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  1. This is one of those very occasional moments when it sucks to be living in NZ. Wonder if I could get it through as carry on? 😉 Great price for a great product. Someone will surely snap this up......
  2. I don't have the speakers but I do have the Gaia footers and they made a clear improvement in my system, so for those who might be unsure about whether or not to include them in the purchase I'd say definitely give them a go, especially at the price they're being offered.
  3. "Reason for selling: getting out of the hobby" I'm a psychologist. Happy to offer my services free of charge ?
  4. Crikey Caleb! Tell me you're going to have a hifi system left after this big sell off?!
  5. Says up to 150kg on website, so unless you're looking to isolate an elephant.....? I have these under all my components at the moment. They look soft and rubbery but are actually quite hard. Outperformed BDR cones, vibrapods, and a range of others in my application.
  6. You can indeed. A 400 is simply 2 x 200s linked with a digital cable. Most people buy a ‘Companion’ 200, which has less functionality, to create this dual mono option. But you can definitely buy 2 x Expert 200s to create the same result, the benefit of which is that you can separate and use them individually as a stand alone units down the track should you wish.
  7. Ooops, sorry. I now see you're selling the plugs not to cables. My bad.
  8. Another brilliant example of an honest description when selling from an SNAer rather than the hype you get elsewhere. Well done Cafad.
  9. Control via Roon definitely enabled. I have a pair of LS50Ws and Roon integration works brilliantly with them. Update firmware of LS50Ws, make sure you're running latest build of Roon app, and you're good to go. GLWTS
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