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  1. I've got one of these and think it's great. Simple piece of kit with plenty of flexibility to integrate into your system, and the app works well. Highly recommend for the price point.
  2. Hi Steve, Was just drooling over that JL sub of yours and noticed I'm just up the road from you (in Merricks North). Good to have another pro on site!
  3. I'd love to take these if still available. Cheers
  4. I'll go backup if the above falls through. Cheers
  5. That's one classy unit. Great pics. Edit: This thing is over 20 years old?! What a beaut!
  6. Hi noddy, Just wondering if this sale went through?
  7. Ummed and ahhed and missed it. Backup if it falls through. Cheers
  8. Sold elsewhere. No offers close to asking price.
  9. It makes me a bit sick to say but looks like this will be a $600 lesson. 10 output resistors blown, plus some drive transistors, I'm told. The damage is on the channel which I had unplugged from the speaker but still connected to the amp (d'oh). Most likely the loose plugs touched and shorted, right? Assuming this amp / speaker pairing is sound and I can get both units back to good health, I'd ideally stick with this setup for a few years to come. Can anyone see any reason I wouldn't go ahead with this repair job? (...besides 'You're an idiot. Stick to a Bose soundbar you can't destroy.')
  10. Thanks for the input. Technician suggests the pairing is like running a Formula 1 engine on small wheels. I'm not sure whether he's familiar with the 401c - with it being rather power hungry for the size. Waiting to hear back from Atilla, who I'll also ask about the pairing and recommendation for amp choice. Seems like a good match by everything I read. My main concern is damage to either device, which seems to be the technicians suggestion.
  11. Hi all, I recently purchase a pair of Gale 401C's and am a little unsure of what I should be using to drive them. I read a lot about power. The original specs suggest at least 60WPC, and I read of people using 200+. Everything I read states that more power is the way to use these speakers. I was also told recently that stable current is perhaps more important than the power rating. I'm not sure how to utilise this comment - do amps have a 'current stability' rating? I currently have a Dussun T6 (100wpc into 8, integrated) and recently bought a Classé 15 (175wpc, power amp) purely to power these speakers. I blew the Classé (d'oh) and the repair technician is suggesting the amp is too big for the speakers. Any thoughts on a good combo for these Gales? Is the Classé 15 overkill, or otherwise unsuitable? Would the Dussun do the job? Some other recommendations? Keen to do this right. Cheers
  12. I'll contact original owner to see if he has it.
  13. Item: Bluesound Node 2i Location: Merricks North, VIC (I can probably come closer to city for pickup / delivery) Price: $800 $750 ($999 new) Item Condition: As New. Bought in As New condition last week, then I've set it up and used for approximately 3 hours. Reason for selling: Bought less than a week ago, only to realise it doesn't simply pair with my CD player as a pre-amp. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Extra Info: (I've copied this from the thread I bought it from.) Awesome Wireless Hi-Res Streamer, DAC (32-bit 192 KHz), Pre-amp in one with Subwoofer output. Connect it straight to your Power amp and get High-Res Tidal including MQA, Spotify Connect, Qobuz, Airplay2, all major audio file formats including FLAC. Can be a Roon Endpoint as well. MP3, AAC, WMA, OGG, WMA-L, ALAC, OPUS Hi-Res formats - FLAC, MQA, WAV, AIFF Airplay2 Siri and Alexa support AptX HD Analog RCA Stereo with FIXED option Coaxial RCA TOSLINK digital optical Headphone 3.5mm Stereo Subwoofer RCA 12 Volt trigger out Optical and analog inputs for use with External DAC (although internal DAC is very good). 5 stars from What Hifi! https://www.whathifi.com/reviews/bluesound-node-2i Pictures:
  14. Thanks ozcall. Sounds like a once over is certainly in order. I don't belive the amp was the cause of the imbalance - I tested the speakers with a Dussun T6 also and noticed the same problem.
  15. These are the only pics I took this morning before work. I got the torch out and looked around but couldn't see anything out of the ordinary (i.e. Charred componentry or dust etc.). Can add more pics later tonight though.
  16. Thanks guys. Yup Deano, I'm definitely a rookie so it wouldn't surprise me if I made a profoundly foolish blunder like that. For some reason, I'd assumed as long as the amp wasn't set to mono, I wouldn't be changing the relative power delivery to the speaker. Anyhow, your summary makes sense to me, that I'd sent too much power into a big resistor and caused something to blow on the amp. And yes Decky, I don't want to make the same mistake twice but, like Deano suggested, I wonder whether the issue is really the speaker and perhaps I've got away with just a blown fuse (although does the smoke suggest that's not true?). Thus, if I get the speaker fixed and replace the fuse - all may be good to go again. But I'd rather be safe than sorry. Pics to come.
  17. Hi all, I recently purchased a new stereo setup here and ran into some drama while testing it – blown amp! I’m posting here to help get an idea of what happened and perhaps a way forward to fix the problems and to avoid this kind of thing in future (and get maximum enjoyment from the system!). System in use at the time: · Gale 401C · Classé 15 · Blusound Node 2i How it happened After getting the Gales home and first listening, I noticed a lopsidedness in the sound. The output from one of the speakers was noticeably lower and sounded muted and dull, and as though the sound were ‘trapped’ inside the box rather than clearly emerging from the front of the speaker. To further test this, I unplugged the ‘good’ speaker and attempted to do some isolated listening to the faulty one. Due to the low volume of it, I momentarily turned up the volume and <fizz>, the amp blew. The fuse is blown and smoke came from within the enclosure. I’ve opened up the amp and can’t see any obvious damage anywhere, besides the fuse itself. Is it likely the faulty speaker had something to do with the blown amp, or otherwise a combination of how I set it up and ran it? Remedy? I’ve contacted Atilla Tanka and am planning to drop the Gales off tonight. I’ve been recommended CVE electronics for the amplifier (but not been in contact yet). The amp was recapped about 4 months ago by the previous owner, and the technician reported that the amp looked in good shape. I know smoke isn’t a good sign but, without seeing any obvious damage, would it be unwise to simply replace the fuse and try to use the amp again? Or should I take it to be looked at? Thanks for reading.
  18. Hey mate, have you found a new home for this one yet? If not, I'm keen
  19. Could I grab "Nature and Music" please? (and OK Computer from your other thread). Cheers.
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