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  1. Hi Roachy, I Will still be proceeding with the trip as planned. To be honest, I was half-expecting this to happen and had planned accordingly. The border closure means I can still come home, but am required to isolate for 14 days after returning.
  2. SA borders still slated to re-open on the 20th, fingers crossed nothing changes.
  3. Not at all, besides you guys make better coffee. 😉
  4. That does concern me, are you able to give me a call Luke?
  5. Yep, will be in VIC week beginning 13/7. SA border reopening on the 20th.
  6. As Border restrictions are being lifted between SA and VIC, I will be travelling to Melbourne and available for calibrations week beginning 13/7/2020. If you're interested in having your TV or Projector calibrated please send me a PM.
  7. Most impressed by your DIY skills and of course the improvement! Waiting to see how it turns out with the rising temps... I imagine that Christie generates a fair bit of heat.
  8. As had already been pointed out you don't need a Lumagen just to do stretch, there are other options available. However, if you want stretch and the other benefits of the Lumagen it's worth a serious look. In addition to its video processing capabilities, one of the big benefits of the Lumagen is f LUT calibration- think of colour calibration in thousands of points and 21 point greyscale/luminance. I completed a LUT calibration on a Lumagen and Sony VPL-VW270ES (a bit of a mismatch in terms of price I know) and after calibration and with the Lumagen's Adaptive Tone Mapping the results were just outstanding. I spent far longer with this combination than I normally would after the calibration just because the images were so good. If you can finder a dealer with a Lumagen nearby I'd highly recommend taking a look.
  9. Well it's been a while... I hope everyone is safe and well? I'm still working, but obviously limited to South Australia for the foreseeable future. I've let this thread fall way behind and thought it may be a good opportunity to update it. Below are some pics from a recent LUT calibration I completed on an LG 55" C9 and LG 77" C8, with profiles created for SDR, HDR and Dolby Vision with custom tone curves for HDR. The process takes me a little longer than a standard calibration, but the results are outstanding and at that end of the day, that's the most important thing! I will be soon be sharing some before and after shots of another C9 LUT calibration, however if there's anything you would like to see please let me know and I'll do my best to accommodate.
  10. Needless to say, things have escalated quite quickly and in light of border closures and the closing of non-essemtial services I have cancelled my upcoming trip to Melbourne.
  11. Hi all, given the current environment I've decided to bring forward my April trip to next week. Subsequently, I will be available between Wednesday 25/3- Saturday 28/3 if you would like your projector or TV professionaly calibrated.
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