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  1. Final nooby question for the night (I hope): the Ushers have 4 ports on the back (for bi-wiring). I'm only single-wiring, so which 2 ports should I use? There's a connector plate between the 2 pairs, does that mean it's trivial, so long as red=red, black=black? I read of someone else saying they insert one plug into the bottom (woofer) pair and the other into the top (tweeter) pair, for 'an even flow of current', is that just BS? EDIT: Did a bit of Google'ing - definitely a divided subject... Some people don't think it makes any difference (and physically can't, given the distance involved and speed of electrons), others think that plugging into the a particular frequency (LF, HF) will enhance that respective frequency and that plugging one into HF and one into LF gives a more balanced sound. Most people recommended trying some different arrangements and seeing how it worked for your setup (which I guess is often the best advice to give... Use your own ears). A potentially important point I picked up was that many people recommend replacing the factory-installed (often brass?) connector plate with some speaker wire. From my reading, I decided to go with negative -> LF, positive -> HF. Might experiment with switching it around when I get some new banana plugs and replace the connector plate, if I get around to it. Related threads, if anyone is interested: http://www.whathifi.com/forum/hi-fi/single-wiring-of-bi-wired-speakers http://forums.naimaudio.com/topic/bi-wired-speakers-single-wire-preferred-terminal-set http://www.ecoustics.com/electronics/forum/home-audio/473234.html http://www.hifivision.com/audio-video-cables/23488-cabling-bi-wire-speakers-links-2.html
  2. Ok, thanks for the heads up. I'll do as you've said and use what I have for the moment but probably try to get some better plugs in the long term. Pretty annoying I didn't realise this - they weren't cheap, at $5 each (and Jaycar don't seem to sell any screw type ones, so I don't think I can exchange). The first method seems firm enough to me. Here's a couple of vids of that method being carried out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdyJHm0mDSw#t=2m44s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybRqeCkgXWs#t=1m36s
  3. Thank you. Is there a safety or SQ issue with the first method? I've seen some demonstration videos on YouTube of people using that method, although with the small jackets (i.e. not bare wire, I guess). If I trimmed the diameter of the blue insulation jacket so it fit inside the plug - could I use the first method? Bummer about not getting the right banana plugs... Thought I was buying decent ones. Are these (screw type?) the better ones? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ggySiZc3Q4c#t=1m52s
  4. Noob alert: Can anyone tell me if this is the way these banana plugs should be used? (i.e. with the wire through the top part and fanned out, then with the bottom part (including the solid little cylinder) screwed on so that the cylinder is pressed against the wire?) Alternatively, I guess they could be done like this: Looks a bit unco though, I much prefer the first but am just wondering about the connection.
  5. Thanks. I bought them secondhand (only a few months old) and the seller said they'd loosened up considerably since purchase - in fact, they'd just begun to sound sweet, apparently. Have you received/used your T6 yet?
  6. Not yet. I received it this morning (fast postage...) and am almost at the point of having a chance to terminate the speaker cables and plug it all together. I got it from a place called Audio Junction. I ended up buying from their eBay store because it offered free postage. Perfect service so far. Very fast postage and delivery. Glad to hear your comments on the T6 Looking forward to it - shall let you know how it goes.
  7. Are you talkin' to me? If so, I only bought it this morning (but it was shipped today ), so I won't be listening probably until Thursday or Friday, at a guess.
  8. Nice. Seemed like a decent deal. I'd be interested to hear what you think of it when you get a look/listen/feel.
  9. That's good to know, although I wasn't too concerned with power as I tend to listen at lower levels usually. I won't have much to compare to, actually, so chances are i'll enjoy the sound but we shall see. Didn't read anything bad about the T6, but then there wasn't too feedback on it overall either.
  10. Ended up buying the Dussun T6. Was watching the stock available at AudioJunction and they went from 3 to 1 in the past couple of days, so I bought one to save regretting missing out. Still a bit unsure of the Dussun, but fingers crossed...
  11. Ended up getting 3m of this stuff + 4 gold banana plugs for $31.50 :-) Now just the amp to purchase and take delivery of, followed by plug connection/setup, and I can finally start listening to the sweet sounds!
  12. Thanks for the clarification and for the amp suggestion. Looks like a nice, (sort of) compact, economical amp. I'd like to support LSK but the main thing which actually puts me off is the dimensions. I'd like to fit the amp into a compartment of my desk which I'm fairly sure is <14cm in height (can't measure it til tomorrow arvo). Oh, it also doesn't have a remote - which makes it less appealing too. So far, the Dussun T6 for $400 is at the top of my list. I reckon I'll make the purchase tonight unless I receive any strong advice on the contrary (which I'm quite open to), or a nice second-hand model suddenly appears.
  13. Thanks, pete_mac! :-D And just for clarification, does the amplifier affect this circuit, or just pass it through?
  14. Pardon the bump. Just thought I'd make my question a bit clearer as I'm quite eager to make a purchase (and am not seeing much by way of suitable second-hand units at the moment). I'm closely considering buying the Dussun T6 and just want to check whether it'd be compatable with my intended setup with my DAC. I'm told (by al) I need a "tape out" - I'm not sure if the T6 has this or not... Is "Rec out" the same as "Tape Out" for the case of the Dussun T6, as seen in the image below? (Could I send the signal in from my DAC as an "Input" and out to my headphone amp via "Rec Out"?) Cheers.
  15. WIth the new requirement "Tape Out" (to allow for my DAC), I'm crosschecking the shortlist. Redgum Sonofa’gum SG5500 = Nope NAD 3020/3120 = Yes? (Tape Play & Rec ~ Tape Out?), 326 = Yes, 352 = Yes Sansui 217/317/417 = Yes? (Tape Play & Rec ~ Tape Out?), AU-2900 = Yes? (Tape Play & Rec ~ Tape Out?) , AU-4900 = Yes? (Tape Play & Rec ~ Tape Out?) QLS QA100 = Nope, but contains internal DAC and does not require Tape Out. Don't think I want this anymore (depending on DAC quality and how much I'm paying for it), however. Dusson T6 = Maybe? (Rec Out ~ Tape Out?) If anyone could confirm my "Yes?'s" and "Maybes", that would be appreciated :-) I read that page. I don't recall reading any negatives/cons in the article so thought it may be a bit biased. I read of a couple T6 owners at Whirlpool, and maybe a couple others on other sites, they all seemed pretty happy with the T6. Would be nice to get some local SNA comments on this one - fairly tempted by it actually.
  16. Ah, sweet. In my mind I was hoping there may be some kind of feature like this - glad to hear it exists!
  17. The comments regarding the DAC make sense. I just had my reservations because it was intended for (and is being used by) my headphones. Would it be detrimental for me to split the RCA out of the DAC and send one pair to my HP amp (Magni) and one pair to the speaker amp? Indeed, plenty of options - that's why I want to narrow it down! :-P It's a somewhat small room (~3x4m from memory) in a terrace house, so I usually listen at fairly sedate levels and only occasionally blast them (even then it's not super loud). I had already checked out that ad for the CA 640A - unfortunately it's pickup only, otherwise I'd more closely consider it. Reviews seem ok for this model, although someone suggested 'bright/thin', not sure if that's accurate or not. May have to do some more reading on this one and possibly see if the seller will post (assuming he's not sold it already). Dussun T6... Hard to find reviews on this model. I don't mind buying things blind but I like to get some impression at least, based on what others think. Not sure if it's in stock or not but I found Audio Junction have the same model for $399. Hi Willow, I like the suggestion. The model definitely looks good (I'll add it to my shortlist), however it appears a few of those have gone on this forum closer to $300, so I feel I'd be overpaying at $400 (unless they offer some kind of warranty which makes it worthwhile). I'd also have to factor in shipping costs. But it looks alright still, so I'll bookmark it and keep it on my list. Oh, and I care not for aesthetics at this point - sound all the way :-)
  18. Hi guys, As mentioned in my cable query thread, I’m new to the forum and have recently purchased a pair of Usher S520s off a fellow member. I’m now in the process of ‘completing’ the system with an amplifier and some cables. My interest for this thread is amplifiers and I'm hoping to gain some advice from you more experienced listeners. My needs: Obviously I need something which can drive the Ushers (apparently 50-60WPC is good), and also pairs well with them Beyond that, I think I’d like an amp which has Optical In (as most music will be coming from my PC), although I do have a Schiit Modi (DAC) which could possibly be used with RCA for input into the amp I’d definitely like a remote (although it’s not essential) I’d prefer a warmer sound rather than anything bright Tape Out Not sure what else I should mention… Budget: $500, basically. Prefer to spend less (like around $200-250) but don’t want to short-change the Usher S520s. So far, I’ve received some great advice and suggestions in my ‘New Member Introduction’ thread. From this my shortlist is as follows: Redgum Sonofa’gum SG5500 NAD 3020/3120, 326, 352 Sansui 217/317/417, AU-2900, AU-4900 QLS QA100 Dusson T6 Possibly some Cambridge Audio, Rotel, Marantz – but not sure which models. If anyone has any experience or comments to share about the above models, or some other possibilities, I’d love to hear them. I’m currently scanning the classifieds and eBay for a suitable unit. The sooner I can get these babies singing, the better! XD
  19. Thanks for the little lesson on impedance/inductance/resistance, guys. Electronics has always seemed like magic to me and mostly boggled my mind in Physics at high school; I should revisit it and learn some of this stuff properly. Yar, I kinda know I'm taking things a bit far for some basic speaker cable. I like to be thorough and don't know where to draw the line sometimes. My intent for this thread was to put an end to all the complexity I was reading elsewhere and just buy something, but it's dragged on a bit. Zaph, I've seen you recommend RG213/U elsewhere. When I first looked, I semi-decided against it because I thought coaxial was pretty stiff stuff, and also I might have a harder time getting plugs onto the end of it. Is it not too bad in this regard? For 2m, it sounds like it won't make any difference whether I go for speaker or coaxial cable, so if prices are comparable I think I'll just go for the simpler (to work with) and cheaper option.
  20. Hehe, here I was thinking there may be a few speaker cable 'standards' for budget buys and a couple of 'go-to' shops, and ultimately I'd be choosing between 2-3 options, but I'm still seeing heaps of possibilities put forth here. I decided to just visit a few online stores and create orders for 3-4m of 16AWG, OFC Copper cable and 4 banana plugs and compare prices/products. I came up with the following, in rough order of preference (all prices include delivery): Space Hi-Fi 3m 16 AWG Speaker Cable - Space HyperStream Gamma - 161 strands x 0.10mm in Each Core, 99.99%Cu 4 banana plugs, 24k gold plated Total: $17.30 Selby Acoustics 3m 16 AWG Speaker Cable - 252 Strands x 0.10mm 4 banana plugs, 24k gold plated (not sure if these are sold in pairs or not) Total: $35.65 (less, if plugs are sold in pairs) Jaycar 3m Flat OFC Speaker Speaker Cable - 112 strands of 0.12mm OFC wire 4 gold Banana plugs Total: $35.65 Blue Jeans Cable 5ft Belden 5000 series Cable (12AWG) 4 gold-plated banana plugs Total: $34.55USD Or, pre-made (banana plugs attached) cable = $51.70USD The Cable Connection (decided against because the only 16AWG cable 'by the meter' was only 30 strand, which seems rather low) 3m Professional Home Theatre in Wall Speaker Cable 2 Core 16 AWG 4 TCC Premium Gold Banana Plugs Total: $26.13 I liked the look of Selby Acoustics the most and will most likely end up placing my order with them unless someone strongly thinks I'd be better off with a different solution. Is this the post you're talking about? I came across that post before posting this thread but couldn't find the item Mike mentioned (doesn't seem to exist) and was pretty annoyed! lol. Glad to see you found the correct item - unfortunately it's out of stock of Jaycar... Otherwise I might well go for that. Ah, wonderful. Thank you :-) I was planning to have my source as my PC for most of the time (I don't have a dedicated CD player/turntable). Depending on what kind of amp I get, I guess I may need a dedicated DAC...? I have a Schiit Modi (and Magni) for my headphones, could I use that to send the signal via RCA into the amp? Otherwise, I was thinking optical straight from PC into amp (if I got a new digital one). As touched on above, I don't think I need ICs just yet but I'll keep Redgum in mind. Indeed, I'll keep that order of upgrade in mind also. Ta.
  21. Thanks for the responses everyone. I love how willing and eager everyone is to offer advice here. I'd read of these and had taken a look at Aurealis a few times. I think Willow is on the money in re-stating my budget. They look nice though. Mmm, those options seemed most likely to me at this point. Hi again Cafad :-) I'm trying not to worry too much - I just don't know what to buy! I'm not actually doing any tweaking with cables at this point - just trying to buy some which work :-P Is this the Redgum ebay store you meant? If so, I can't see much on offer at the moment. Also, [n00b alert!] what is an interconnect (IC)? I thought they were the things which connect to the end of the cables and connect two devices (e.g. banana plugs), but if I need both ICs and banana plugs, that's obviously not the case. I like the sound of your solution though, and it definitely simplifies things. Cheers! This is another good option. I may go ahead and put one up and if I don't get a suitable response, I'll move onto other solutions. Jump on these OP, if they were a bit longer they'd be mine I was onto these pretty early on but missed out by an hour! :-( Finding the ad and taking a closer look was actually what instigated my current search. Sounds interesting - I'll take a look into this.
  22. Hi guys, New to the forums and have recently purchased a pair of Usher S520s off a fellow member. I’m now in the process of ‘completing’ the system with an amplifier and some cables. My interest for this thread is cables. I’ve been doing some reading, trying to find out what I need and how much I should spend (and where I should buy). To put it lightly, finding answers has not been all too obvious or straightforward. Aspects to consider seem to include: Gauge Interconnects Material: Copper/silver (other?) Purity (of material): 99.9999%, polished, oxygen free etc. Braids? Insulation (FEP, PVC …) DIY? Seems mighty complicated… I'm hoping someone can simplify this for me and recommend some decent, budget cable. My needs: I believe all I need is 2x2m of speaker cable and some interconnects (banana plugs, preferably) which do not significantly detract from my sound quality. I don’t want to spend any more than $100. If I could get the cable pre-cut to length with the plugs connected, that would be sweet. Otherwise I’ll do it myself. Current thinking: From my reading, I should only need 18, or maximum 16AWG. Banana plugs would be ideal. Copper is fine. Extreme purity would be nice, but not essential. Braids and insulation are probably not too relevant for non-DIY cable. DIY cabling looks promosing but I'm still not certain about it, and don't really like the idea of buying CAT5/6 cables and pulling them apart to make more cables - as opposed to buying purpose-built cables already completely formed and ready to plug in - seems somewhat inefficient and wasteful. If I have some CAT5 cable laying around at home, I might give this a shot though. So far, decent sellers appear to be: Bluejeanscable Selby Acoustics Custom HT? Space Hi Fi? Based on what I've mentioned above, could anyone recommend me some specific cable, or at least point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance...
  23. Point taken regarding speakers - forgot to look at that. I'm undecided on age. Optical input and a remote would be nice, plus (assumed) higher degree of reliability/less to spend on servicing for new models. However, if the older models sound very nice and/or can be had quite cheaply then I'm quite open to the possibilities. I'll take a look at the Rotels. Cheers! I saw that Sansui AU-717 and seriously considered picking it up. However, I thought it was overkill for my needs and it also wouldn't fit the neat little spot on my desk where I'm planning to place the amplifier (that said, I could place it elsewhere to fit but not as neatly). I understand you're a bit of a Sansui guru but do you have any experience with other makes? Ever heard the QA100? Or have any thoughts on it?
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