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  1. @Meluvmidfi Rick at Ice Age Audio makes sensibly priced cables with AU connectors. I’ve bought from him before. Responds promptly and straight forward in his recommendations. this is his C19 version: https://iceageaudio.com/ice-age-audio-store/ols/products/copper-copper-au-nz-20-amp-c-19/v/CPP-CPP-AU-20-3-FT free international shipping but may take a while to arrive in the current shipping environment
  2. if your reply is a response to the above, aren’t they the same length? Asking because I’d be interested if longer than 0.5m
  3. What’s going to be your source Luc? i.e., using with your phone so wanting something more mobile? (I had the Black & Red Dragonflies but sold as found them too clunky to use when walking). With your PC/laptop? Or in some other application?
  4. These standard ISO-Pucks will take up to 9kg each. So if you’re using four per speaker you’ll be just fine (Isoacoustics suggest leaving a 10% weight allowance). I recently bought some for a subwoofer. Work really well.
  5. Not sure it’s going to be of much help to you but I have the LS50Ws and recently bought a Kube 10b to go with them in my medium sized room. Mainly use for movie watching and general music listening (it’s a second system for me). Coupling is easier as you connect straight out of the LS50W. I haven’t heard the Rel though am aware of their great reputation. What I can say is the 10b matches really nicely and easily with the LS50W, and seems great value for money. They were on special here for $799NZ. I noticed that historically you could get the Kube at half price in Aussie if you bought the LS50
  6. Hi Saunter I may be in a reasonable place to comment as I also have a Devialet 400 based system, coincidentally also with Triode Wire Labs power cords (Seven Plus). I’m running Focal Sopra 2 speakers so we differ a little there. I understand your desire to keep the box count low and was at that point myself until I heard the difference going from either USB or Ethernet input on the Devialet to the AES/EBU input had. IMHO there’s a nice little gain there if you’d consider it. It’d likely mean needing a signal converter though (in my case the Audio-gd DI-20HE) so that’s the downside.
  7. Happy to go backup (double back up? Triple by now?) if other offers fall through and you don’t mind posting to NZ
  8. First time I’ve seen photos of hifi (de)construction with a hammer in the background!!
  9. For your TV system! Holy shite yamaha_man.....that’s brilliantly OTT!!
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