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  1. What?? After ALL the PRAISE you've heaped upon them you write this. What are you on about mate?
  2. Are those La Scala towers behind the Maggies not adding to the boomy bass sound you're getting Gary?
  3. Your cartridge is a low rider,quite normal for Rega carts. My Exact is the same. VTA is factory set when using Rega carts. Try playing with the anti skate slider. This may be causing your sound imbalance. Rega suggest you make the anti skate equal to the the VTF value of the Elys, which should be 1.75. I have the antiskate set at 1.25 on my Exact.
  4. So you're saying that Bill came to Melbourne to set up your $56k Maggies and DIDN'T measure/calibrate your room to establish best speaker and listening position? Weird!
  5. Try moving the valve to the right side, if the whoomph moves with it, it's the valve.
  6. My niece who was 9 at the time watched me put a record on and said " I've heard about those at school". Bless her.
  7. Also ,the Metropolis record store which was in the American Express building from memory.
  8. At the end of the day does all the aggressive debate really matter? Opinions are just that. Facts are facts and science will do it's thing. Enjoy your music and your system and when in doubt, have another drink. If it gets too much for you rather than whining you can chose to opt out.After all this is a forum based on the hobby of hifi. We're not trying to sort out the Middle East.
  9. I like hearing whats on the records and discs, no more no less. My system gets me pretty close to that and that makes me happy. I haven't needed to sell a kidney to achieve this. I crack up when I read about blokes selling brand new gear three weeks after they bought it in order to upgrade. If that's your thing then more power to you. Towards the end of last year my hifi dealer was surprised to hear that I was happy to sit where I am for a while, but then he's in the business of selling hifi. I listen to music.
  10. Saw it at the cinema and enjoyed it immensely.
  11. The Beatles White Album comes in at no 1 for me. Followed by in no particular order, Dire Straits' selftitled 801 - 801 Live Supertramp - Breakfast In America Billy Joel - 52 nd Street Anything by Motorhead, got em all Anything by The Police especially Reggatta De Blanc Anything by Thin Lizzy Golden Earring - To The Hilt George Clinton - Computer Games Judas Priest - Rocka Rolla Peter Murphy -Deep King Crimson - Larks' Tongues in Aspic and then some.....
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