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  1. Could I grab OK Computer please? (and "Nature and Music" from your other thread). Cheers.
  2. Hey mate, nice combo. Amp is a little below what I need but I'd be down for the cd player if you end up splitting. I typically Bluetooth stream too but looking for an excuse to bust out the old box of CD's! Cheers.
  3. Bump. Price drop to $200 total. $170/$30 if splitting.
  4. Sorry mkaramazov, first contact came in PM from dwbasement. Will let you know if it falls through.
  5. Item: Auralex MOPAD Studio Foam Monitor Isolation Pad 4 Pack (purchased in June 2013. Not used extensively). Location: Frankston South, Victoria (willing to post at buyers expense) Price: $15 plus postage Item Condition: Immaculate Reason for selling: No longer in use. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: Original box not available. Pictures: As in the commercial images.
  6. Item: Schiit Modi & Magni, Mk 1 (purchased from Addicted to Audio in June 2013. Caught audio bug but never used these extensively. I’d estimate maybe 60 hours of use on Magni, more on Modi. Barely used at all in last 2 years). Location: Frankston South, Victoria (willing to post at buyers expense) Price: $190 (plus postage) Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: They aren’t being used. Don’t listen to music like I used to :-( Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: No cables included in sale. Inspections welcome. Pictures:
  7. Item: Hifman HE-400 (purchased from Headphonic in June 2013. Caught audio bug but never used these extensively. I’d estimate maybe 60 hours of use. Barely used at all in last 2 years). Location: Frankston South, Victoria (willing to post at buyers expense) Price: $220 (can remove case / pads from sale, if not desired ($30)) Item Condition: Very good condition (Aesthetic only: small chip near one cable inlet, as shown in image. Also one imperfection near pad, as shown. Otherwise great.) Reason for selling: They aren’t being used. Don’t listen to music like I used to :-( Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I have a small head and found these a tad uncomfortable after extended use. I endeavored to find alternatives with comparable sound but simply couldn’t find anything which sounded as good in a similar price range. I think the sound on these is great. I performed the ‘jerg mod’ on the pleather pads, which opened up the sound. Velour pads have only been used a couple of times and are otherwise in as new condition. Original box available. Inspections / auditions welcome. Sorry about low quality images. Pictures:
  8. Thanks for the link. Had a read and learnt a few interesting things, but most of it was beyond my level. So yeah, seems no easy or cheap way to do it. Thanks. Interesting discussion but I didn't really get any solid conclusions for my situation after having read it, besides "there is no easy or cheap way to do it", as above. I'm not Andy but I presume you're addressing me. Carpeted wooden floors, and the ceiling downstairs is plaster. Not sure what else is between us. Yes, there's actually a chimney which we share so that may act as a bit of a funnel, I suppose? Hmm. Well bass is what can mainly be heard downstairs so I presumed it was travelling through something solid and therefore probably just coming straight from the boxes themselves. But that's an uneducated guess of mine. I tend to listen at fairly low levels and my housemate has never actually complained - it's more precautionary and to allow for more range. By "BLOCK", do you mean plug my door etc. to prevent airborne transmission? Cheers for your thoughts. Hmm, is that right (about airborne noise transmission and forces/masses)? Interesting. My experience is the complete opposite. It's low frequency (of neighbours) which always annoys me and it's low frequency which my housemate can hear in this case. Even with both our doors open there's very little treble coming though, and if we shut our doors it's gone. Mmm, I'd like a thicker, better-sealing door though... Anyhow, all up, having read the links posted, I don't think this problem is worth worrying about too much. If I were building my room or had a serious problem I might look into it further but it's not a huge issue at the moment.
  9. Following this up, for anyone interested: Surprisingly the slab+air isolation did not seem to help with bass transmission to the downstairs room. From my testing, it sounded the same or, if anything, slightly amplified with the slab+air. In addition to this, I found I could hear more of the treble downstairs (leaking through my ajar door, down the staircase and through hallway) when the slab/air was removed. Thanks again to Andy for the lend :-)
  10. Just want to share my interest and support in this idea. andyr has graciously loaned me some slate slabs and squash balls just a couple of days ago, for the purpose of testing their isolation efficacy. It's been great to be able to test before committing to a buy. Some sort of feedback system may be handy. Perhaps it could be integrated into the current trading feedback, whereby there's a field which indicates if it was a buy/sale or loan. Would it be worthwhile adding a 'value' or 'item' field to indicate the 'weight' of the loan (i.e. to what value can they be trusted?)? Extra ideas: Loan period Loan conditions (e.g. break it, you buy it; no smoking/pets; transit conditions)Perhaps an agreed value of the item for break it/buy it 'Swap' loan (i.e. I want to test X and am willing to loan Y, or Z)
  11. Free express delivery is awesome with A2A - I think I received my Schiit M&M the next day after ordering online. Three months after purchase my Magni died though. To cut a long-ish story short, I had my Magni replaced on the same day that I took it in for testing (apparently it was the first reported unit death at the store). However, because George was away sick that day I almost didn't get the replacement (seems to be his call on that), in which case one of the staff (sorry, didn't get his name on the day) offered to even drop the replacement Magni to me on his way into work the next day in order to save me a 2-hour trip into the store. As it happened, another staff member made the executive decision to replace the unit on the spot, to save further hassles. Much appreciated. Further to this, the rubber feet were not given with the replacement. These were eventually posted to me free of charge. All up, quite pleased with my experience with A2A.
  12. I'll take the Van den Hul D352 Hybrid Speaker Cables (1M pair) if they're still available. Cheers.
  13. Thanks a lot, Andy. Your thoughts (#1 and 2) are pretty much exactly what I wanted to hear - I hope that's how it works in practice. Just measured it up and 380x480 will fit onto my desk ok for testing purposes. Shall shoot you a PM in a little bit - gotta shoot off for a poker night - many thanks!
  14. Hello fellows, (I'm sure this has been covered before but I searched and couldn't find much - sorry!) I live in a sharehouse, which also happens to be a terrace house, and I want to minimise the amount of bass I send through the floor and walls (i.e. I want to turn my speakers up, without being a nuisance to those around me). My current setup is for near-field listening and consists of a pair of Usher S520s sitting on some Auralex MoPAD isolation pads, which in turn sit upon a desk. I believe a lot of bass is being transmit through the desk to the floor and into the room beneath. Is there a way I can disperse the LF some more? Or is this just how bass rolls...? I've been told that cement pavers can work well for decoupling, with the speaker sitting on the paver and the isolation pads beneath. I've also read a little about 'roller bearings', have seen mention of simply using rubbers (erasers), and also halved squash balls. Does anyone have any suggestions for effective decoupling/bass isolation? The cheaper and simpler, the better... Also, as a follow-up (possibly n00bert) question: Will I perceive 'enough' of the bass if I were successful in decoupling the speakers and the desk? Or is it likely to mostly travel past me? Cheers.
  15. Same situation here... Noob Q: Does cranking them for a while help to loosen them up, such that they perform better at lower levels?
  16. Yeah they sound way better at higher volume. Sadly I can't really run them like that too often.
  17. And if a surge did occur (pardon my electronics noobiness), wouldn't the other devices probably be affected too? Indeed, I'm becoming increasingly convinced the DAC was simply at fault - despite it being the first Magni which has died and been returned to the store I bought from. Most likely, it wasn't the line out from the T6; it wasn't the powerboard; the last possibility (I think) is the circuitry in our house. My powerboard has a 'Fault' indicator, which I'm pretty sure relates to circuit (rather than the powerboard itself), and that's been lit ever since I plugged it in. Our house is quite old and possibly with dodgy wiring, so I'm planning to pick up one of these to test things out.
  18. Thanks. Yeah, I think it was a unit malfunction. I didn't think it had anything to do with tape out but it was a strange coincidence that not long after I plugged it into the integrated amp, it blew. The store I purchased it from has now replaced the unit for me. No idea what the cause is, however. I also wonder about the powerboard I had it plugged into and whether overloading it could have caused one of the units to blow as a result?
  19. I really liked this link too. I keep thinking the Classifieds are out of action (under construction) when I see that button missing. A quick link like the old one would certainly be useful IMO. Edit: Woohoo! It's back. That was quick! Thanks for the ongoing work to improve SNA, and congrats on 100,000 unique visitors! Glad to be one of them.
  20. Well I've been listening for a few days now (and I've also got a problem to report), so I'll give my impressions. Firstly, I'll say this is my first 'decent' speaker/amp setup. Before this, I had a pair of Behringer MS40s - that's the best I've experienced extensively in my own setup and so it's what I'll be comparing against for my listening experience so far. Also, I'm fairly new to proper critical listening and hi-fi in general, plus my ears are at the younger end of the spectrum, so factor that in... And finally, my listening station is not ideal. At all. Speakers are close together and not far enough away from wall and I'm doing very near-field listening - not much I can do about this at the moment - so this obviously diminishes the speakers' true potential too. My first impressions were: Clarity - the HF was very sharp (not in an unpleasant way) - very nice 'snaps' on snares etc. - and the LF was very well defined. Soundstage - the two speakers actually blended together nicely and created a proper stage (not like my MS40s, which just sounded like separate sound coming from each) Bass - At first the bass was a bit disappointing. The S520s are definitely able to produce a lower range than the MS40s and the bass is better quality - which is great - but the proportion of bass, amongst everything else, sounded lacking. However, this problem has somehow since been rectified - not sure if it's to do with some system 'burn in', or just me adjusting to the sound and possible over-emphasis/colouration from the MS40s - the bass is sounding beautiful now. All up, I'm very, very pleased with the setup. My only disappointment now is with the limitations with my listening station (not able to use too high a volume because of room-mates/neighbours, and can't position the speakers very well). I'd like to experiment with some cement pavers, in addition to my Auralex isolation pads, to reduce bass transmission. Now, my problem: this isn't actually strictly to do with the T6 or Ushers... My headphone amp (Schiit Magni) has apparently died (stopped powering on). I've been running it in the manner suggested in this thread. i.e. Recording Out from T6 into Schiit Magni (RCA), then 6.35mm headphones plugged in. Last night I was watching something using headphones and the sound suddenly cut and I noticed power to the Magni had been lost. So now it no longer turns on. Is there any chance that using the T6 in conjunction with the Magni has caused this malfunction? As Newman stated, the Rec Out (or Tape Out) does not alter the signal - so it shouldn't make a difference eh? Judging by the levels I was using (i.e. same as without the T6 involved), this all seems true. So I'm presuming something has simply malfunctioned within the unit, as opposed to me operating it incorrectly... I only bought it about 3 months ago - so it'll still be under warranty.
  21. You've got one lucky son there! I'd like to convince my dad to upgrade his system and re-arrange his room (poor positioning and very cluttered IMO), but he thinks it sounds 'great' as it is. Would be cool if he had a more critical ear and was a bit more into Hi-Fi - I hope your son appreciates the sound you're planning to put together. Can't say I've looked too closely but it seems that a fair amount of vintage stuff appears on the classifieds here every so often. There's a bit of stuff on eBay too - but if you're after a few models in particular and they aren't there, then most of the 'stuff' is irrelevant (and so it's effectively pretty dry). There's a bunch of dudes who're into NAD, Sansui, Rotel(?) etc. on the boards here - I'm sure you'd find someone to help you out with model names if your after some possibilities. You might also like to put up a WTB ad in the classifieds. There seem to be a fair few guys who have a multitude of amps which are not in use and may let them go if the time is right...
  22. Cheers. Might look into grabbing one of those bobs. Interesting that the wall hanging is actually blue/red/white... Didn't notice til taking another look at the other pic. Looked a lot more earthy in the first couple. Cool though! Yes, don't let the dream die . A dedicated listening room, such as yours, is very cool though. I'm the equivalent of a poor student at the moment and have my setup crammed into a corner of my bedroom.
  23. Just happened across your thread. As everyone else has said: Very sweet setup, sweet story - nice to hear about everyone else involved too! Congratulations on it all. I must say I liked that rug as a backdrop but overall things look better in that front room. May I asked what chair/leg rest you have? Wouldn't mind upgrading from my crummy beanbag... hehe. Edit: Ah, think I found it in another thread...
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