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  1. Hi All, I'm coming to Sydney in the first week of March. If you would like either your projector or TV calibrated, feel free to contact me here or via my website.
  2. I'm planning another trip to Melbourne and will be available Monday 15/2- Thursday 18/2. If you would like your television or projector professionally calibrated (I use a Klein K10a colorimeter and JETI 150 spectro) please either send me a PM, or contact me via my website.
  3. And draw dropping it is! The amount of power @Marc'Marc's system generates is incredible. Ready Player One sounds nuts on this system... a little part of me died inside when I got home again and listened to my own system.
  4. Mmm... extremely surprised to hear this. Can you do two point as well?
  5. Using a different picture mode to calibrate from should solve your problem
  6. Thankyou to everyone who has responded and especially those who've patiently waited for me. I'm know also booked out between 20-22/12. I'm subsequently arranging another trip to Melbourne between 10- 14 January if you would like your TV or projector professionally calibrated. Please be assured that if you've been in touch already I will be in contact to arrange a time for your calibration. Please also feel free to contact me directly if you prefer. Cheers, Tony
  7. Just a quick update, I'm now booked out for the week beginning 7/12. Subsequently, I will be making another trip to Melbourne and available for three days between Sunday 20/12- Tuesday 22/12.
  8. Hi All, I'm coming to Melbourne week beginning 7/12 and staying on to the 11/12.
  9. 😆 Great news!! I'll keep my eyes peeled for the announcement and with any luck will be posting some dates very soon!
  10. Further information: Purchased around 2016-2017 the unit is in good/average condition with some scuff marks etc. none of which are too noticeable. It's in perfect working order and can be posted at the buyer's expense.
  11. Not in Melbourne atm... are you able to send me a pm with your phone no? Will give you a call shortly to see what i can do to help.
  12. Hi All, Now that restrictions are beginning to ease I will be travelling to Sydney in October and available for calibrations. If you're interested in having your projector or TV professionally calibrated, please send me a PM.
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