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  1. fine, I'll bite. WELCOME!! 👍🙌👌 Enjoy the site!
  2. considering I don't know the speakers that well, but B & W may well have made a centre to match the 685's.
  3. G'day KillBill Your best bet if you don't want to tumble too far down the rabbit hole would be to ask your friend just to try out the amp with the speakers in your own room and you'll know pretty soon if you are enjoying the sound and if it fits/fills your room ok, and if possible try and have listen to some other peoples systems or go to a hi-fi store and have listen for comparisons sake, take advice but don't let a salesman convince or force you into anything and most importantly TRUST YOUR OWN EARS. If its for multi use like TV, streaming, games and what not it should be a good starting point. considering the amp is around 100 watts and the speakers are only 25 watt handling just don't crank the volume to high to quickly, start low then gradually crank the volume and as soon as you start to hear the speakers sound start to break up and distort you will find a good volume level that the speakers can handle. The centre channel may be needed. Once everything is setup you will know pretty soon whether you need one if the dialogue is vague and hard to hear. But if playing music I would say 2 channel only and you should be able to change the speakers driven in the amps setup menu if do opt to get a centre channel. but considering you only have 2 speakers at the moment its a mute point. Then also check the amps functionality, can it stream music/movies, bluetooth functionality, air play, does it have a tuner built in? and then its just a case of being able to add a cd player, tuner or streamer if needed. if you want to tumble down the rabbit hole then you can start going a seperate pre-power setup or a dedicated 2 channel setup just for music and you will certainly get better results on the music front but then it's more components that cost more money and you have to pay more attention to what components are being used. Well that shoud be an ok starting point but I'll leave it that and let someone else chime in because there is so much more information to give. Hope this helps.
  4. Welcome Mike from Perth I'm Mike from Perth Enjoy the sight! 🤪
  5. Welcome Keith Look forward to seeing what you have available when you post in the for sale thread. Or are you trying to sell the cassette? Enjoy the site!
  6. Ah, sorry mate, was referring to Scrumpy Jack apple cider. Not a lot of experience (in fact, none) in the design and building of any type of amp but find it intriguing. I'm more of a just an enthusiast of vintage gear. Hope you find the guidance and information required to complete your project, be cool to see some pics when your done. Out of curiosity, are you an electrical engineer or did you decide to just learn along the way while throwing yourself head first into such a project? Mike.
  7. depending how long they have been there, perhaps a distributor back in the day to supply the army, navy etc. and unfortunately went bust. I'd be very surprised if it was a private collection. 😮 maybe someone should ask them for a specific pair or quad! I'm sure they would respond! [Edit] "come check out my tube collection" opens basement door. jaws hit the floor.
  8. G'day Grumpy Jack. Welcome! Is that name pointing towards a particular apple cider? Mike.
  9. Awesome I started out the the same why and whilst I have certainly learnt a lot, I'm still an infant, the pit really is bottomless. If your interested in anything information wise just make sure you hit the right forum ie. amps, speakers, general etc. lots of quality stuff second hand in the classifieds also. my entire system barring the speakers are second hand. Mike.
  10. G'day Luke From your home town here. Are you new to hi-fi and/or home theatre also? what equipment do you have and are you into movies , music or both? Enjoy the site! Mike.
  11. G'day Dale, How are you? I'm doing well and so are the tubes, they (well, one pair) are happily humming (not literally) along in my system, it still consists of the same components being the cary ae3 and sansui b2101. They really are very nice sounding tubes with a meaty voluptuousness to their signature, I was initially hesitant and thought it may be to much, but now I'm loving them. I've considered with maybe trying them in a different pre but to costly for me unfortunately. I nearly sold a pair a while back but only because a gentleman offered but nothing eventuated. So what brings you to stereo.net? from memory you were selling up some or all of your gear? been bitten by the bug again? Good to hear from you again Dale. and cheers for the bump TerryO! Mike. [EDIT] ah, I see your selling some gear, I'll have a quick squiz, i need to go second hand to afford anything. good luck with it.
  12. G'day Currently have Marantz SR7007 for tv/movies/games etc. and the music side is a Cary AE3 running into a Sansui BA-2101. Currently use Beresford amp switch but only handles 2 amps, would be nice to have something to handle more though as i have a Marantz pm 64 mkii that would be nice to integrate. I used to change plugs but one time made the mistake of turning the Sansui on thinking the speaker cables were connected, they were not but the + and - ends were touching, amp went into protect mode and had to then get it fixed, that's part of what prompted me to get the amp switch. Fun times. Mike
  13. Holy Jebus, WTF is going on in this vid? As mentioned earlier can you really make money by acting like a tard?? I was kind hoping he would miss swing his axe and lop a finger off. now that's what i would call entertainment.
  14. Yep, i have had that very item also for the last 3 - 4 years and had no issues. I got mine from here www.ienjoy.com.au but looking as I type this it seems to be not available. and the one linked above is a mk III, mine is a MKII so not to sure of the differences. Mike. EDIT: oops, failed link?
  15. Is this a for sale Sansui thread or great buys on Ebay/Gumtree thread?? loving it!
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