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  1. Alan at March Audio might be able to chip in here given his expertise and provision of cables such as these... https://www.marchaudio.net.au/product-page/male-xlr-to-rca-cable @March Audio
  2. I'm not in the market myself but want to commend you and Mads for such a clear and transparent description of the circumstances for any potential buyer to consider. I really appreciate that approach, which adds to the overall positive atmosphere amongst the Stereonet community. Well done to the both of you and GLWTS! These are a well and by now thoroughly reviewed set of speakers which will hopefully find a good home.
  3. 5 hours ago, Gabehcuod said: audiophile who can't plan out expenses responsibly Welcome, friend! Indeed! Begin as you mean to go on!
  4. You can request other options including AU via contacting Lessloss, as per the snipped image below
  5. Hi Pete. Can you post a close up photo of the spade connectors please? I'm interested in the cables but my Devialet has frustratingly little room for inserting spades, and some are wider than others. Thanks.
  6. Not sure it’s helpful being on this side of the Tasman, and we have no shipping available right now due to COVID19, but just in case..... https://www.trademe.co.nz/electronics-photography/home-audio/other/listing-2583603478.htm?rsqid=d0384647c93a496ead71c2edda24f7da-001
  7. Not your preferred colour, and on this side of the ditch, but he’s been trying to sell this for a while so might be open to a good offer: https://www.trademe.co.nz/electronics-photography/home-audio/cd-players/listing-2588760772.htm?rsqid=504a82bff7214a38aebe88209e999cf5-001
  8. Interesting point Marc. I run my Sopra 2 with Devialet 400s, which are known for their good control of bass extension. Add SAM to that and problems with bass frequencies on the Sopra are not something I’ve experienced, but it may be the case in other systems (I’ve not heard them in any other settings). The reason for frequent use of Sopra in Gaia demos would be an interesting question to pose the Isoacoustics people.
  9. Sopra 2 are 55kg so not that light (the Sopra 3 weigh 70kg). It's also not easy to install the Gaia relative to other speakers due to the glass bases and pre-existing spikes on the Sopra which are quite long, requiring you to lever out the base from the speaker cabinet in order to unscrew the spikes. Not for the faint of heart as it's not immediately obvious which part of the base/cabinet intersection will loosen. I contacted Isoacoustics directly for advice before applying the necessary pressure in order to release the bases. Once you've seen a photo of where they disconnect all become clear. Good point you make about the Sopra often appearing at Isoacoustics demos. That had caught my attention too due to owning a pair.
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