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  1. Item: Denon AVC-X8500H (13 channel AVR) Location: Adelaide Price: $4,000 ono (RRP $5,999) Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup, Cash, Paypal or Funds Transfer Extra Info: I'm selling the AVC-X8500H which I reviewed for Stereonet in August 2018. A little over a year old, the unit is in excellent condition and includes the box, original documentation and all accesories. If you're not familiar with this AVC, it's a statement piece , which harkens back to Denon's days of high powered amplifiers and has received numerous. Being the current model flagship, it's capable of processing all of the latest formats including IMAX and it's HDMI 2.2 inputs can be upgraded to HDMI 2.3 (by authorised service centres when the update becomes available) making it has future-ready as possible. I'm going to be sad to see this go, but I'm using just over half of its 13 channels I've decided to move in a different direction. There is a tiny mark/scratch on the side of the input knob which is barely noticeable and can't be seen when orientated properly otherwise it's in pristine condition. As I tend to have a lot of AVR's coming and going through my hometheatre, it hasn't been that heavily used and has been carefully stored since June/July. Happy to post at buyer's expense, although be warned it's heavy! Inspection is welcome, otherwise I'm happy to arrange postage at buyers expense. Photos:
  2. An area that interests me also. Please keep us updated on the build! 😀
  3. Just updated the thread as Iill be making a trip to Melbourne and available for calibrations between Monday 2nd December & Saturday 7 th December. If you're interested in having either your TV or projector professionally calibrated please contact me via PM or via my website at clarity calibration.com.au.
  4. Hi 1st Thunder, I'm clarity audio & video Calibration based in Adelaide, but I travel. I'm on the last leg of my Melbourne/Sydney trip, but will be back in Melbourne again very soon. You can always contact me here or vi my website: www.claritycalibration.com.au
  5. Apologies Paul and quite right calling me out. [emoji6] Hope you're well.
  6. Some shots of a Sony X9400E which I recently calibrated and installed a Media Light Bias Lighting system. #creepycrawlies!!
  7. Hey Tweaky, A little bit of both really. Age is the main culprit and it depends largely on the environment the meter's stored in, with humid conditions being the worst. As to how much and which one, it's really a case of how long's a piece of string. Having said that, the i1pro's sealed design makes it a more resilient. In fact, I have any i1display pro that must be 7-8 years old. Although I don't use it in the field, when referenced against a spectro errors a minimal, making it hard to tell if it's the meter that has drifted, or the differences in display technology that accounts for the difference.
  8. The C6 is a very capable meter, however it's tied to Calman so it won't work with other software (although unofficially it can be used with Lightspace). At the end of the day, it's essentially the same as the i1display pro OEM version (the retail version is limited to 1,000 nits). The filters in colorimeters do degrade with time, however given that the C6 is a sealed design you shouldn't have any problems.
  9. I will be in Melbourne soon if you're interested in having it professionally calibrated.
  10. Hi all, I've just updated the original post in this thread to reflect that I will be in Melbourne again in October and available for calibrations.
  11. I think we just have Terry! I'll PM you a quote shortly.
  12. Hi Terry, I'm the Senior AV Contributor here at Stereonet. In addition, I'm also an ISF Certified Calibrator with 10 years experience in both home theatre and professional applications (such as colour grading suites) and the owner of clarity audio & video calibration in Adelaide. While I do travel interstate for calibration (predominately Melbourne), I don't usually service your area. However, I have had some interest from members in your area and assuming I can get enough interest to make it viable, I would be happy to calibrate both your projector and television if you're interested.
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