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  1. @IanRM Thanks Ian, I have just sent you a PM. I still need another couple to make the trip viable, but am hoping to be over very soon.
  2. I have a couple of members in Canberra who are interested in having their TV/Projector calibrated. To make a trip to Canberra viable, I need to have enough numbers, so I thought I would put it out there to see if anyone in Canberra is also interested in having their TV or projector professionally calibrated. If you don't already know me, in addition to writing here for Stereonet, I'm also an ISF Certified Calibrator and the owner of Adelaide based clarity audio & video calibration. If you're interested please send me a PM to register your interest. Regards, Tony O'Brien
  3. I will be travelling to Melbourne to attend the HIFI show on 12-14th October. I am planning to stay on in Melbourne for a few days during the week beginning Monday 15/10/2018 and will be available during the week for calibrations. If you're interested in having either your TV or projector calibrated during that time please send me a PM to register your interest. If you've already been in contact, please contact me again, that way I can be sure nobody slips between the cracks. If you don't already know me, in addition to writing here for Stereonet, I'm also an ISF Certified Calibrator and the owner of Adelaide based clarity audio & video calibration. Regards, Tony O'Brien
  4. Rec. 709

    Denon 2017-2018 AV models

    My home theatre's out of comission at the moment (projector being repaired), so unfortunately I can't check. Any news on what the new FW update does yet?
  5. Rec. 709

    ISF Calibration Photos

    Some quick photos of a Samsung 75" Inch TV which I calibrated in store. The first photo was taken prior to the calibration and the following photo was taken after the TV was calibrated. Sorry for the lousy angle of the photos, the colour difference between the two is however quite apparent. Unfortunately, photos never do justice to the actual image after calibration, which often appears softer in the photo than it actually is, but they're better than nothing! You will know what I mean if you've ever tried taking a photo of your own TV. Bet you can't guess the model no from the photo! ;-)
  6. Rec. 709

    AUDYSSEY xt32 help

    Hey al, Sadly it's a minimum of three with the new Denon's, at least it is from the XX300H series onwards. :-( Like you, I always used to do a single pass to give everything a quick once over before proceeding to measure a full eight positions. Here's hoping that we may see this reinstated again one day, as it was extremely useful. [emoji4]
  7. Item: Denon AVR-X4300H Location: Adelaide Price: $1750 Item Condition: Near New Reason for selling: Upgrading to AVC-X8500H Payment Method: Cash, Funds-transfer. While I would prefer pickup, interstate delivery can be arranged at buyers expense. Extra Info: This unit has been meticulously cared for and comes with all the original packaging and accessories. As it's been used with an external five-channel power amplifier, it's had a relatively 'cushy' life with only two of the channels being used to drive Atmos speakers. As a reviewer here at StereoNet, there's a reasonably steady stream of AVR's coming into my home theatre, which has meant there have been long periods of time were the AVR-X4300H hasn't been used. This is a great AVR, which is almost speced almost identical to its successor, the AVR-X4400H. The AVR-X4300H is also equipped with the Audyssey XT32 with sub-eq and is compatible with the new Audyssey MultEQ app. The unit does have what appears to be a 'smudge' on the LCD display, which I assume is damage to the plastic protective cover (much like what covers the display over a mobile phone), which is over the top of the display. I experienced the same issue with my previous Denon and was able to eventually remove the plastic protective cover, however, for the life of me, I can't get this one off.
  8. Rec. 709

    AUDYSSEY xt32 help

    The minimum number of positions you need to measure is three.
  9. Rec. 709

    Yamaha 2070 question

    Page 141 of the user manual. 🙂 menu/function/display set/dimmer.
  10. In case anybody else encountered this issue, there has been an update that fixes the problem.
  11. Rec. 709

    ISF Calibration Photos

    No screenshots of before/after calibration this time. Just some photos of a very cool home theatre I was recently working in. And yes... deeply engrossed in my work, Frankenstein did give me a start once or twice!
  12. Rec. 709

    ISF Calibration Photos

    Hey Tweaky, I think you nailed it with the loudness comparison. This particular TV may have been a Sony either in Standard or Vivid. If I were to hazard a guess I imagine it would have been Vivid. Some manufacturers are adding reasonably good picture modes, but there's always still the abundance of OTT picture modes.
  13. Rec. 709

    ISF Calibration Photos

    Anybody feel like a quick game of name the TV? Yes, I forgot to jot down the name of the display. If that looks like your TV /lounge-room wall, please feel free to jump in and let me know! As usual, the shots are taken from the Spears & Munsell 2.0, and this particular scene is a torture test for a lot of uncalibrated display. If the display is using too much sharpness/edge enhancement the whole tree looks like a mess. Although the photos don't tend to pick this up, they do show the difference in both colour reproduction and contrast both before and after calibration. The first shot is before calibration, and the following shot is after calibration.
  14. Apparently it's only affecting Android when you are attempting to EQ two subs. Fix is on the way soon.
  15. With the Multeq app or remote app?