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  1. Price reduced to $170.00
  2. I'm Hoping to be back mid-year if there's enough interest.
  3. Item: Datacolor Spyder Pro 5 Location: Adelaide Price: $170 Item Condition:As New, barely used Reason for selling:NLR Payment Method: Cash, Paypal. Extra Info: Bought in September 2018 on a whim. Was hooked up and tested, but not used there after. Rather than laying around gathering dust, figured I would move it on. Happy to post at buyer's expense. Pictures:
  4. Rec. 709

    ISF Calibration Photos

    It's been a while since I updated this thread, so thought I would sure some pictures of a Sony VPL-VW870ES which I recently calibrated.
  5. Really need these speakers gone, $225 for the lot, or make an offer.
  6. I need these speakers gone, so have marked down to $250.00 for the lot
  7. I've had to alter my travel dates, so I will now be in Melbourne the week beginning 04/02/2019. If you're interested in having either your TV or projector calibrated, please send me a PM to register your interest.
  8. Item: Pioneer BDP-450 bluray player Location: Adelaide Price: $20.00 Item Condition: Average (see below) Reason for selling: Cleanout Payment Method: Pickup Extra Info: I bought this player some time ago second hand. Cosmetically, it's in average condition, with the add little scratch here and thereOne of the HDMI outputs is not working, however, this is easy to get around by using the secondary HDMI output. Great player that's a good upgrade on some of the more budget players out there. Pictures:
  9. Rec. 709

    Blu Ray Title Trade

    Hi all, I have the following bluray bundle for sale at $20 (including postage): Saving Private Ryan (2 disc special edition) Sherlock Season One The Walking Dead Season One The Walking Dead Season Two
  10. Item: Centaur (centre speaker in wood grain) and DB1/ switchable Dipolar/ Bipolar speakers (white) Location: Adelaide South Australia Price: $225.00 for the lot Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: clearing out gear Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal. Extra Info: All speakers are in good working order. Pictures:
  11. Item: Epson EH-TW8200 Projector (white), 3 Pairs of Epson 3D Glasses. Includes Extended Warranty Location: Adelaide SA Price: $600 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Upgrade Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal. Extra Info: I purchased this projector along with a new lamp a little over two years ago from Harvey Norman. I purchased and installed a new bulb for the projector in August and it has around 200-300 hours on the new lamp. It developed a fault in June 2018, which was covered under warranty with the Cinema Filter being replaced and the projector receiving a general service and new firmware updates applied. At the time of purchase, I also took out a 5 year extended warranty, so the unit is still under warranty. Also included are 3 pairs of 3D glasses, barely used and in near new condition. Pictures:
  12. I am looking at making a working trip to Melbourne mid next month (January 2019). If you're interested in having either your projector or TV (or both) calibrated while I'm Melbourne please send me a PM to register your interest.
  13. @darth vader Thanks for letting me now. Happy to make another trip down the track if there's enough interest. Until then, feel free to shoot me a PM or call me directly if you have any questions.
  14. Hi all, I will be visiting Canberra in early December (subject to booking numbers) and will be available for calibrations if you're interested in having your TV or Projector professionally calibrated. If you don't already know me, in addition to writing here for Stereonet, I'm also an ISF Certified Calibrator and the owner of Adelaide based clarity audio & video calibration. You can also find some photos of calibrations I have done in the ISF Calibration photos thread If you're interested please send me a PM to register your interest. Regards, Tony O'Brien