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  1. Not sure it’s helpful being on this side of the Tasman, and we have no shipping available right now due to COVID19, but just in case..... https://www.trademe.co.nz/electronics-photography/home-audio/other/listing-2583603478.htm?rsqid=d0384647c93a496ead71c2edda24f7da-001
  2. Not your preferred colour, and on this side of the ditch, but he’s been trying to sell this for a while so might be open to a good offer: https://www.trademe.co.nz/electronics-photography/home-audio/cd-players/listing-2588760772.htm?rsqid=504a82bff7214a38aebe88209e999cf5-001
  3. Interesting point Marc. I run my Sopra 2 with Devialet 400s, which are known for their good control of bass extension. Add SAM to that and problems with bass frequencies on the Sopra are not something I’ve experienced, but it may be the case in other systems (I’ve not heard them in any other settings). The reason for frequent use of Sopra in Gaia demos would be an interesting question to pose the Isoacoustics people.
  4. Sopra 2 are 55kg so not that light (the Sopra 3 weigh 70kg). It's also not easy to install the Gaia relative to other speakers due to the glass bases and pre-existing spikes on the Sopra which are quite long, requiring you to lever out the base from the speaker cabinet in order to unscrew the spikes. Not for the faint of heart as it's not immediately obvious which part of the base/cabinet intersection will loosen. I contacted Isoacoustics directly for advice before applying the necessary pressure in order to release the bases. Once you've seen a photo of where they disconnect all become clear. Good point you make about the Sopra often appearing at Isoacoustics demos. That had caught my attention too due to owning a pair.
  5. I also have Sopra 2s with Gaia 1s and completely agree. Installation is a little tricky due to the Sopra’s glass base plate and pre-existing spikes, but once you’ve navigated that hurdle I also found the results well worth the price of admission. As always YMMV but nice to hear from a fellow SNAr who had the same experience.
  6. Thanks for the correction guys and apologies for the inadvertent derail. Definitely Stax 009’s so I’m guessing I heard the Liquid Lightning? At least I got the Cavalli bit right!
  7. I heard one of these powering a pair of Stax 009 headphones. One of those paradigm shift moments in my hifi journey. Was sublime. GLWTS!
  8. I name all my hifi equipment too. Makes them feel like part of the family.
  9. Hmmm........can’t see the URL I entered so just in case https://www.flareaudio.com/collections/earplugs-1
  10. Hi all In the interests of conserving whatever hearing we each have left thought I’d share this flash sale at Flare Audio. I have no association with the brand but have used them at concerts to good effect. Have just bought a couple more pairs of the original titanium versions for nephews who are getting to that age where they’re attending concerts. Trying to start them thinking about hearing protection early. cheers jason
  11. Though being really pedantic, in the current photo the ‘L’ marking on the splitter for the Castle Rock cable is still heading into the right speaker side of the amp, and vice versa. As long as that ‘L’ cable is going to the speaker actually located on the right side of the room (and of course vice versa for the ‘R’ cable) all will be well however.
  12. Don’t mean to derail your speaker sale but holy heck....... THAT is an AMP!
  13. Here in NZ and Eucalyptus.....but maybe? http://www.audioreference.co.nz/product/harbeth-402-monitor-anniversary-edition-speakers-w-custom-stands-eucalyptus
  14. No worries, and best of luck with the hunt. I have little doubt you’ll enjoy them when you do find a set. And I’ll let you know if I spot some for you. P.S. I used to have my 1038Be’s sitting on a set of Herbie’s gliders via their spikes, and the Gaia produce a better outcome to my ears. Less interaction with the room, especially through the bass frequencies, resulting in a more balanced sound overall.
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