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  1. These are pending sold, if pick-up tonight goes ahead as planned.
  2. Item: Trevor Lees 3-way floor standing speakers Location: Fitzroy / Collingwood Price: $275 OBO (They need to be gone by 7th August) Item Condition: Perfect working order, top of cabinets a little sun-faded. Reason for selling: Enough speakers already! Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: These are Trevor's classic rear-ported MTM configuration with bi-wire terminals. Cabinets by Whatmough, I believe. These speakers are built in the usual style and materials Trevor's designs are known for. Dimensions are 1m x 30cm x 18cm. Sound excellent with great midrange, imaging, and good bass. I bought these new from Trevor in the 90s for $800, I seem to recall. They've got sand filled cavities, so heavy (30kg). These are a steal at this price for the sound you get. Note: They are in a storage unit in Collingwood, so unable to audition, hence the price!
  3. Item: 6m pair of speaker cables (See photo) Price Range: NIL, but donation to SN appreciated. Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Pick up only from Fitzroy, VIC.
  4. OK - CDs all gone - to Spider27. Thanks everyone, and keep enjoying the sounds. Andrew
  5. Spider27 has PMed me first, so he's going to grab them tomorrow, for an SN donation. If for some reason he doesn't make it, I'll open it back up here to Bags or others, given that Bim has had a pretty good shot at freebies lately . . . Andrew
  6. I've also got some cartography magazines you can have! Andrew
  7. Items: Various CDs including: ECM (Jarrett. Balke) Piano (Einaudi) Ambient (Robert Rich) Jazz (The Necks, Coltrane) Classical (Shostakovich, Ten Holt, Brodksy Quartet) Avant garde (Terry Riley, David Sylvian - in his experimental moments, Phonophani) Krautrock (Gottsching, Ash Ra Tempel) See photos for details: ) Location: Fitzroy, VIC Price: NIL, but must pick up (I won't post) and I do ask that you make what you think is a reasonable donation to Stereonet. Item Condition: Ranging from good to new. Reason for selling: Don't have a CD source any more. Payment Method: Pickup
  8. Nope. Based on 8 hours of solid listening at work just now, it honestly doesn't matter for background listening purposes. The dispersion is excellent ---- and I'm not listening for soundstage here. A
  9. Early stage review of my Reactor 900, from someone who's owned Phantom Silver for close to 4 years, and a pair of Phantom Golds for over 1 year. I got my Reactor last night so I've had about 4 hours of listening. I switched between a single Phantom Silver and Reactor repeatedly, using Apple Airplay, and the reactor is NO WAY as good. It's WAY OFF a single Phantom Gold too. PROS: Impressive bass for its size. Fills the room really well. Sounds good for music I like to listen to while working --- ambient electronic. Cute --- it looks like my threesome has had a love child. CONS: Thin midrange - so not great for music I'd listen to at home --- modern classical, jazz. Loses resolution at close range: best enjoyed at several metres. Tricky to work out how to reset when installing at a different site (I eventually worked it out) I bought it for my office, so I've got something to listen to while working, and it's fine for that purpose. For the money, no doubt I could have bought better sound --- but I'm quite attached to the Devialet brand, and figured I could resell at little loss at this stage if I decided I didn't like it. For the time being, I'm keeping it. Andrew
  10. I replaced a $40k+ multi-box system (MSB DAC + SGR speakers with separate powersupplies etc ---- six boxes in total with numerous leads) with a $10k pair of Devialet Phantom Golds. I listened to the Kii3 as a comparator (although it's twice the price at around $20k) and didn't think it was as good - perhaps better in the midrange but physically bulkier and harder to place in my room. The Phantoms are remarkably forgiving in terms of placement. Regarding stability, yes, there are a few 'resets' required from time to time (about once a week), but that inconvenience is way less than the Tea Ceremony of powering up my previous system! I've never been happier. Just bought the 'baby' Phantom, the Reactor, for the office too. It's great. Andrew
  11. I told my friend to order one from the supplier in the link above - I believe she did and it's all rosy now. Andrew
  12. I'm no expert on that, but I believe so. Can anyone else advise on this? Andrew
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