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  1. I use mpdroid. Most of my music displays album art, but not all. I figured it was a file format issue, rather than address issue. Haven't bothered investigating so far. I'll have a look this weekend.
  2. I notice there's not been a lot of talk about the acoustics of the venue. I used to play bassoon in a youth orchestra, and two experiences really stand out. One, playing in a church in Nathalia, which seemed to have really lovely acoustics. At the other extreme, playing a Star Wars medley in a shopping centre. I was placed closer to the cellos than usual, as our parts were quite similar, and it was difficult to hear anything. At one point, the wind section managed to get an entire BAR out from where the strings thought they were! The strings couldn't hear the wind, the wind couldn't hear the strings. The conductor and only one or two of us realised something was terribly amiss, and we had to stop - as if at a rehearsal - and start again from bar x.... Terribly embarrassing, but the audience still loved us! There are so many variations from performance to performance, even the same musicians playing ostensibly the same music, that no two live performances are going to sound alike. That's why I LOVE live music.
  3. For god's sake don't rebuild the motor! It's a perfect opportunity to drop in the Fiat Panda turbo engine.
  4. Yep, one of my favourite car vids.
  5. So I was cruising through the world music thread, started youtubing stuff from there, and found this amazing artist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oToZfPGMMBY&index=7&list=PLK0bXMeDGEbSiZaENrM9CnsvANpzZS3Tx Sona Jobarteh, a Gambian/English musician from a very musical family.
  6. Legend Acoustics. You can hear them at Carlton AV.
  7. So I've just been catching up with the WRC this year, and just finished watching Argentina. What a drive from Paddon! And what an off from Latvala. I just want to give that guy a hug when things go pear shaped - he wears his heart on his sleeve, doesn't he?
  8. For me it was listening to a pair of bookshelf speakers that had more (and fuller, and clearer) bass than a couple of sets of floor standers I'd been trying, and realising that there's more to this stuff than size. My wife's comment on those speakers was great: "Are they using TARDIS technology?" I'm looking forward to the show to have a listen to some ESL's, as I've never had the chance. (Also, hint hint for a GTG, someone?)
  9. I never found Loeb boring. Sometimes the championship has been, due to his dominance, but his driving? Nah, I could watch him over and over again. I also loved watching his in car footage, and waiting for him to blink! I don't think he ever does when he's on a competitive stage. Even acknowledging the financial advantages that he's enjoyed with the Citroen team compared to the other teams, to me he's simply the greatest driver ever. Even more impressive than Walter Rohrl. Ogier, OTOH, lost my respect when he came out with that "justice in rallying" comment when his team mate got a puncture. What an arrogant, entitled child he is. Locally, it's good to see Simon Evans back in competition. I was privileged to get a ride with him at Rally of Melbourne back in his privateer days, and it was definitely the most fun I've had in a car with my pants still on! @ Ken, oh, come on, there isn't a rally competitor with some funny stories.
  10. I'm also a massive rally fan. However, I can't get TV where I live, so haven't followed it closely for a couple of years. I grew up around rally cars (my grandmother competed!) and my uncle is the director of the Classic Outback Trial. When I first bought my Datsun roadster, I was a member of the HRA, and seriously considered rallying it, but soon realised that it's a tarmac car, and now limit it to track and hillclimbs. You're right about the almost boring dominance of the French drivers, and I have a fairly straightforward theory about why and how this has come about. Back in the day, even in the 90's, rally driving was all about maintaining speed - even if that meant putting the vehicle into a slide to do that. On dirt, you've always got *some* grip, whereas on tarmac, it's kind of all or nothing. So being fast meant a very aggressive attitude, and controlling a car sideways. The Finns all grew up on lots of roads that encouraged that style - particularly fast and flowing, but with controlled sideways drifting (there's a reason that deliberately upsetting the car's grip is called a "Scandinavian flick"). Nowadays, though, with suspension technology and (especially) tyre technology being what it is, WRC cars have as much grip (or more) on dirt than most cars have on dry tarmac. In other words, a smooth, circuit style of driving, where you're not wasting horsepower with drifts and slides, is quickest. The French rally championship is entirely made up of tarmac events, and that smooth style is now what's winning races. See how fast Latvala is, now, on tarmac, and you'll see it coincides with him getting faster and faster on all surfaces. Here's a historical analogy - Jack Brabham raced F1 cars with no aero package. Where did he start out racing? Oval speedway, going sideways. That style wouldn't cut it in modern F1, and it no longer cuts it in top class rallying. This is why we don't see sensational drivers in the style of McRae, Blomqvist and Vatenen leading the pack anymore.
  11. With 2.1, no less. But I notice that the power supply is only 12V, so I doubt you'll get much grunt out of it... There seems to be a plethora of these things coming out, now. If only you could get some good speaker bargains to go with them! Imagine crystal clear, musical sound systems with a sub $500 overall budget!
  12. If that sub is active, the IAMD V200 has a headphone output that can be switched on with the speaker outputs, giving 2.1 in a very small footprint.
  13. Thanks for that, really interesting, although that last link didn't go to a product for me. It looks like the V200 is the pick of the bunch going by those thd measurements. I'm not having any of the noise issues mentioned in that thread, but my D802C came with a 32V power supply, and I'm driving 6 ohm speakers. Can't go wrong with either of them at these silly prices. I'd have been more than happy with this sound quality if I'd paid the $400 or more that a QLS QA100 would have set me back...
  14. I'd be using (where necessary) contact cleaner or perhaps an automotive wax and grease remover (or "prepwash"). The contact cleaner is probably safer. Either should leave little to no residue. Air duster is good, too. I'd avoid touching lenses as much as possible. I'm pretty sure I used wax and grease remover to clean my old Olympus XA when I first bought it, and then replaced the seals with felt using contact adhesive.
  15. I'm going to suggest that 1685 is probably the greatest year ever for music, at least in the Western world. Of course, those of you who think that even temperament is the Devil's work may disagree...
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