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  1. I took a look at both models you've mentioned. The A08 looks very nice but out of my price range, I think. The more I read of the QA100, the better it sounds. I took a glance at your Integrated Amps: An Addicts Guide. (and also your Budget Direct Digital Amps, 4 Way Comparo.) thread and found your post/s on the QA100 which made is sound rather awesome, especially for its price. I like that it has an Optical In and a remote. I noticed you gave the QA100 a score of 76, versus 67 for the Redgum Sonofa'gum (which I've read a few raves about when paired with S520s) - very interesting. So far, I'm thinking the QA100 is at the top of my list, but I like to be thorough in researching my more hefty purchases so I shall press on with the reading. I may even start a dedicated recommendation-request thread, with an updated shortlist, in the proper forum and see what others think.
  2. Really appreciate the detailed response, Luc; and thanks for the extra suggestions Cafad. Pleasantly surprised to receive such good feedback in the 'New Member Introductions' area. Indeed, I've read of the Sansui gurus a few times already on this site. Do Skippy and Pete-Mac sell refurbished models, or people typically source their own units and send them off to be given some TLC by the guys? Note taken re: the 517... Emotiva sounds somewhat appealing - I'll have to take a closer look at those guys and their models (along with the other new models which have been mentioned so far).
  3. Damn, that Esper Disc 3 sounds pretty awesome - I'd love to track that down to have a listen! I'm a big Blade Runner fan, I might have to try to find that 4-disc release too...
  4. I've recently gotten into Shpongle. I especially like the mix from Eilart Desert, Israel, in 2004(?) and also a live performance (video) at the Roundhouse, London. I shamefully can't say I've bought any of their releases yet (not sure which one I should go for). Amazing sounds though. Pretty cool dudes too :-D
  5. Thanks mate :-) Same to you. I see you're also a fan of David Sylvian ;-)
  6. Wow. I don't consider my music tastes to be too "weird, avant-garde or 'out there'", although that said, almost no-one I know has ever heard of or listens to anything I do. However, I come in here and am recognising stuff all over the place(!), and you guys are ~all fellow Aussies too! From what I've seen in this thread, I particularly like: Arve Henriksen (and that whole Scando crew, including Jan Bang), Jon Hassel and Bill Laswell. Not sure what to add from my collection... Nothing immediately comes to mind as "weird, avant-garde or 'out there'" (except The Heliocentrics' album literally titled Out There), so I might just say Lifeforms by Future Sound of London, for the sake of it. It's my all-time favourite and I'd be (ecstatically) surprised if I found something which surpassed it. I struggle with definitions, but you might say this is Electronic/Ambient/Psychedelic. For me, it's an amazing blend of artificial and organic sounds from primitive jungles to hyper-mechanical cities of the future. It has an awesome range (in tempo, texture, sounds etc.) and can be both haunting and ecstatic. It's completely otherworldly and just beautiful to my ears/being. It might be a bit of an 'acquired sound' (as I guess a lot of this stuff is), but I highly recommend it. Definitely the kind of album you listen to from start to finish, maybe with an intermission if you need it.
  7. Tube, wow. Nice collection. Have you listened to them extensively, or is it more of a collection? Tales of the Future is breathtaking. I love otherwordly music and that's it for me.
  8. Thanks. I picked up a pair of Usher S520s from a local member here. I'm visiting parents in QLD atm, but before I left Melbourne I did some research (mainly in threads on these forums) into potential good pairings with the S520s and came up with the following (items in bold seeming most suitable): Redgum SG5500 NAD3020, 326 Sansui AU-217/317/517, G-5000 (50wpc and above) Yamaha CA610 Marantz? Emotiva A100? I don't have much experience tweaking electronics and would like to avoid service/refurb costs, so I'm somewhat hesitant about vintage amps. That said, I want to get the best sound for money so I won't rule anything out yet. I'd prefer not to spend any more than $400 - even more preferabe would be <$250. However, I don't want to short-change these speakers either. I'd like to buy second hand to (hopefully) maximise value for money. I'm keeping my eye on the classifieds. If I found a reasonably priced, good condition SG5500 or 317, I'd probably buy it. Otherwise I'll just keep my eyes and ears open. Any comments/recommendations would be much appreciated. Edit: What do people think of the NAD C315BEE (especially as paired with the Usher S520)? --> From what I read, the sound is good but reliability is an issue...
  9. Hello everyone, I've recently gotten more interested in audio hardware (only headphones so far) with my purchase of a HE-400 and Schiit Modi/Magni setup. I really enjoy headphone listening for the 'immersion' factor and clarity. My favourite types of music at the moment are Electronic, Ambient and Jazz, with Lifeforms, by FSOL, being my #1 album. I'm now after a decent set of bookshelves to replace my old Behringer MS40s. I will probably have to buy an amplifier too, as I think I'll be getting a pair of passive speakers. Cheers
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