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  1. Hi all, anyone using the Origin Live 1mm Upgrade mat on a glass plater Rega deck (RP6)? I gather it's made from a hard plastic of some sort, the exact material being a trade secret. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Cheers.
  2. Call Bill Mclean from Mclean's Smart Entertainment in Gosford NSW. He stocks LTA gear and he's a top bloke.
  3. Yep,the quality is fantastic. I've got Full Moon Fever, Wildflowers and Mojo on their way.
  4. Bought it from JB Hi Fi and it is sensational as described. Thanks again.
  5. Thank you gentlemen for the quick responses. I'll get on it tomorrow. Cheers.
  6. Anyone have this? Saw it at Jb the other day and was wandering about the quality of the pressing. I'm not really a new buyer, I like second hand original pressings when possible. This one however, has piqued my interest.
  7. Good to hear yours is quiet, and I must say, excellent colour choice.
  8. You could be onto something here MrC. By the way,does your Elektra hum,if not ,what colour are your walls?
  9. Betty, It's not that I'm not happy. I love this amp. It's just that I'm curious as to what's going on with it at the moment, given Arthur has checked it out and reports that it's fixed. Nothing has changed in my house except the colour of the walls.
  10. I would imagine Arthur would have checked all inputs when the amp was sent to him last week. The power lead is fine. I used my lead at my dealers shop on his Elektra and there was no hum. When we plugged my amp in using the same lead the hum was there.
  11. I'm going to talk to my dealer on Tuesday as to how to proceed.Arthur's quality of service is usually top notch and not in dispute,however,I agree, his diagnosis is a bit out there.
  12. Please read the above posts. I've done all that. It's been back to the guy that made it for diagnosis/check up. If the transformer bolt has loosened AGAIN in transit back to me ,or I can't lift it to dust under it occasionally without the transformer bolt loosening then what good is this thing?? I don't believe the transformer bolt is the issue, but then again I'm not an electrical engineer. This thing weighs close to 30 kilos. I would imagine it would take a hell of a lot to loosen the transformer bolt.
  13. Since I've noticed it it seems to be constant, but i'll continue to monitor that. According to Arthur's manual "the amp contains high quality dedicated circuitry in the power supplies to reject radio frequency, line spikes and other power-line problems." A bit of a head scratcher really.
  14. My 4 year old ELEKTRA power amp has developed a very very low level hum recently.Till now it's been dead silent. With nothing else plugged into the amp, the hum is there. I've switched off fridges and shut down other powerpoints,no improvement.I've tired plugging it into other power points ,no improvement. It does not interfere with the music and it's not audible from the listening position but it bothers me nonetheless. In fact you have to press an ear pretty close to the top plate to hear it. At my dealers(who is highly regarded on this forum) it hums, his ELEKTRA does not. It's been to Arthur's and back the report being"it's fixed and will never happen again", it still hums.I've been told the cause was my moving it 10 feet to the dinning table when I recently painted loosened a bolt, thus causing the hum.Make of that what you will. This thing is built like a tank! Any ELEKTRA users experiencing a low level hum on your power amps? I'm not pointing any fingers,I simply want to know what's causing it and whether I should be concerned it may lead to some bigger issue down the track. Cheers
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