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  1. Blk plastic

    Classic Aussie Cinema

    What about, The odd angry shot Dirty Deeds Two Hands
  2. The Linear Tube Audio pre is a stonking bargain. Somebody grab this!! It's 2 input only but I would imagine adding an extra set of rca ins to give you 3 inputs would be a snack for a savy tech. Great Pre. I love mine.
  3. Blk plastic

    Magneplanar Speaker Owners Thread

    It'll be interesting to see just how Bill works the massive 30.7s into either of his compact demo rooms for audition purposes. Looking forward to that.
  4. Blk plastic

    New Beatles Film Project

    This is very interesting indeed. Let's hope they get it right.
  5. Blk plastic

    The Song Game IV

    Super Furry Animals - (Drawing) Rings Around the World
  6. Blk plastic

    The Song Game Mk III

    Hi@Janjuc If it's an upgrade it might just settle down and perhaps get back to normal. 956 is certainly up there on the page count.
  7. Blk plastic

    The Song Game Mk III

    What's happened to this thread?😕
  8. Now look at what you guys have gone and done, i'm playing POP as we type. Haven't done that in a hundred years.
  9. Blk plastic

    Kate Bush new CD Remasters

    Yes , I'm also tempted.
  10. Blk plastic

    Holographic Sound Stage Pre-amp

    Glad you're enjoying it mate.😊
  11. Blk plastic

    The Song Game Mk III

    The Gin Club - Campus Blues
  12. Blk plastic

    Black and Silver mixture?

    Black all the way here folks...
  13. Blk plastic

    Living Colour return

    Saw them in Sydney on Saturday and they were fantastic!! The power coming off the stage was both brutal and beautiful. Corey Glover has got one of THE best rock voices going. As a band their technique is dazzling.They were clearly having a good time on stage. Top night all round. @cazzesman writes a great review.👍
  14. Blk plastic

    Holographic Sound Stage Pre-amp

    Keep us posted.
  15. Blk plastic

    Holographic Sound Stage Pre-amp

    Nice. I bought mine new and it came with NOS RCA 12SN7 and NOS GE 12AT7.The info on the net is pretty spot on.