not that particular disc. As I noted previously, the fault on their report was just the intermittent slow motion issue, but no mention of the far more common issue of disc reading issues the player has had, going back to when I first purchased it. I've had to send them multiple files for discs that wouldn't play, which would then be fixed with a firmware update, but no one else seemed to have these issues, and I repeatedly told them that the reader would make ticking noises. Bloody frustrating as hell.
  5. From the many emails I sent them with all the issues, I'm disappointed that they didn't replace the optical reader as you mention. Looks like they've gone for the cheapest fix first.
  6. Well it turns out crossing your fingers doesn't fix a lemon. Got player back today and obviously the first disc I tried was Infinity Wars, as it was the one that wouldn't spin up before. Tried twice, Oppo went to blue screen and became unresponsive to any command. Had to turn off and on again. So I cleaned the disc again, and tried a 3rd time, same result. On the 4th attempt, a small, short-lived miracle happened and the disc spun up. I watched about 5 minutes, then stopped the movie and went back to the main menu. Upon selecting the disc to play again, you guessed it, blue screen. On the bright side, I managed to watch a movie tonight, just wasn't the one I wanted to watch. Another annoyance is that the fault on the repair paperwork listed the random slow motion and chapter menu popping up, but nothing of the much more detailed information I'd provided about the ticking noise of the laser and overly sensitive disc reading. Did they even check the disc reading mechanism? Who knows. I've emailed Interdyn to ask for a replacement or a refund. Not happy Jan 🤬
  7. Just been advised player is on its way back to me after having main board replaced. I have everything crossed 🤞
  8. Packed up and shipped back to Interdyn, will be interesting to see how/what they do to fix it.
  9. Have cleaned all the discs. Makes no difference.
  10. So I just updated to latest firmware via USB. Previously, of the 4 latest 4k discs I'd tried, 2 worked and 2 would not. They'd spin up for over 60 seconds, then come up as unknown disc. Of the 2 not working, one now plays (Black Panther), the other still does not (Avengers Infinity Wars). Now though, instead of spinning up as Unknown Disc, it freezes the player, and I get a blue screen and have to turn Oppo off and on again. Ironically, all discs work perfectly on my much much much cheaper Sony UBP-X700 that's in the lounge room 😡 Packing this up tonight, this thing is a lemon. So disappointed after having a 105D that worked perfectly. Anyone know if I need to send it back with power cord? (I'm thinking no)
  11. It wasn't yesterday either
  12. OK, thanks, will give it a go.
  13. I have lodged a ticket with Interdyn, will box it up and send it back this week.
  14. No update that I can see. Was hoping there was one as everytime I buy a few new 4k discs, only half of them play. Last lot was only fixed with update. Getting beyond a joke now.
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