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  1. In case anybody else encountered this issue, there has been an update that fixes the problem.
  2. Rec. 709

    ISF Calibration Photos

    No screenshots of before/after calibration this time. Just some photos of a very cool home theatre I was recently working in. And yes... deeply engrossed in my work, Frankenstein did give me a start once or twice!
  3. Rec. 709

    ISF Calibration Photos

    Hey Tweaky, I think you nailed it with the loudness comparison. This particular TV may have been a Sony either in Standard or Vivid. If I were to hazard a guess I imagine it would have been Vivid. Some manufacturers are adding reasonably good picture modes, but there's always still the abundance of OTT picture modes.
  4. Rec. 709

    ISF Calibration Photos

    Anybody feel like a quick game of name the TV? Yes, I forgot to jot down the name of the display. If that looks like your TV /lounge-room wall, please feel free to jump in and let me know! As usual, the shots are taken from the Spears & Munsell 2.0, and this particular scene is a torture test for a lot of uncalibrated display. If the display is using too much sharpness/edge enhancement the whole tree looks like a mess. Although the photos don't tend to pick this up, they do show the difference in both colour reproduction and contrast both before and after calibration. The first shot is before calibration, and the following shot is after calibration.
  5. Apparently it's only affecting Android when you are attempting to EQ two subs. Fix is on the way soon.
  6. With the Multeq app or remote app?
  7. Mmmm... may be worth getting in touch with Qualifi.
  8. Yep, got in touch yesterday and received an answer this morning. Apparently, it's a bug that's limited to Android and only happens with two subs. There will be in an update shortly that will fix the issue. I'm impressed by how quickly Qualifi got onto it and that Sound United already had a fix in the works.
  9. Was that the update to Marantz AVR's to fix the spotify problem?
  10. Just wondering if anybody else is experiencing issues with the app since the April update?
  11. Rec. 709

    New Member from Adelaide

    Hi Frank, Welcome aboard!
  12. Rec. 709

    ISF Calibration Photos

    Some before and after photos of a Sony X8500E that I calibrated for a client. The first two shots were taken prior to calibration using the 'Standard' picture mode. The following two shots were taken after the television was calibrated. Please forgive the angles of some of the photos!
  13. Rec. 709

    ISF Calibration Photos

    Well it's been a while! Thought I would share some shots of a Sony 760 ES projector I recently calibrated for a client. Not a cheap projector by any means, but it produced some stunning images.
  14. Hi Tweaky, Sorry I haven't posted in a while, things got busy leading up to Christmas. I will be posting again soon. Hope you had a good Christmas and New Year?
  15. Yes that was me Grumpy. I'm terrible with names too.