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  1. I’ve used the Gaia I & II on various speakers and wouldn’t be without them now. GLWTS!
  2. I’d have expected so. It’s not very deer.
  3. For those who might still be on the fence, something a little more recent..... http://www.the-ear.net/review-hardware/naim-supernait-2-integrated-amplifier
  4. This is one of those very occasional moments when it sucks to be living in NZ. Wonder if I could get it through as carry on? 😉 Great price for a great product. Someone will surely snap this up......
  5. I don't have the speakers but I do have the Gaia footers and they made a clear improvement in my system, so for those who might be unsure about whether or not to include them in the purchase I'd say definitely give them a go, especially at the price they're being offered.
  6. "Reason for selling: getting out of the hobby" I'm a psychologist. Happy to offer my services free of charge ?
  7. Crikey Caleb! Tell me you're going to have a hifi system left after this big sell off?!
  8. Says up to 150kg on website, so unless you're looking to isolate an elephant.....? I have these under all my components at the moment. They look soft and rubbery but are actually quite hard. Outperformed BDR cones, vibrapods, and a range of others in my application.
  9. You can indeed. A 400 is simply 2 x 200s linked with a digital cable. Most people buy a ‘Companion’ 200, which has less functionality, to create this dual mono option. But you can definitely buy 2 x Expert 200s to create the same result, the benefit of which is that you can separate and use them individually as a stand alone units down the track should you wish.
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