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  1. Further information: All items are in excellent working order. Amp is model PM450 2x50watts. Turntable is TT1200 which is a suspended sub chassis model fitted with a standard MM cartridge. There is no lid for the turntable. Tuner is a pure analogue tuner. No presets, no auto tuning. Tuning is by spinning the "GYRO" tuning wheel. Price is for all 3 items. Some scratches on the top of the amp near the back but the front panel is unmarked. Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not
  2. I am sure I have seen these things in one of the ALIEN movies.
  3. Well done for the above - who would of thought that you would get a good laugh on this sight.
  4. I prefer the UK HIFI mags that give a brief technical report with their review such as HIFI WORLD and HIFI NEWS AND RECORD REVIEWS. The U.S.A. mags are to dear for me. Cheers
  5. Replace both with similar looking knobs. Plenty on the net. Google the diameter and depth plus black then "images". Cheers.
  6. The Din to RCA lead allows you to play or record to or from your amp.
  7. The 5 pin DIN to RCA lead allows the unit to be connected to the RCA inputs of your amp.. Cheers M.
  8. Further information: Greetings to all. I purchased this item at an electronics auction not far from my home around 3 years ago. It was listed in their online catalogue as " Akai tape recorder new in box ". I thought it would be a cassette player and was stunned to find that it was a reel to reel deck in mint condition. I put in the wining bid and took this lovely item complete with accessories and original box home. I had no idea how long it had been since it had been played so I rang an audio aquaintance who is a retired electronics service person and was doing repairs at his home ( he
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